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Living in the shadows my entire life with a beautiful, tall and thin sister was a very difficult thing for me. We were only 18 months apart in age and only one school year difference fell between us. We had many of the same friends, but all throughout our school years together, the boys would pay attention to her, but never to me. My parents would always say that we were equally beautiful, but I knew the truth; that my sister was way more attractive than I was and it always bothered me. I never really said anything, but I always held the sad and jealous feelings deep down inside of me. I was also an overweight child as well, I never really understood why I was heavy and my sister was not, but I still just lived with it. Then when we became adults, the same thing occurred. She would still get all the attention and I would be seen as the ugly duckling on the sidelines. I decided one day that I wanted to change my appearance as best I could without any kind of surgery and I thought the best way to begin to see a difference in my appearance would be to lose weight. Since my parents had always called me beautiful and attractive just like my sister was, they never paid attention to the fact that I was overweight and unhappy. They never helped me to do anything about losing weight either because they simply did not see that there was an issue. They did not mean any harm, but always wanted the best for me. I knew that. I also knew that if I wanted to lose weight I was going to have to do it on my own and I was prepared to do so. In doing some research, I came across this website and was extremely impressed as I read page after page of extremely informative information about the HCG Diet Program and how well it worked in helping people to lose weight quickly and effectively on the very revolutionary and innovative medically supervised diet plan protocol. It was amazing to me that I could so easily find a diet program that seemed perfect for me. The convenience of filling out the initial Contact Form on the website, to knowing that I would also have to fill out my medical history form, but that was also on the website was great. No doctor’s offices or weight loss clinics to go to!

I decided almost immediately that I wanted to find out even more about this diet program and where I could find the best HCG Weight Loss Clinics North Carolina. I did not want to work with any fraudulent weight loss companies and I only wanted to go onto a diet plan that I knew was clinically proven to work to help people to lose weight and to keep it off. I could not help but believe that this could be the answer to all my dreams and prayers and help me to lose weight once and for all. The testimonials that people sent in to the website were incredible and really shared heartwarming stories about how people overcame great obstacles to lose a lot of weight and change and transform their lives in huge ways. It was such a great feeling to know that one day I could be one of the amazing success stories as well, and one day to also be able to share my experience with others to help motivate and inspire them to lose weight as I was going to do. And here I am doing just that with this blog entry! You have no idea how happy that makes me! I became an amazing weight loss success story too by using this HCG Diet plan and nothing could make me more proud of myself!

My weight loss journey began when I called and spoke to a clinical advisor from the company for a good length of time to share my background story with her and my weight loss goals as well. She immediately told me that I was not alone and that from everything I had told her so far, I seemed like a great candidate for this diet plan. I told my clinical advisor that I just moved to Cary NC and that I did not know how I could find HCG Clinics North Carolina. She told me that it did not matter where I lived in United States, but that I could still lose weight with Weight Loss Medical Center from anywhere in the country. She told me that I had already done the initial contact with her and that was the first step already completed! The next step would be to fill out my medical history which I already knew that I could do right online as well. It was beginning to become even clearer that I would never have to leave my home in order to lose weight on Weight Loss Medical Center’s HCG Weight Loss program.

Actually, the only time that I would have to leave my home would be to go to my local grocery store to purchase foods for my diet plan. I was going to have to stay on the 700 calorie per day diet, but the good news was that the foods that I was going to eat were every day, normal foods that I could buy at my local grocery store. I did not need to go to any organic food stores or health food stores to buy expensive foods for the diet plan. I liked that idea very much. In my HCG weight loss kit that would be shipped directly to my house from one of the company’s own pharmacies would include a list of foods that I was allowed to eat while on the diet plan. The list was only a guideline and gave me several choices of food from which I could choose so that I would be happy with what I was eating. Only 700 calories per day, I thought? How could that possibly be true? I was just eating so much more food than that in only a quarter of the day, and now they wanted me to eat only 700 calories per day? I asked my clinical advisor about this, and she said that the HCG Benefits of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, along with Vitamin B-12 at a vitamin complex that I would be injecting into my bloodstream, would help to greatly decrease my appetite so that I did not need any more than 700 calories per day in order to be happy and feeling great throughout my days. The vitamin mixtures would help keep me energized throughout the day and I would never feel cranky or irritable because I was hungry.

And 6 weeks later, here I am writing a blog entry sharing my great experience of losing all the weight that I wanted to get off my body in order to feel pretty. It was not about being prettier or better than my sister, but instead, it was about not feeling inferior to her or to anyone else. I would recommend this Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss to anyone wanting to lose weight quickly and safely. The diet program protocol is so convenient and simple to do and with the results that I got while dieting with Weight Loss Medical Center, I could not be in a happier or healthier place in my entire life. This diet plan is brilliant!

Ester C.
Cary NC

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]