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I was really quite tired of being the only one out of my group of girlfriends who could never get a Saturday night date. My girlfriends and I spent a lot of time together; however, we had always set aside Saturday nights to be the night when we would go off separately with our dates or boyfriends. However, for me, it was not like that. I always felt the “weight” of my being overweight and it was awful for me! My friends all went out and had a great time, but I always stayed home alone and sad. It was not so much being alone that made me feel sadly, but it was the reason I was home alone that made me feel horribly. Being so heavy never really bothered me so much before, but at that time, I started to allow being overweight to make me feel very self conscious about my looks. The fact that I never had a date on Saturday night and stayed home alone all the time, started to get to me. I finally decided that I wanted to make a change in my body and in my life, not to mention in my health, and I wanted to do it with HCG in North Carolina.

I had heard only amazing things about this type of weight loss program and how successful so many overweight people had been in losing a lot of weight by self injecting the hormone into their bodies and sticking to the low calorie diet plan at the same time. When I found this website, everything I had heard about the diet program became confirmed as I read through the very informative pages of incredible information about every detail of this diet plan. Not to mention, I was absolutely blown away by the amazing testimonials that were written in by people from all over the United States who had gone on the HCG Diet Program and lost a lot of weight, in return, changing their lives tremendously for the better. I had read about mothers who could not lose their post pregnancy weight, but did so on this diet program. I had read about people who had gotten into accidents, gained weight because they were bedridden for so long, but then lost all the weight and got back to their normal regular lives, in even happier positions than they were before. The stories of incredible weight loss just went on and on as I read through the testimonials. With each one that I read, the success stories motivated and inspired me so much, that I could not wait to make my first direct contact with a clinical advisor from the company so that I could start my own weight loss journey transformation with HCG Clinics in North Carolina.

As I write this blog entry, I want people to know that I was not only wanting to lose weight just so that I could get dates on Saturday nights like my friends did; there was so much more to it and much deeper issues as to why I wanted to lose weight than that. Being overweight may me feel terribly about myself, ugly and completely self conscious about everything. I blamed all my failures on being overweight. I was miserable with very little energy to complete every day tasks. I did not produce as well as I could at work because I was very tired and lethargic all the time and the boss was noticing. I was actually worried about losing my job because of this. I figured that this was the perfect time to go on this HCG Diet to lose weight quickly on a medically supervised weight loss program. I had read that the diet program was so easy and convenient to do, that I would not have to take any time off work and that it would not even interfere with my work hours at all.

I filled out the Contact Form on the website, which I found on just every page of the site and very shortly after I was contacted by a clinical advisor from the company. She was extremely professional and very understanding as to how I felt about being overweight and what it was doing to my self esteem and my self confidence in every day life. She said I was not alone anymore and that she would be there every step of the way to help me lose weight quickly on this very innovative and revolutionary Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss.

The clinical advisor told me that I had come to the right place and could do everything online and over the phone with her, including submitting my medical history for review by one of the weight loss doctors in the company who was fully licensed. The weight loss physician would directly receive my medical history and analyze it very closely to make sure that this kind of weight loss program was a good fit for me and any health conditions that I did have. Once he agreed that I was a great fit for the program, he wrote me the necessary HCG Prescription so that my clinical advisor could send me out my weight loss products and supplies directly to my home via a Federal Express shipment from one of Weight Loss Medical Center’s pharmacies. This was incredibly convenient for me, as I did not have to go to any doctor’s offices, any local weight loss clinics or even any local pharmacies to get what I needed. I had complete confidentiality and privacy in my weight loss journey, as my weight loss kit came discreetly to my front door and no one ever had to know that I was on a weight loss diet plan. They would soon see what I was doing though, as when I began the diet program, the weight started dropping off my body each and every day right from the beginning – and very quickly too.

The scale did not lie. I was losing a lot of weight very fast. Plus, looking in the mirror was not a nightmare for me anymore, as I loved watching my body change as the HCG Benefits truly worked to help my body metabolize the excess stored fat it had and helped me to drop the pounds I had carried around with me for so many years. The hormone injection with Vitamin B-12 and a vitamin complex also helped to keep me from being hungry and gave me enough energy to get through my days very happily and successfully by only taking in 700 calories per day of very healthy foods. I was able to find my foods for the diet plan at my own local grocery store (as opposed to having to go to special health food stores or organic food stores), and to be honest, I did not even consider these kinds of foods as “diet” foods. They were every day normal things that I love to eat, such as fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and lean meats. I was just careful about the way I prepared my foods and portioned them out according to the diet guidelines that were sent to me by my clinical advisor. She also sent me a list of acceptable foods that I could eat while on the HCG Weight Loss diet plan. What I ate was not dictated by the diet program, but I was able to choose the foods that I liked to eat as long as they were on list.

Within 6 weeks, I was thrilled with my weight loss results. I cannot thank this company or my clinical advisor enough for all the amazing support they gave to me during the entire weight loss plan protocol. It was not as difficult as I may have originally thought it would be, but to the contrary, it was so convenient and easy for me while I continued working and pretty much living my everyday life the same as I always did. The only difference was that I was not eating as much as I was before and I was also seeing myself become thinner and thinner each day. I cannot wait until I am ready to be set up on dates for my Saturday nights. With the way that I’m feeling about myself now, I do not believe that I will have any problems getting dates just like my beautiful girlfriend do and I am ready to begin my new life as the new thinner version of me. How Do You Get HCG Diet Prescription? You have come to the right place and the best place I could ever suggest to lose weight quickly, safely and effectively! Just call the phone number on this website or fill out the Contact Form on the website yourself and get started immediately! I can almost promise you won’t be disappointed. I sure am not!

Tara G.<
Chapel Hill NC

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]