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HCG Kits for Sale

HCG Kits for Sale

When you have finally put yourself in the right mental state to lose weight, the last thing you want when purchasing HCG kits for sale is to open the package and find out that most of what you need is not included. Unfortunately, that is what happens to many people each day.

Many companies do not provide all the necessary supplies that individuals need to get started. Sure, they ship out the freeze-dried vials of HCG, and usually the bacteriostatic or sterile solution required to reconstitute the HCG, but that is often all that is sent.

The HCG injection kits sent from these companies are missing the required supplies necessary to proceed with the mixing and administration of the HCG medication to facilitate rapid weight loss.

Complete HCG kits are what we provide at Weight Loss Medical Center. Please continue reading to learn what you need to begin, and how it is all provided.

What Comes in HCG Kits?

If you have prepared yourself mentally to get rid of that excess fat on your body once and for all, then you will want to know that everything you need is coming to you all at once. Our HCG diet kits include the following supplies:

  • Freeze-dried HCG powder in vials
  • Bacteriostatic solution for reconstitution
  • Vitamin B 12 injections
  • Mixing syringes
  • Daily syringes/needles
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Sharps container for disposing of used needles/syringes
  • Complete written instructions for use

Is that all that people get when they purchase HCG kits from Weight Loss Medical Center?

Absolutely not – there is still much more that we provide, including:

  • Links to online videos to watch the preparation and injection process
  • Complete HCG diet plan, including:
    • List of allowed foods
    • Shopping guide
    • Meal plan
    • Recipes – quick, easy, and tasty
  • Continued support and guidance from our medical staff

This is how we believe HCG injection kits should be delivered to each individual.

How and Where to Get an HCG Diet Kit

Now that you know what should come in your HCG diet kits, you will easily realize that running around town looking for a Sharps container, alcohol wipes, and needles is not something you want to do at this time. It is much easier to know that everything is coming all at once, and that is why so many people turn to Weight Loss Medical Center to begin the HCG diet.

In order to buy HCG kits, each person will be required to complete an online health assessment – a medical history questionnaire that will provide the doctor with current and past concerns that may have a bearing on whether or not the HCG diet can be prescribed. Once completed, this form will be reviewed by the doctor, and if approved to begin losing weight with HCG injections, the prescription will be forwarded to a licensed US pharmacy to be filled.

That is the best method of buying HCG kits for sale. At Weight Loss Medical Center, we are here to help you lose weight quickly and safely. Our entire medical team is committed to your success. Please contact us for a free consultation to find out how we can help you achieve your personal weight loss goals.