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What Are HCG Injections

What Are HCG Injections Used For in Weight Loss?

For many people, weight loss is often elusive. That is not the case for adults who turn to the HCG Diet for help. What are HCG injections and how are they used for weight loss?It might help to understand how HCG works naturally to get a better idea of what is does for weight loss in healthy adults. Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone present in everyone’s body in a very miniscule amount. During the first trimester of pregnancy, the percentage of HCG in a female’s body increases exponentially. In some cases, it may cause nausea for the pregnant woman. What HCG does, however, is allow for her body to mobilize stored fat for use as fuel for her and nourishment for the growing fetus without affecting her lean muscle mass. This is especially important if nausea is preventing consumption of enough calories each day to support these actions.What are HCG injections for weight loss going to do?The same process holds true for healthy, non-pregnant adults. The HCG will create an anabolic state in the body that helps to maintain lean muscle while allowing for the use and burning of stored fat for fuel. The brain is tricked into thinking you are not hungry, so it does not send the body into starvation mode – allowing it to release fat stored in the cells.What are HCG injections used for besides stimulating weight loss?Doctors may prescribe HCG to men using testosterone injections to help prevent testicular shrinkage. HCG will also stimulate the testes to produce testosterone, and may help with infertility issues in both men and women. This is entirely different than the goal of weight loss.

How Do You Use HGH Injections

The use of HCG injections is part of a protocol that allows for HCG Diet success. It is imperative to stick to each phase of the HCG Diet protocol to ensure that desired weight loss results.What do HCG injections do during the diet?The HCG injections allow you to stay on a very low-calorie diet without experiencing the mood swings, hunger cravings, and weakness associated with such a low caloric intake. Along with Kingsberg Medical’s combination of vitamin B12 and MIC/LIPO injections for added energy and fat burning, you will have boosted energy and immunity while on the HCG Diet.Here is what HCG injections do during the three phases of the HCG Diet:
  • Phase 1 – Fat Loading
    During these first two days you will administer daily HCG injections while consuming at least 2,000 calories a day. Your food choices should consist of items that have a high fat content. This provides the needed fat in your bloodstream that the HCG will have your body utilize for fuel as it mobilizes the fat stores. Do not skip this phase.
  • Phase 2 – Fat Burning
    On the third day of injections you will drop down to no more than 500 to 700 calories a day. You will eliminate all fat, carbohydrates, sugars, and dairy from your diet and follow our daily food list at all meals. Most women will lose between one half and one pound a day while men will typically average about a pound a day of fat loss. Your HCG injections will ensure that you are burning fat and not lean muscle.
  • Phase 3 – Fat Loss Maintenance
    After six weeks of HCG injections you will end the shots and gradually increase your calories up to 1000 and then 1300 per day. You may also have dairy and fats again, but please avoid sugar and carbohydrates until these four weeks are up. Your body is adjusting and stabilizing at its new weight, and your old cravings have been banished. If you still need to lose additional weight, you may repeat the program at the end of this phase.

How to Achieve HCG Diet Success

Achieving long-lasting weight loss is easy when you follow the HCG Diet protocol and use only HCG Diet injections. Some people attempt to use the homeopathic HCG drops that are on the market, only to have some success and then gain the weight back again. HCG drops to not contain real HCG and they do not increase the level of HCG in the bloodstream that is crucial for the anabolic state that protects lean muscle mass.When you utilize the entire HCG injection protocol as directed, you not only lose weight fast, but you retrain the way your brain and your body look at food. With old cravings banished and replaced by healthier ones, you find that instead of reaching for an afternoon candy bar, you grab an apple for energy.Now that you understand more about the HCG Diet, isn’t it time to find out what are HCG injections going to do for you?If you are ready to rid your body of unwanted fat once and for all, then call Kingsberg Medical for a free consultation with a clinical advisor to discover how you can have the body you desire.