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HCG Diet Meal Plan – How to Lose Weight Fast

HCG Diet Meal Plan

The revolutionary HCG Diet meal plan is not new. In fact, it has been around since the 1950’s. A weight loss program that does not work would not stick around for over six decades. If you are ready to lose weight fast, and then keep it off for good, the HCG Diet may be what you are looking for. The majority of adults lose an average of a pound a day while sticking to an 800 calorie diet along with daily HCG and vitamin B12 injections for added energy. Now it is time to learn how you can do it, too.

Our unique HCG Diet meal planner comes with everything you need to get started on your path to successful weight loss. You will receive the following items with your HCG Diet Kit:

  • HCG injections
  • Vitamin B12 injections
  • All syringes/needles
  • Alcohol prep wipes
  • Sharps container for used needles
  • HCG Diet shopping list
  • HCG Diet meal plans
  • HCG Diet recipes

Additionally, you can count on the superior customer service and support of Weight Loss Medical Center’s advisors who will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

500 vs. 800 Calorie HCG Diet Meal Plan

Some confusion exists today over the difference between the HCG Diet program that only allows 500 calories compared to our 800 calorie a day meal plan. Also, people often want to know about HCG injections vs. drops.

On the original HCG Diet meal plan, 500 calories were all that you could eat each day. Aside from complaints about lack of energy because breakfast consisted of nothing more than a cup of coffee or tea, our doctors realized there had to be a better way, and there was. After extensive research with our clients, we learned that increasing the daily caloric count to 800 in a carefully planned out way did not change the results. People still lost the same amount of weight but felt better and more satisfied while dropping those pounds.

On the new HCG Diet meal plan, 800 calories are now spread throughout the day, with three meals and two snacks as part of the protocol. You will enjoy an egg, some fruit, and possibly a piece of melba toast at breakfast. This gives you the protein start that you need in the morning to get your day going strong.

What is the difference between HCG drops and injections? Only the HCG injections contain real HCG. The drops may help people lose a little weight, but most tend to put it back on rather fast. With the injectable HCG Diet, success is typically long-term so long as the individual completes all four phases as shown in the program guide.

Creating Your HCG Diet Meal Plan

Creating your HCG Diet meal plan is actually quite a bit of fun. The recipes we provide make it easy to choose items that will satisfy not only your cravings but the taste pallets of everyone else in your family. For example, when it comes time for pasta night, you do not have to sit there looking at a dry piece of chicken while everyone else is digging into a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. You will be right there enjoying the same meal, but with Shirataki “miracle” noodles. That is only one HCG Diet meal plan example that you will receive when you get our HCG Diet Kit.

After your six weeks of HCG injections come to an end, it will be time to enter Phase 3 of the HCG Diet. This is when you start to stabilize your weight by gradually increasing your caloric intake and adding back into your diet some of the foods that were taken away.

On the HCG 1000 calorie diet meal plan, you will start to enjoy a wider variety of proteins, including ham, bacon, tuna, and lamb. You can add squash, pickles, melons, peaches, nuts, milk, cream cheese, butter, yogurt, and cottage cheese to the rotation. You can even enjoy some alcoholic beverages –as long as there is no added sugar in them. Now is also the time for heart-healthy fats such as olive and coconut oils and pure nut butter. It is important to note that you will still avoid carbs and sugar during this time.

After a couple of weeks, you will move on to the HCG 1200 calorie diet meal plan. The food choices are still the same you will just increase how much you eat. This will help your body adjust and maintain your weight before you enter the maintenance phase that will carry you through the rest of your life.

To get additional information about the HCG Diet meal plan free of charge, contact our clinical advisors at Weight Loss Medical Center for your confidential consultation.