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I thought about sharing my story in a blog post just to possibly reach out to others who may have been in the same situation as I was, and to be able to help them to get through a rough patch, just as I had to do. Firstly, here is the short story: My entire life had come to a halt due to a terrible accident I suffered through, and I needed to lose a lot of weight that I had gained over the year prior due to “self pity eating” (as I called it) and I did lose the weight successfully with HCG Diet Centers in North Carolina.

Here is my longer story so that others can possibly relate. Being the star quarterback in my high school led me to receive a full scholarship to play ball for one of the best college teams in my division in the United States! It was like a dream come true for any young “hero” of their school. I had my entire life planned out for myself from that point on and I wanted to one day go professional with the NFL. Isn’t that what most high school or college ball players want? Well, I was lucky enough to go onto college where I got to play a good solid 2 years of football on a full scholarship! During the 3rd year of playing, I suffered a tremendous and traumatic car accident that left me unable to play ball for the rest of my life. You can probably just imagine the emotions that run through a person when they hear that kind of news from several doctors (as of course I got several professional opinions). My entire life was turned upside down and I had no idea which way to turn or where my future was going to take me. Thank goodness I had some great friends and family to help support me through this extremely rough time of my life (the worst time ever in my life) and get me out of the darkness to finally (after months of feeling sorry for myself) see that there were other things that I could do with my life to make it worthwhile. In the meantime; however, sitting around all day and night feeling stressed, sad, angry, scared, majorly sorry for myself and many other emotions – believe it or not, I ate. And when I was done eating, I ate some more. I ate my athletic body into being about 380 pounds, and this was not partly muscle like I used to have because of all the activity I did. This was fat. I was fat. For the first time in my life, I couldn’t look into the mirror and I actually ended up taking all the mirrors out of my house. It really was that extreme. I was not in a good place. I can tell you this though, when I finally made the decision, years later, that I had to get myself out of this horrible place I was in and as they say in the movies “Get busy living or get busy dying,” I finally decided that I needed to make a total life transformation and find a different purpose in my life other than football. With the help and support of my friends and family, I decided that the first thing I need to do was lose weight and get myself back into shape. I may not have been able to play ball anymore, but thank goodness there were other things I could do. My accident did not leave me completely incapable! I began my transformation with finding out How to Find HCG Diet Centers in NC. It was not so hard to find this diet plan, as it was right at my fingertips. I found this website with the help of some friends who knew about this amazing diet program which they knew had changed many lives in the past. Just by reading the testimonials on the website, you could see how many lives were changed by losing a lot of weight on this diet program – and I did read about many athletes who lost their careers due to injury! So, I knew that I was not alone! I did not want to write a testimonial; however, but rather, I felt that I wanted to share my whole story in a blog entry. Because of what Weight Loss Medical Center did for me in my life with their incredible HCG Diet Program, I wanted to pay it forward and dedicate my life to those who had lost their initial dreams in life and had to learn how to replace those dreams with something perhaps more meaningful than football or another sport, in order to help human kind. I knew there were a lot of people just like myself who suffered tremendous accidents and lost their dreams in life because of it, including many athletes, like myself, and I wanted to be able to sit here and say, “Hey, it is awful, but you too can overcome and still make something grand of your life.”

After filling out the Contact Form on the page on this informative HCG website, I received a phone call from an expert clinical advisor who was extremely compassionate and understanding to my circumstances. She confirmed that many others had similar stories and that she was happy that I had gotten past (for the most part) the worst of my life change and was about to make another (more positive) life change for myself, my life and my friends and family. I wanted to be me again, but a different me – and maybe even a better me. Life did not only consist of football and I slowly learned that as I traveled and met many others who did great things with their lives after traumatic injuries that took them out of the sports arena forever. They still were able to go on, be happy and help others with similar stories. I wanted to be one of those people and the clinical advisor was very proud and happy to hear this and said that with the HCG Weight Loss program, I could be very successful in getting my body back to a healthy weight, bypass any other health risks associated with being so overweight and then get out there to help others in need. This all sounded so great to me! It took me a long time to get to this place in my life where I was willing to believe there was anything out there in life for me besides football, but all that mattered at that point, was that I did finally get there! And I was proud of myself for finally lifting out of the darkness and into a place where I could lose weight and then set a good example for others who needed to hear that there is life after sports.

The second step to beginning the weight loss program was to fill out my medical history to be reviewed by an HCG Weight Loss Doctor in order for me to be approved and cleared as medically safe to go on this kind of weight loss program. I was cleared and my clinical advisor told me that I did not have to go anywhere to get my products and supplies. I had them shipped directly from a Weight Loss Medical Center pharmacy to my front door of my home. It was very convenient and easy, which was something that I really needed at that point. I certainly did not need to have to go to any more doctor’s appointments and I did not want to go to any weight loss centers, for sure!

I stayed on the diet for the entire 6 weeks that were necessary, and if you know the mentality of any true athlete, you know that he or she has great discipline and motivation to succeed and that went a long way in helping me get through this diet program without any issues. My clinical advisor was there for me via phone if I had any issues, but overall, I did not need much help. She explained the HCG Benefits to me so that I had a great grasp on what the medical mixture I would be self injecting into myself, along with the low calorie diet would do to my body and how it helped people to lose weight quickly by decreasing appetite and helping to metabolize the excess stored fat within the body for rapid weight loss. After being fully educated about this diet plan protocol, I was able to run with it mostly on my own. It was great to know that the customer service from Weight Loss Medical Center was incredible and that I could be in constant contact if I needed to be, but that was quite enough for me. Just knowing I was so well taken care of on this medically supervised by licensed physicians HCG Diet was tremendous for my psyche.

I lost a lot of weight on the diet plan and I am still slowly getting back to myself. I still have some more weight to lose, but losing more than half of what I wanted to initially lose while on the diet plan gave me the amazing head start that I needed. I am committed to losing the rest as quickly as I lost the first half of the weight that needed to go and then I have great plans to help others who can relate to my story. Thank you to Weight Loss Medical Center for giving me my life back with their Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss. I know I have to take credit for making the initial decision for change, but with the great support from the highly professional and caring staff from this company, I probably would not be where I am now – with my body back and with a new mental attitude!

Ian W.
Concord NC

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]