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HCG Weight Loss Clinics in North Carolina

I was 22 years old and overweight. During college I gained the typical “freshman 15” that everybody talks about. It is so easy to do when you stay up late at night, drink beer and eat pizza with your friends in the dorm. We used to go through eating almost a whole pizza pie each by ourselves. Not to mention all the junk food we would consume while studying or just hanging out. After gaining the “freshman 15,” I was not able to take the weight off as easily as I thought I would be able to and my best friend, Annie and I remained overweight all through our college years. We were never able to go out together to college parties and feel good about ourselves. Guys did not show much interest in either one of us, and we both believe today, that our college experience would have been different had we been thinner and more attractive. After graduation, Annie and I decided to lose our college weight together, believing that we could support each other and live new lives as college graduates. We thought that by going on a weight loss journey together, that would make it easier for both of us to lose weight. We began to look for HCG Weight Loss Clinics in North Carolina, as that is where we both lived after graduating college. We got a job working at the same company and we also got an apartment together. Neither one of us felt good on the inside or on the outside because of the weight that we gained, and we really wanted to finally be those two hot girls that went out together and actually got attention from guys, like we were never able to do during our college years because of all the weight we gain when we were just freshman. Annie found this website and showed it to me. We read all through the pages, reading everything we could about the HCG Diet Program and what it entailed. Looking at each other after reading some of the amazing testimonials of rapid, successful weight loss from all kinds of people with all kinds of different weight loss goals, we both knew that this was the weight loss plan for us and that we wanted to go on to this diet plan together and finally commit to losing weight. It was just the look that we gave each other that made us both realize that the other one of us was ready to make a drastic change in our appearance and in our health. We were ready to take on the challenge of losing weight with Local HCG Weight Loss Clinics in NC.

One day, we came home from work together at the same time and we both got on the phone to call and speak to a representative from Weight Loss Medical Center to begin our weight loss journey. The clinical advisor that answered the phone was super kind and very knowledgeable about all aspects of this diet program. She said that she appreciated the fact that Annie and I wanted to lose weight together and said that we could definitely be wonderful and strong supports for each other, but she also said that she would like to speak with each of us individually. I thought that was nice because even though we were best friends and wanted to lose weight together, we still had different questions and concerns about the HCG Diet and we both also had different weight loss goals and health conditions that needed to be addressed before we went on the diet plan protocol.

I spoke with the clinical advisor first and Annie spoke with her after I did. I was able to have a true heart to heart with the clinical advisor about how I felt about myself, my body and my weight loss goals. I was able to ask her specifically about the one thing about the diet program that I was apprehensive about; the HCG Injections. Like many people, I was not very fond of needles and was definitely nervous about the self administering of the injections part of this diet plan. The clinical advisor immediately made me feel a lot more comfortable after she explained that the needles were very small and thin and that the injections were relatively painless. I knew that I had to try them myself in order to truly believe her words, not that I thought she was lying to me, but this diet plan in many ways seemed just too good to be true and so I thought that the catch had to have been that the shots were very painful. I was happy to be wrong though. She told me that the needles would be injected into the skin to the fatty tissue below, and unlike injecting a needle into muscle tissue, the fatty tissue had less nerve endings and therefore was less painful. The clinical advisor also pointed me towards some online videos that I could watch to actually see the process of the self injecting of the needles. It taught me how to self administer the HCG Shots with step by step directives.

After I knew that I felt comfortable about injections and was willing to try them, I was ready to begin the process of being medically cleared to go on the diet plan. It was comforting to know that this diet plan was medically supervised by fully licensed diet doctors and that I would have my very own HCG Weight Loss Doctor reviewing and analyzing my medical history in order to make sure that I was physically well enough to go on this kind of diet program; and I soon found out that I was! That was great news! The other great news was that Annie was medically cleared as well and we are both ready to start transforming our bodies and learning how to live a completely new lifestyle with healthy eating and exercising. I can’t forget to share our absolute joy that we would never have to leave our apartment in order to go on this diet plan. No doctor’s office visits for our medical clearance or local weight loss clinic visits. Everything could be done over the phone and online with our clinical advisor.

The experience of being on the HCG Weight Loss diet program was an absolutely terrific one for both Annie and myself. We both were super appreciative to our clinical advisor whom we were both able to call at different (or the same) times with any questions or concerns we had about the diet program or our progress on the diet plan. Annie and I learned how to buy the correct healthy, low calorie foods at our local grocery store and how to prepare the foods correctly. We both packed our lunches for work together by portioning out the amounts we could eat in order to stay on the 700 calorie per day diet plan that went along with the weight loss plan protocol.

Annie’s biggest concern about the Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss program was how she would not be starving all day long only eating 700 calories per day. I would be lying if I said that I was not concerned about this issue for her too because Annie tended to get very cranky and irritable when she was hungry. So, I can honestly say that I was more concerned about her sticking to the limited number of calories per day than I was, but I still knew that she could do it. The clinical advisor explained to both of us exactly what we read on the website. She told us about the hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin and how it worked to help decrease appetite and metabolize the excess stored fat within our bodies in order to produce safe and rapid weight loss. These were the great HCG Benefits that we had read and heard about mostly in regards to this diet plan. I was truly excited to get started on the diet program and we both did so immediately upon receiving our weight loss kits that were shipped directly to our front door via Federal Express from a Weight Loss Medical Center pharmacy.

Both Annie’s story and my story have wonderful endings. We both lost 30 pounds in 30 days and even more weight during the last couple weeks of the diet plan protocol. To this day we continue eating well and have started an exercise regimen that keeps us feeling great and full of energy. We continue to support each other and we both have never been happier in our lives! Many say that your college years are your best years of life, but for us, we know that our best years are yet to come!

Dawn D.
Wilmington NC

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]