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HCG Injections: How to Mix the HCG Injections

HCG Injections How to Mix

Once you receive your complete HCG kit from Weight Loss Medical Center, you will then need to learn how to mix HCG injections before you can proceed with your shots. Unlike some other companies that send only the HCG powder, we will send all of the supplies you need in your kit. Please see the next section to ensure that you have the supplies you need for the HCG injections.

If you have also been shipped vitamin B 12 with your HCG kit, the instructions for how to mix HCG injections with B 12 will be provided to you by your clinical advisor.

In order to ensure that the proper doses are given, you must follow all guidelines for HCG injections: how to mix, how to inject, and how to adhere to the HCG diet program. Other pages on this website provide information about these topics.

Supplies Needed to Mix HCG Injections

The HCG injection diet kit will contain a number of essential supplies that will be used in the mixing and administration of HCG shots. When the kit is first received, take it to a table or counter that is free from clutter so that the package can be opened and the contents taken out and checked to make certain that everything needed is there. This is imperative before proceeding with learning how do you mix HCG injections, as you will not be able to move on to those steps if your kit is missing anything. This will probably not occur, but we want to ensure that you have everything you need to get started losing weight.

Here are the supplies you should find in the HCG kit:

  • A vial of bacteriostatic solution to reconstitute the freeze-dried HCG powder
  • A vial of human chorionic gonadotropin – HCG
  • Alcohol swabs
  • 5 ml syringe with attached needle to draw out the sterile solution and inject into the HCG vial
  • 1 ml insulin syringe for the actual injection
  • Sharps container for the disposal of the used syringes/needles

If any of these supplies are missing from the HCG kit, please contact Weight Loss Medical Center at once.

Steps for Mixing HCG Injections

In addition to the instructions provided here for how to mix HCG injections 5000 IU, and with the information sent to you, we also have video links to the mixing and injection process online. These links will be provided by your medical advisor, and can also be found by entering “how to mix HCG injections – Weight Loss Medical Center” into a search engine on the internet. The video provides step by step, easy to follow directions that will help illustrate the process.

Here are the instructions for how to mix HCG injections for weight loss:

  • Step 1 – Prepare for mixing the HCG
    • Gather all supplies listed in the previous section
    • Remove the caps from the tops of the HCG and bacteriostatic solution
    • Open an alcohol swab and wipe the tops of the vials to sanitize them
  • Step 2 – Preparing the bacteriostatic solution for mixing
    • Open the package containing the 5 ml syringe that will be used to remove the bacteriostatic solution from the vial
    • Make sure that the cap is securely fastened on the syringe – holding the needle in place
    • Remove the cap from the needle and set aside for recapping
    • Pull back on the plunger drawing 5 ml of air into the syringe
    • Insert the needle into the cap of the bacteriostatic fluid
    • Push in on the plunger injecting the air into the vial to make it easier to withdraw the sterile solution
    • Tilt the vial downwards so that the solution covers the tip of the needle and pull back on the plunger until 5 ml of bacteriostatic water is in the syringe
    • Remove the needle from the vial and set the vial aside
  • Step 3 – Reconstituting the HCG
    • Take the HCG vial in your hand and insert the 5 ml syringe needle into the cap
    • Tilt the vial slightly so that the needle is pointed to the side of the vial
    • Gently push in on the plunger allowing the bacteriostatic solution to run down the side of the HCG vial
    • Remove the needle from the vial and replace the cap on the needle
  • Step 4 – Disposing of the supplies
    • Twist the capped needle off of the syringe and dispose of in the Sharps container
    • Place the needle-free syringe back into the wrapper and discard in the trash
  • Step 5 – Checking the HCG for use
    • Pick up the HCG vial and examine the solution for crystals or particles – if any are seen, gently swirl the vial between your fingers
    • If particles are still seen, let vial sit for 15 minutes then check again – contact Weight Loss Medical Center if the problem persists – do not use HCG medication with crystals or particles in it

If you are looking to know how to mix HCG injections 2000 IU, you will have received a 2 ml mixing syringe and will repeat the process, drawing out 2 ml of bacteriostatic solution.

For those needing to know how to mix HCG injections 10000 IU, the same process applies. In this case, you will have received a 10 ml syringe and will draw out 10 ml of the sterile solution to add to the HCG powder.

Now that we have answered your question “how do I mix HCG injections,” you are ready to begin. If you have any further questions, or would like a clinical advisor to talk you through the process over the phone, please do not hesitate to contact Weight Loss Medical Center for help.