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HCG Weight Loss Doctors in Georgia

Being overweight for so many years, I just got used to never having enough energy to do most of the tasks that I needed to do throughout the day. I am a stay at home mom and have been for the past 4 years ever since my first child was born. My husband works full time and is extremely active after work. He always wanted me to take part in physical activities with them, but being overweight, I never could. Our marriage was having some difficulties because of my weight issue. Taking care of two babies was not easy with me being at the heavy weight that I was. Even just picking up the baby was difficult and running after the older one was almost impossible. Combine that with all the other care for the kids and the housework that I had to do and you can imagine how difficult and frustrating life was for me before I found HCG Weight Loss Doctors in Georgia. Yes, I had become very complacent with how heavy I was and how difficult things were for me to do, but my husband was getting fed up with the fact that I was never active and all I did was eat in my spare time, eat when the kids were sleeping, eat with the kids when they were eating and eat with him when he was home! I kept getting more and more heavy and less and less active and he was ready for that to change. It took me a while before I truly understood how serious my husband was about me getting into shape and losing a lot of weight and finally I decided to do something about my health. My husband wanted my kids to have a healthy mother and I wanted to be there for them too, as well as be there for my him. I certainly did not want to lose my marriage, but my weight was definitely becoming an issue. My whole life changed when I found this website and Where to Find HCG Weight Loss Doctors in GA. After reading through the pages here one by one, I knew that with my busy schedule and with my lazy personality that this was most likely the best weight loss program that I could have possibly found. From everything I read about what the diet plan involved, it was simple, easy and convenient and did not seem like it would take up much of my time from taking care of the kids and the house all day and all night.

I decided to call the phone number on the page while the kids were asleep napping one day and immediately I was greeted by an extremely friendly, expert clinical advisor with whom I shared my story and why I wanted to lose weight quickly. She told me that so many other stay at home mothers were in the same situation that I was in and that they were very successful in losing weight with Weight Loss Medical Center’s HCG Diet Program. This got me very motivated and excited to start the diet plan not only for myself, but for my family as well. My clinical advisor and I discussed the diet plan protocol and what I would need to do in order to successfully lose 30 pounds in 30 days (and more after) and to also learn how to keep the weight off after the diet program was over. She explained to me that this was not only a simple diet program, but that it also taught everyone on the diet plan how to live a healthy lifestyle for life when the diet program ended. That included learning how to relate to food differently than ever before, choosing the right foods to eat and learning how to prepare foods so that healthy food did not turn into fattening and caloric food by the time all the preparations to it were done. I was on board 100 percent with this HCG Weight Loss program and with learning how to take all the unwanted pounds I carried around for so many years off of my body and in learning how to stay healthy for the rest of my life. These were also lessons that I wanted to learn and to take with me to be able to teach to my children as well. I did not want my kids to follow in my footsteps and become overweight like I did because they did not know how to eat properly. It was my job as their mother to teach them proper eating habits and I was committed to doing so.

I began the diet program by filling out my medical history from a form right here on the website. I tried to be as specific, complete and clear as I could be in sharing all of my medical history because I knew that it was going to be reviewed by an expert HCG Weight Loss Doctor from the company in order for me to be cleared as being a good candidate for this kind of weight loss program. I loved the idea that I was being taken care of so thoroughly by fully licensed diet physicians who were experts in losing weight. In no time at all I was cleared by the doctor and ready to begin my weight loss journey as soon as I received my weight loss products as supplies in the mail. My clinical advisor said that she would be shipping by weight loss necessities to my home via Federal Express. I cannot believe how easy and convenient this diet program was so far and I also could not believe that I did not find it sooner. I guess I just was not ready to find it before, as one has to truly commit to following all the directions of the 4 phases of the diet plan before beginning. I may not have been ready until now because I always feared change and never really had the strength or motivation to ask the question, “How Do You Get HCG Diet Prescription?” Now, thank goodness I had finally asked that difficult (for me) question and I was ready for my very first injection and to start the 700 calorie per day diet plan.

When I asked my clinical advisor how eating such a little amount of calories per day was possible from someone who was used to eating what seemed like 1 million times more calories per day, she explained to me that the hormone in the shot worked two fold. It helped to decrease appetite and to metabolize excess stored within the body in order to allow the body to drop pounds quickly. She promised that I would not feel hungry or cranky while on the diet plan and that if I had any issues or concerns that I could call her at any time during my dieting process and we could discuss them. She explained a little bit more to me about the amazing HCG Benefits and I was completely sold!

A very quick 6 weeks passed by quickly and with the support of my husband and my clinical advisor on a daily basis, I lost a lot of weight. I was absolutely thrilled with my weight loss results and would recommend this diet plan protocol to anyone who needs to lose weight in a very easy, convenient and quick way. Thank you to Weight Loss Medical Center for changing my life, helping me to be a better wife and a better mother and teacher for my children!

Beverly P.
Dacula Rocky Creek GA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]