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Where to Inject HCG Shot: Guide How to Inject

Where to Inject HCG Shot

The key to success in anything is to follow the right steps, and the same holds true for losing the maximum amount of weight possible on the HCG diet. In this case, the steps are following the HCG protocol as instructed, and knowing how and where to inject HCG shot so that it is absorbed into the blood stream to deliver its message to the brain and throughout the body.

HCG injections are administered into the fleshy area of the abdomen, about an inch below or to the side of the belly button. They should not be injected into a muscle or near a bone. Our clinical advisors at Weight Loss Medical Center guide each person through this process.

HCG Shot Injection Procedure

The procedure for administering an HCG injection is simple once you have determined where to inject HCG shot with the guidance of your clinical advisor at Weight Loss Medical Center.

Here are the steps to follow for mixing and injecting HCG:

  • Assemble all necessary supplies – HCG, bacteriostatic water, mixing syringe, injecting syringe, alcohol prep wipes
  • Remove cap from bacteriostatic water and HCG and wipe the stoppers with an alcohol prep wipe – let dry
  • Using the mixing syringe, pull back on the stopper drawing 5 mL of air into the syringe, then insert the needle into the top of the bacteriostatic water, push down on the syringe until all the air goes into the vial, then pull back on the stopper and draw out 5 mL (or the amount instructed by the doctor)
  • Remove the needle from the vial and insert it into the vial of HCG
  • Slowly push down on the stopper emptying the solution into the HCG vial on an angle so that the liquid is running down the side of the vial into the HCG
  • Remove the needle, replace the cap, twist the needle off and put in Sharps container – placing syringe back into wrapper and throw away
  • Take a clean injecting syringe and remove the cap from the needle – once again pull back on the stopper drawing the same amount of air into the syringe as will be equal to the amount of HCG to be injected
  • Place needle into vial of HCG, push down on the stopper releasing the air into the vial, then tilt the vial upside down, pulling back on the stopper drawing the prescribed amount of HCG into the syringe
  • Remove the needle from the vial and replace the cap over the needle
  • Sanitize the injection area with an alcohol wipe and let dry
  • Remove the cover from the needle, pinch the skin of the area to be used for the injection, insert the needle at a 45-degree angle, and slowly push down on the plunger until all the HCG has been injected
  • Remove the needle, replace the cover, and discard in the Sharps container

Weight Loss Medical Center provides online videos that can be viewed to illustrate this process for those who desire a video tutorial. Please contact us for help with this process, or with any other questions about the HCG diet.