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HCG Diet in North Carolina

I had been wanting to lose a substantial amount of weight for a very long time and I had heard about this very “innovative” (as they called it on the website) weight loss diet plan for some time. The plan involved a medically supervised weight loss program with fully licensed doctors who needed to give anyone going on the diet plan an HCG Prescription before shipping the weight loss products and supplies to them. Most of the diet plans out there on the market do not have medically qualified weight loss doctors overseeing the diet program for each client, they do not require prescriptions to be written for their medications and they also do not have the kind of customer service for those wanting to lose weight as does the Weight Loss Medical Center weight loss program. That is why I chose this diet plan in order to lose 40 pounds off my body! I am thrilled to be writing this blog entry to share my experience of working with the most caring, knowledgeable and professional clinical advisors from the company to help me learn all about the Doctors Prescribe HCG Diet in North Carolina, what I would need to do to get onto the diet program, what I would need to do during the diet program and lastly, how I would live a brand new life after the diet program was completed.

The very first thing that I did to start my weight loss journey and my body and mind transformation was to fill out the Contact Form on this website. Very shortly after I simply gave my general information such as my name, e-mail address, phone number, city and state in which I lived, age, gender, height and weight, I then had to wait for a phone call back from a clinical advisor. I understand that until a person feels very comfortable with this Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss program or anything else for that matter, they might be initially apprehensive about giving out their personal information. That is why this initial Contact Form was so great, in my opinion. It did not delve too deeply into anyone’s privacy, but just asked for the essential information needed in order to start someone off on the journey! The Contact Form also gave a little box to share a message with a clinical advisor before they called you. I decided to share a little personal background with them as to why I wanted to lose weight and what obstacles I believed I may be up against while on the diet plan. That way, the clinical advisor who called me would know a little bit about me and might be able to prepare the answers to my foreseeable questions and concerns about the diet plan.

It did not take a long time at all before I was speaking with someone one on one who was an expert with the HCG Diet Program. She answered all my questions right there on the spot about the diet program and also made me feel very comfortable about my decision to choose this kind of weight loss program for my weight loss needs. I had some apprehension about self injecting needles into myself, but my clinical advisor told me that the needles were very small and thin and most clients reported minimal to no pain when self injecting the needles. She told me that she would give me the web addresses to some videos online that showed exactly how to self administer the HCG Injections safely and hygienically and she shared that the video would definitely help ease anxieties about the self injections. She said that I truly had nothing to worry about and that I would very soon realize this when I gave myself the very first shot. She also said that I could call her on the phone and she would help me and be there for me as I self administered the first injection for the first time. She also told me that she would be there and available for me to call her for any questions that I had about injections or anything else about the diet program. What more could one ask for when going through a major life transformation such as losing a lot of weight and changing their bodies physically and their minds mentally? I was thrilled with my choice to use Weight Loss Medical Center to lose weight.

I was told that I needed to share my medical history online from a form right there on the website. Because the program was a medically supervised diet plan, every client was required to have their medical history analyzed and reviewed by one of the company’s expert weight loss specialists and fully licensed HCG Weight Loss Doctors. I had no issues sharing anything medically about myself because I wanted to make sure that I was very safe and that my health was in good hands while on this weight loss program. I would not want to do anything to harm myself or my body. My medical history was cleared, thankfully, and I was ready to begin losing a lot of weight very quickly. As a matter of fact, I heard that I could lose 30 pounds in 30 days very easily. If this was true, I could not wait to find out.

I began my HCG Diet within a few days after my first initial phone call with the clinical advisor. I called her on the phone as soon as I received my weight loss products and supplies via Federal Express quickly and discreetly to my front door of my home. I could not ask for better convenience. I did not have to go to any doctor’s offices or pharmacies and wait in either cold and uncomfortable waiting rooms or on long lines full of often sick people to get the medications that I would use to help me minimize my appetite and metabolize the excess stored fat within my body. The products that came to my home in one simple package were the HCG hormone (or the technical name human chorionic gonadotropin) along with Vitamin B-12 and a vitamin complex and all the supplies for the self administering of the shots. The combination of this medical mixture was brilliant! I felt better than I ever had before while on this diet program, believe it or not. I had a lot of energy, and as I watched the weight fall off my body every single day, I got more and more motivated with more and more incentive to continue the diet plan protocol and to continue losing weight! It is pretty typical, I would say, that when you can actually see weight loss by reading the number on the scale going down each day and by looking in the mirror at yourself and actually seeing a difference in your body, that you would want to continue on the same path. That is how I felt.

This HCG Weight Loss plan was everything that I thought it would be and more. The staff at Weight Loss Medical Center could not have been more kind or attentive to my unique and specific needs while on this diet plan protocol! The best part of the diet program was that it was actually extremely effective (something that I was not used to with other diet programs) and it was also very safe. I love my new body and my new outlook on life. I will never go back to being overweight again, as now I know how to eat properly, exercise and take care of myself on the inside and on the outside. If anyone ever were to ask me How to Get HCG Injections Prescribed by a Doctor, without hesitation, I would recommend this doctor supervised diet plan for weight loss program! Whether you want to lose 10, 20, 30 or even 100 pounds, it is absolutely doable with Weight Loss Medical Center and I would not waste another minute contemplating what diet plan to do. In my mind, there is no question because this diet plan was extremely successful for me and I know it can be for you too!

Lenny P.
Winston Salem NC

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]