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HCG Injections Mixing Instructions

HCG Injections Mixing Instructions

These HCG injections mixing instructions are for the HCG Diet Kits provided by Weight Loss Medical Center. Everything you need to get started losing weight at a rapid pace will be included in the package that you receive. There will be no need to go to a store to purchase any supplies – they will be provided in your kit.

When you receive your HCG Diet Kit, please open it and check the package to ensure that everything listed in the next section under supplies is there. Additionally, you will have already received links to our online videos where you can watch the preparation of your HCG injections, along with how to administer your daily shots.

Easy to follow written HCG Diet injections mixing instructions will also be provided to you. Our clinical advisors will be happy to talk you through the process over the phone if you desire.

Supplies Needed to Mix HCG Injections

Once you receive your HCG Diet Kit from Weight Loss Medical Center, please open it immediately and check to ensure all of the supplies listed below are present. Before proceeding with your HCG shots mixing instructions, you need to be certain that you have everything required to get started.

Here is a list of all of the supplies you will find in your HCG kit, including what you will need for the actual injections:

  • HCG Powder – lyophilized (freeze-dried HCG ready for reconstitution)
  • Bacteriostatic Solution – sterile water for reconstituting HCG powder
  • Mixing Syringe – 5 ml syringe with an attached needle to draw out the bacteriostatic solution
  • Alcohol Swabs – for sterilizing vials and skin
  • Sharps Container – for needle disposal
  • 1 ml Insulin Syringes – these are used for administering your HCG shots

Once you open your kit, please ensure that all of these supplies are present. If anything is missing, please contact Weight Loss Medical Center before proceeding.

How to Mix HCG

When you are ready to prepare your HCG powder for use, clean off a level counter space where you will be working. Gather all of the supplies listed in the previous section and then wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water – drying them with a clean towel. You will then be ready to follow the US HCG injections mixing instructions provided here. The instructions below are for 5000 IU HCG vials. Information for 2000 IU and 10000 IU vials are at the end of the instructions.

We recommend watching one of our videos demonstrating the mixing instructions for HCG injections before proceeding with these steps:

  • Step 1 – remove the caps from the HCG and bacteriostatic solution vials
  • Step 2 – open a fresh alcohol prep swab and wipe it across the tops of the vials
  • Step 3 – unwrap a 5 ml syringe and check that the cap/needle are securely in place
  • Step 4 – uncap the needle and set the cover aside as you will recap the needle later
  • Step 5 – gently pull the syringe plunger back to fill the syringe with 5 ml of air
  • Step 6 – insert the needle tip into the center of the bacteriostatic cap
  • Step 7 – slowly push the plunger in until all of the air has entered the vial
  • Step 8 – invert the vial so that the solution covers the needle tip and then pull back on the plunger until 5 ml of bacteriostatic water is in the syringe
  • Step 9 – carefully pull the needle out of the vial, setting the vial aside
  • Step 10 – grasp the HCG vial and insert the 5 ml needle into the top of the cap
  • Step 11 – tilt the HCG vial to the side so that the liquid will run down the side of the vial as you slowly push in on the plunger
  • Step 12 – remove the needle and replace the needle cover before twisting off the needle and disposing of it in the Sharps container – the empty syringe can be thrown away in the garbage
  • Step 13 – examine the HCG vial to make certain that the HCG powder has completely mixed with the sterile solution – you should not see any crystals or particles – if necessary, swirl the vial gently between your fingers but do not shake (you may need to let the solution sit for up to 15 minutes)

If the doctor prescribed 2000 IU HCG vials, the mixing syringe you received will be 2 ml, allowing you to draw out 2 ml of the bacteriostatic solution in the same manner as shown above.

If your HCG is 10000 IU, then use the 10 ml syringe to withdraw 10ml of the sterile solution to combine with your HCG powder.

For additional information or help with any part of the HCG Diet instructions, please contact Weight Loss Medical Center to speak with one of our clinical advisors at no charge.