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HCG Injections Storage – The Information You Need to Know

HCG Injections Storage

The information regarding HCG injections storage may differ from one brand to another, and that is why it is essential to check with the prescribing doctor, medical clinic, advisor, or package insert for your particular brand to see how to protect the integrity of your HCG medication. This will help ensure that you continue to get the highest degree of results from the HCG diet or other prescribed use of this product.

It is also important to note that HCG injection storage temperature will also be different based on whether or not the HCG powder has been reconstituted. When the HCG kit is received, it may not be necessary to refrigerate the freeze-dried powder until after the bacteriostatic solution has been mixed with the HCG.

Another aspect of HCG shots storage is the fact that some brands may have longer expiration times than others. Again, this is something to discuss at the time that you are getting your prescription for the HCG diet from the medical clinic. If you have concerns about expiration times or storage issues, please have this conversation before ordering a particular product.

HCG Injections Storage and Expiration Times

As we look at specific HCG injection storage information and expiration times, it is essential to understand that HCG should never be stored in the bathroom due to the moisture content in this room. The temperature changes here could affect the unmixed powder. The most optimum storage for the unmixed HCG is between 68 and 77 degrees F (20 and 25 degrees C), although brief storage can be between 59 and 86 degrees F or 15 and 30 degrees C, but preferably for shorter periods of time. Keep the HCG away from light and heat. Always write the date of mixing on the vial before placing it in the refrigerator to ensure that you do not use an expired product.

Here is the information about specific brands of HCG injections storage and expiration:

  • Pregnyl

Pregnyl is manufactured by Merck & Co and comes in 10,000 USP multi-dose vials. It is supplied in a two-vial package that also contains the reconstituting solvent. Prior to mixing, Pregnyl may be stored at a controlled room temperature of 59 – 86 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 – 30 degrees Celsius, although the ideal long-term temperatures are listed in the previous section. Once the HCG has been reconstituted, it must be refrigerated at temperatures between 36 – 46 degrees F (2 – 8 degrees C), and will remain stable for use for 60 days.

  • Novarel

Novarel is supplied by Ferring Pharmaceuticals in 10,000 USP unit vials. Storage temperatures for Novarel are the same as for Pregnyl. Once mixed, Novarel must be used within 30 days. If any solution is remaining, it must be disposed of per the instructions provided to you.

  • Pharmacy Compounded HCG Injections

Here at Weight Loss Medical Center, we offer our clients a better alternative – one without the many preservatives that are found in medications produced by major pharmaceutical companies. You can have your HCG compounded by the pharmacy to the same strict standards. Our storage information is the same as with Novarel. Before reconstituting, our HCG has a stable shelf life of 6 months, and after mixing, storage in the refrigerator for up to 30 days.

Regarding the storage of HCG injections that are expired or leftover, unused HCG should not be flushed down the toilet or poured down a drain. Contact a local pharmacy or waste disposal company for how to discard your unused medication. Some cities offer yearly drop off of medications at preschedule points.

Keep all medications out of the reach of children and pets.

Your doctor may prescribe one of these or another brand of HCG, so please be certain to find out the precise directions for the storage of your HCG medication. Contact Weight Loss Medical Center directly with any questions about HCG injections.