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HCG Weight Loss Clinic in Augusta GA

After years of being overweight, I was truly tired of crying myself to sleep every night because I felt terribly about myself, my body and where I was in my current life situation. I really believed that I had tried just about every weight loss program out there on the market and none of them seemed to ever work for me. As you can imagine, it was extremely frustrating and disheartening that I could never have the body that I had always wanted to have. I am not saying that I ever wanted to be stick thin, although that would be nice, but I knew that was not realistic for me and my body type. I at least wanted to be well under 200 pounds and feel like a lady for once in my life. What a great feeling that would be, I thought! Before I lost weight successfully with HCG Weight Loss Clinic in Augusta GA, I never truly thought that it would be possible, but I was happily proven wrong with this amazing and revolutionary weight loss program that I was blessed to have found.

I not only lost a lot of weight on this weight loss program, but throughout the entire 6 week diet plan protocol, I not only lost weight on a daily basis, but I also learned tricks and tips for keeping the weight off for the rest of my life. I was able and lucky to work with amazingly professional, kind and caring expert clinical advisors and even a fully licensed HCG Weight Loss Doctor, who wrote me a prescription for the diet plan. I did like the idea that this doctor did not just write prescriptions for anyone who wanted to lose weight on this diet plan protocol, but that he actually analyzed and reviewed everyone’s medical history fully to make sure that this was a safe and healthy way for each individual body to succeed in losing weight. I was able to conveniently fill out my medical history from a form that my clinical advisor led me to right here on this website.

I did not have to leave my home at any point during this exceptional weight loss plan, except to go to my local grocery store to buy foods for my diet. I did everything I needed to do to get started on the diet plan, and even while I was on the diet plan, from the privacy and comfort of my home, instead of having to physically visit a Local HCG Weight Loss Clinic in Augusta GA. Keeping my weight loss journey a private venture was something that I was thrilled about and that made me feel very comfortable about working with Weight Loss Medical Center. I was afforded the opportunity to be in constant contact with my clinical advisor over the phone anytime I needed her. She was super understanding about my very low self esteem and self image and wanted to do everything to help me get motivated and to stay motivated to lose as much weight as I possibly could. She was also very adamant about teaching me how to keep the weight off after the diet plan was over. Learning to live a healthy lifestyle for life was a very important component of this HCG Diet. This amazing company did not just set out to sell weight loss products to just about anyone they could (like so many other diet programs I had tried before did), but they truly want their clients to succeed in losing weight and kept their promise to be there for me through every single step of the diet plan protocol. Not only did I read all this information on the very informative website right here, but once I started the diet program, I learned for myself that I was not just reading words on a website that “sounded good,” but that this company prided themselves on excellent customer service and definitely followed through with their promises to help me in every possible way they could to help me be successful in losing weight. Whenever I called for my clinical advisor’s help, she was right there on the other end of the phone to answer all of my questions and to address all of my concerns. When it came time for the very first of my HCG Injections, my clinical advisor not only led me to videos online that showed exactly how to self administer and also how to safely store the supplies for the shots in a sterile way, but she also was there on the phone with me while I actually injected my first shot. It was so easy and nothing like what I thought it would be like. Not being a lover of needles (who is?) I admitted to having a lot of apprehension and anxiety about the idea of self administering shots to myself. However, the needles were indeed extremely small and thin and the actual injection of the HCG Shots was really not painful at all the way I thought it would be. The reason it was not painful was because I was injecting the needle into my skin to the fatty tissue below where there were much fewer nerve endings than in the muscle tissue in, let’s say the buttocks area, where I can remember the awful experiences of getting injections there on several occasions. Getting that kind of shot in your buttocks could shy anyone away from wanting to self inject needles into their body. That was extremely painful, but this kind of injection with the HCG and Vitamin B 12 with a vitamin complex was hardly painful at all. It was just like a little pin prick that was very tolerable, thank goodness!

I cannot thank Weight Loss Medical Center enough for making all the answers to all of my prayers come true. From a woman who cried herself to sleep every night because of how unhappy she was with herself and her body, I made a major transformation not only in my body, but also in my life thanks to this amazing HCG Diet Program! I started off losing 30 pounds in 30 days, but by the end of the full 6 weeks, I had lost a lot more weight than that and continued losing weight for months after the diet plan was over. I am thrilled to be able to write this blog entry for others to read and to learn about how easy this weight loss program is and how successful you can be on it if you can commit yourself changing your life. It was a long road I took (trying all different kind of fraudulent weight loss diet plans out there with uncaring staff) before I got to the most perfect weight loss program that I could ever imagine finding right here! I could not be happier that I finally did get here though and that I found this HCG Weight Loss program and can now share my amazing success story with others. My hope is that I can help to inspire and motivate others to full life transformations, just like I experienced.

Roz A.
Augusta GA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]