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Where to Get HCG Injections in Tampa FL

After I had my beautiful baby son, Nelson, I was all excited to lose the weight that I had gained while pregnant and to get my normal body back, but instead to my surprise, I ended up gaining weight! I could not understand why that happened and no matter what I did for the next couple of months to lose the weight, it just did not want to come off of my body! That is when I discussed this issue with a good friend of mine who also just had a baby. She told me that she lost her baby weight successfully using this HCG Weight Loss program and that it was an incredible experience for her, made her feel great and helped her also learn how to keep the weight off her body after losing it. I really wanted to know more about this kind of weight loss program and what it entailed because I really thought that I had tried just about everything in the last couple of months to lose my baby weight, but obviously I had not tried everything and wanted to try the HCG Diet Program that she used! I wanted to look good again and feel attractive again. It had been a tough 9 months of gaining weight and feeling like a huge whale for a long time. Of course, the outcome was worth gaining all the weight because I am more in love with my baby boy than I could have ever imagined being, but now it was time to find that love for myself and to lose weight to look and feel good about myself too. I truly wanted people to see me pushing Nelson around in his baby carriage and think that I was babysitting him rather than being his mother. I wanted people to say, “What? You just had a baby? No way!”

So, I asked my friend Where to Get HCG Injections in Tampa FL because that is where I lived. I hoped it would be possible because she lived in New York NY, so I was not sure if I could do this weight loss program from my home in Florida. She told me that I could do the weight loss program from anywhere in the country because miraculously, it was done online and over the phone with one on one, individualized attention from your own personal clinical advisor from this HCG weight loss company. I was so impressed with that, that I could not believe it. I had tried so many different weight loss programs in the last couple of months that only tried to put me on to a diet and exercise program, without much, if any, personalized attention and certainly without the great extra needed help such as what the HCG Injections offered.

In these generic weight loss sessions, we would sit in groups and weigh ourselves in front of each other to see if we were losing weight. This group session would happen one time per week and we also had to buy foods from these weight loss companies (for an extra fee) that were preboxed or frozen and eat them according to the diet plan’s instructions, even if they tasted terribly. My friend was very excited to tell me that this diet plan was nothing at all like what I was used to and that I would never have to even leave my home except to go to my local grocery store to buy HCG Diet Foods that were of my choosing. I was going to receive a list of foods that acted as a guideline of appropriate foods that I could eat while on this diet and I would not have to eat what I did not like. But the best part was that I got to choose what I wanted to eat. The foods were all low calorie and healthy foods from the list though, and the calorie count for the day must stay at 700 calories.

My friend said that she loved every single thing about this HCG diet plan and that she lost all her baby weight and has never looked back since. I asked her how to start and she told me that I could either fill out the Contact Form that was on the website and wait for a clinical advisor to contact me via telephone, or I could call the company directly and speak with a clinical advisor immediately if I wanted to expedite the process. I decided to call the company because I wanted to begin immediately in finding out more about the diet plan and how it worked to help people lose weight, as my friend put it, very quickly, safely, easily, conveniently and effectively. This HCG Diet sounded almost too good to be true and I wanted to talk with the clinical advisor as soon as possible to get the details.

That very day, I picked up the phone with great anticipation and called the company. Almost immediately, I was speaking with the kindest and most professional expert clinical advisor and she was so helpful. After I told her my story how I had just had a brand new baby boy and was trying to lose weight desperately, without much success on different weight loss programs, she told me that it was not very uncommon at all for women to actually gain weight after they delivered their babies. In order to get me to understand this concept of gaining weight after having the baby versus losing it, she told me about the origin of the HCG Diet Protocol and how it was discovered by a famous British endocrinologist and Dr. A.T.W. Simeons.

Over a half of a century ago, Dr. Simeons did a lot of research on pregnant women. He found out that when women were pregnant, they produced an exorbitant amount of the hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone was already naturally produced in both male and female bodies; however, when the woman was pregnant, she produced a lot more of the hormone than normal. The side effects of this hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG for short, were to greatly decrease a person’s appetite. It also helped to metabolize the excess stored fat with in the person’s body to help create quick weight loss. So, when the woman was pregnant and produced a lot of this hormone, the baby would feed off of the stored fat that was released from the body instead of eating the mother’s muscle tissue. When the mother was not pregnant any longer, she ceased to produce greater amounts of the HCG hormone anymore and would often gain weight because she no longer had the side effect of the hormone helping her to have a decrease in her appetite.

This all made really great sense to me as to how people lose weight safely, quickly and effectively using this as a very natural diet program. The diet program consists of an injection of the hormone along with Vitamin B 12 and a vitamin complex for added energy and “brain food” so that a person could sustain the other part of diet plan program protocol which was sticking to a very low calorie diet of only 700 calories per day. Dr. Simeons brought this incredible concept back to the United States where he introduced this very famous and popular Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss program to America. People began to rave about this amazing innovative and revolutionary way of losing weight. It was perfect for people from all walks of life and for people who were either very busy on the go, with work or with family because it was extremely convenient and did not take up a lot of time to do. People never even had to leave the house in order to go on to this HCG weight loss program, but they could do it all over the phone with a clinical advisor who would guide them step by step throughout the entire weight loss program from the first day to the last day.

I was very appreciative to my clinical advisor for explaining in detail exactly how this weight loss program worked and it made great sense to me why I gained weight after pregnancy instead of losing it. Now I understood the great HCG Benefits and felt lucky enough to be able to try them out myself. I was completely finished trying my hardest to lose weight by taking diet pills or by going to weight loss clinics that were absolutely no help to me. As a matter of fact, it was a shame how these other weight loss clinics promised successful weight loss using the traditional weight loss ways, but they really did not help and did not give any kind of good customer service the way that this program did. Without individualized attention, it made it easier for people to “cheat” on their diet programs or to just simply not follow through. It would take one heck of a strong person to diet without help. I never had the incredible opportunity at any of the HCG Weight Loss Clinics I had physically walked into to have a weight loss counselor spend the time talking with me explaining the weight loss program, how it worked and what I needed to do in order to lose weight, like I did in speaking with the clinical advisor on the phone here from this company. The customer service could not be beat and the company’s clinical advisors and even diet doctors were 100 percent supportive of all their weight loss clients! There was no question whether or not I wanted to go onto the Weight Loss Medical Center HCG Diet Program. In fact, could not wait to start.

The first thing I needed to do was fill out my medical history form, which was conveniently located right there online. I did not need to go to any doctor’s offices for physical examinations and I also did not need to once again walk into an HCG Diet Clinic. I was so grateful for that, for all it would do would be to bring back terrible memories for me of an unsuccessful weight loss experiences. My clinical advisor told me that every person who wanted to be on this medically supervised weight loss program would have to be medically cleared by having one of the company’s fully licensed and expert HCG Weight Loss Doctors review and analyze their medical history forms once they received them online. I was one of those very lucky people who was cleared medically and ready to begin losing weight! My prescription was being sent to one of the company’s own pharmacies who would then send me out my weight loss kit full of all the products and supplies that I would need to lose weight. My package was being shipped to me via Federal Express and I would receive it right to my front door! It was so convenient!

The next set of questions for my clinical advisor were about the actual physically process of self administering the doctor prescribed HCG Injections. I was a little nervous about having to give myself shots, but my clinical advisor ensured me that the needles for the injections were very small and thin and only went into the skin to the fatty tissue below where there were very few nerve endings. People had been raving about how easy the shots were to administer because they were virtually pain free. My clinical advisor also told me that she would help me with the first of my HCG Shots and even help me to self administer my second and third shots after that if I needed her to help. Of course I was very apprehensive about giving myself the very first shot, even with my clinical advisor on the phone with me (although her moral support and guidance was extremely helpful), but once I finally did self administer the shot, I was extremely happy and relieved that it was nothing like what I thought it would be like. It was not painful at all and I knew that the benefits would outweigh having to do these shots each day – and I was right.

The best part was never having to enter into any HCG Weight Loss Centers to have someone else inject me, but instead, being able to self administer the shots in the privacy, convenience and comfort of my own home thrilled me. It saved me a lot of time, energy and gas money, not to mention gave me the privacy that made me feel more comfortable. Six weeks flew by and I could not believe how easy and convenient it was for me to lose 30 pounds in 30 days on this HCG Diet. I had heard and read from the website that this was possible, but until I experienced it myself I never really believed it to be possible. I felt terrific and looked exactly the way that I did before I had Nelson. I was a sexy new mother and loved my body. I actually think I looked better than before I had the baby!

I cannot thank my friend enough for helping me with How to Get HCG Injections Prescribed by a Doctor. She was able to completely take the frustration away from me in trying to lose weight on weight loss programs that just never would have worked. I also want to thank Weight Loss Medical Center and my amazing clinical advisor for all her patience and time that she took with me helping me lose the unwanted baby weight from my body. I know exactly where to turn after having my next child!

Cheryl Ann T.
Tampa FL

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]