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HCG Injections Kit for Sale

HCG Injections Kit

Yes, you too can lose between one-half and one pound a day – or more – after purchasing a doctor-approved HCG injections kit for sale.

You have read about the HCG Diet in magazines and newspapers, seen it discussed on medical TV shows and may know someone who slimmed down seemingly before your eyes after getting an HCG injections kit with HCG included.

Why did we stipulate having HCG included?

Many of the results after conducting this search are strictly for the adjunct HCG kit – meaning nothing but supplies and no real HCG.

Until you find and read the fine print on these websites, you may think you are getting HCG at a really good price, only to find out you have been misled. If only the company would have said that there was no HCG in the kit in the first place, instead of way at the bottom of the website.

At Weight Loss Medical Center, our HCG injections kits are complete with all of the supplies and medications you need to start losing weight at an escalated pace.

Why the need to lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days? Why not just go with a traditional diet?

The answers are very simple:

  • Have you succeeded at losing weight with a traditional diet?
  • Are you happy to settle for losing only one or two pounds a week?

We answered the questions with questions because most people will say no to both. If you had succeeded with a traditional diet in the past, you would not be here today. If you felt encouraged by a pound or two of weight loss each week, you would not be searching for a way to lose weight at a faster pace. That is what you get with HCG diet kits injections and our four phase protocol.

What Do You Get in an HCG Injections Kit?

Knowing what you will receive in your HCG injection kit with HCG will help you determine if a company is the real deal – an actual medical weight loss clinic.

The only place that you can legally get HCG in the US is from a licensed pharmacy – and that requires a prescription. Companies that sell all of the adjunct supplies without HCG do not have doctors on staff and are not legitimate medical centers.

In order to get your full HCG injection kit with bacteriostatic water and all supplies, you will first find an experienced doctor who prescribes and supervises the use of the HCG Diet.

Here is what you can expect to see in your HCG diet injections kit:

  • Lyophilized HCG vial(s) – HCG comes freeze-dried ready for reconstitution
  • Bacteriostatic solution for mixing the HCG
  • Vitamin B12 and MIC/LIPO injections
  • Mixing syringes
  • Injection syringes – the same ones that diabetics use for insulin
  • Sharps container for syringe/needle disposal
  • Alcohol wipes

Additionally, and apart from your HCG kit, you will also receive complete instructions, online video links, recipes, shopping guides, and food lists to make losing weight easier than you ever imagined.

If you see a price for HCG injection kits cheap – buyer beware! It is either just a supplemental kit without HCG, or it comes from another country without a doctor’s prescription. This could be counterfeit or dangerous HCG and is also an illegal sale and not recommended.

Get Your HCG Injections Kit and Diet Instructions

If you are ready to get your HCG injections kit, there are some steps you can take right now to facilitate the process:

  1. Contact Weight Loss Medical Center by completing the short form on this page or calling our toll free number to speak with one of our HCG Diet clinical advisors.
  2. Click the Medical History Form link on this page to complete your questionnaire right now. This speeds up the process by getting the form to the doctor right away.

To purchase your HCG injection kit online, you will complete the questionnaire and have an over-the-phone consultation. No need to come into the office and spend more time and money that you can probably put to better use.

When you buy HCG injections kit from Weight Loss Medical Center, we support your weight loss journey every step of the way with personal attention, delicious recipes, and helpful tips to get you trimmed down and looking great faster than you ever dreamed possible.

When it comes time to get a personalized HCG injection kit, US residents know they can turn to Weight Loss Medical Center for the highest-quality pharmaceutical HCG at affordable prices.