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HCG Diet Pills vs. Injections

HCG Diet Pills vs. Injections: Which Is Best? ‎

The question of whether to use HCG diet pills vs. injections is one that comes up all the time. The HCG Diet – the real HCG Diet – uses only human chorionic gonadotropin injections. That is the original protocol created by Dr. Simeons back in the 1950s, and it still works today.So, why is there a discussion of HCG diet injections vs. pills at this time?You know the saying – if something works, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. Of course, only pharmaceutical companies can produce and sell HCG injections. That means you need a prescription before you can purchase HCG from a pharmacy.However, crafty supplement companies came up with the idea that they could bottle products and label them HCG and sell them on store shelves and the internet. The problem is that unsuspecting people get duped every day into thinking they are buying real HCG when they are only getting a variety of amino acid and other ingredients. These products do not produce the same results as injectable HCG. Independent studies have yet to yield the same results from homeopathic HCG as you can get from injectable HCG.
Only HCG diet injections contain real human chorionic gonadotropin. ‎

Why Should You Choose HCG Diet Injections Over Pills? ‎

Please understand this about the HCG Diet – it is not HCG that causes weight loss. It is the cutting of calories that forces the body to burn fat. However, there is a problem with very-low-calorie diets such as this one – the brain senses that the body is starving. When you only eat 500 calories a day, your brain gets worried that there is a lack of nutrition coming in. To compensate, it tells the body to hold on to any fat reserves for use in an emergency. Then, in order to get energy, the body begins to release structural fat stored in the muscles. That is why people on low-calorie diets tend to lose more muscle mass than fat.However, when you compare HCG diet pills vs. injections, you find how that is changed. With HCG injections, the hormone HCG sends signals to the brain that bypass the feelings of starvation. HCG is the hormone that increases during the first trimester of pregnancy to allow the body to burn stored fat when the mother is nauseous. It is that stored fat that nourishes the growing fetus. When you inject HCG, it does the same thing, promoting the release and use of visceral fat – the kind you do not want. That way, your muscle mass remains, and excess fat banishes.With HCG diet pills vs. injections, the pills, sprays, drops, or pellets do not do the same thing. Over-the-counter supplements do not contain the real HCG that can alter how the hypothalamus releases hormones and signals to the body.
You should choose HCG injections over pills because only injectable HCG is able to control how the brain views the decrease in caloric intake.
Why You Need to Follow the HCG Diet Protocol with HCG InjectionsThe HCG Diet is a strict protocol consisting of food restrictions, caloric intake, and HCG injections. When used in any combination other than the precise protocol, the HCG Diet will not provide the desired results. HCG itself does not cause weight loss. Cutting calories but not using HCG can result in the loss of structural fat from muscle, and then returned weight gain. Without HCG injections, many people suffer headaches, weakness, and fatigue when they cut calories so low.One of the reasons that HCG diet injections vs. pills work so well is that the protocol sets you up for success. The removal of certain foods from your diet during the six weeks of injections will help you overcome cravings. You will learn how to prepare healthy meals that foster good dietary habits that will last a lifetime.The built-in stabilization and maintenance phases help you to remain at your lower weight without worrying about putting those pounds back on your body.For further information about the use of HCG diet pills vs. injections, please contact Weight Loss Medical Center for a free, no obligation consultation.