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Being a stay at home mom with 4 children from the ages of 5 to 12 that are home schooled by me, you can just imagine that I have very little down time or any time at all for myself, for that matter. Because I do almost everything with my kids, we eat all three meals a day together and snacks all throughout the day too together, so with that said, I gained what I considered to be an unsightly extra 20 pounds onto my body that I really did not want there. I wanted to find HCG Doctors North Carolina who could help me safely and effectively lose that little bit of extra weight I had gained in order for me to feel back to my old self again. I knew that I needed to form some kind of life for myself and not just have my entire existence revolve around my children, and some of my girlfriends got on my case about that. They even are the ones who told me about all they heard about this kind of diet program and that it was great for those who were extremely busy with their kids, jobs, traveling, etc. So, with that said, they led me to find HCG Diet Doctors North Carolina.

I was very excited about this discovery and very excited to go onto a weight loss plan that seemed extremely easy, convenient and that would not take me away from my everyday life too much. I could not even imagine sacrificing any time that I spent with my children and I was worried about how I could fit it into my life’s schedule, no matter how convenient my friends told me the diet plan was. So, I began to read all about the diet program here online. I could not believe my luck that I could actually lose weight on a diet program that did not require me to leave the house to go to doctor’s appointments for a check up before beginning the diet regimen. Could you imagine me in a doctor’s office’s weighting room with 4 kids running around causing all kinds of corruption? They were not at an age yet where I could leave them home alone and I was basically their only caretaker during the days. I had no time for doctors. In addition to that, this HCG Weight Loss plan did not require me to actually drive to local weight loss clinics in Concord NC! That’s not all though – because my weight loss products and supplies would be shipped directly to the front door of my home via Federal Express right from a Weight Loss Medical Center pharmacy, I would not have to drive out with my kids in the car screaming and fighting with each other to any pharmacies either. This diet program kept sounding better and better to me.

Now my biggest obstacle was getting past the idea of self administering the HCG Injections to myself. I was not too fond of needles and had always been scared of them my entire life since childhood. I cannot even watch my children getting injections at their pediatrician’s office. I knew that the next step for me would be to call the number on the website to speak with a clinical advisor so that she could ease my anxieties and trepidation about the injections portion of this diet plan. When I called the number on the page, I got to speak right away with a very professional expert clinical advisor who was very kind and understanding to my situation.

My first question to her was about the HCG Shots naturally, and she told me that I really had nothing to worry about. I did read many testimonials on the website about how people who were very scared of needles realized that the injections that they self administered while on this diet plan protocol were relatively pain free and extremely easy to give to themselves. However, I still needed some words of encouragement from the clinical advisor and she definitely gave them to me. She even led me to some videos online which described exactly how to self administer the shots in an easy, quick and sterile way. On top of that; however, the clinical advisor told me that I could call her on the phone once I received my HCG weight loss kit (which she would be shipping to my house directly from a Weight Loss Medical Center pharmacy) and that she would help me with my first shot from over the phone. This made me feel very comfortable and at ease even more.

Once I products and supplies came to my house, I ripped open the box out of excitement of what was to come and could only think of how great my body was going to look in a really short amount of time. Already, no one believed I was a mother of 4 children, but after I put on a good 20 pounds, I really did not feel very good about myself. I was about to make a change though, for the better, so I was extremely happy and on the phone with my clinical advisor within 15 minutes of receiving my package. With all the kids playing outside, I was ready to self administer my first injection and officially begin my HCG Weight Loss journey!

My clinical advisor was definitely there for me for the entire 6 week diet plan protocol and I was very lucky enough to be medically cleared by a professional and fully licensed weight loss doctor who worked with Weight Loss Medical Center. I had to share my medical history with the doctor in order to get an HCG Prescription to begin this diet plan. The medical history form was right on the website, and so it was very convenient to share all my information. I also felt very safe knowing that this was a medically supervised diet program that was overseen by licensed doctors who truly cared about their clients and wanted to make sure that anyone going onto this diet program (including myself of course) did not have any serious medical issues that could interfere with the safety of their overall heatlh and their ability to lose weight effectively on this diet plan protocol. The staff did want to set anyone up for failure. Many of us yo-yo dieters were used to failure, but with this diet plan, those days were over!

I also felt comfortable from where I was getting my HCG products. Everything that Weight Loss Medical Center sold to their clients was the real and authentic hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone’s, which is a naturally occurring hormone in both male and female bodies, main side effects were to decrease a person’s appetite in a major way and to also help to metabolize excess stored fat in the body so that a person could lose weight very quickly. All products and supplies were made on United States soil and not from overseas. I am not saying that products sold from overseas are bad or poor; however, I felt very comfortable that the hormones I was receiving along with Vitamin B-12 and a vitamin complex were sold within my own country and overseen by Weight Loss Medical Center staff. You never really can tell what you get from other countries when you purchase internationally, but this was just my personal feeling, and I was very comfortable to know that I was getting American made products for this HCG Diet.

I had a big surprise in store for me that I did not know was going to happen. I actually lost 30 pounds in 30 days and was feeling so entirely great about myself! I only set up to lose 20 pounds initially, but ended up losing 30 pounds instead and after that, I did not want to lose any more weight! Not many people can say that! Now all I needed to do was maintain my weight by putting to use all the great information I received from this Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss program, including how to eat correctly and what foods to purchase in my local grocery store in order to eat healthy and cook healthy meals for my children as well. I could not be happier with my choice to lose weight with Weight Loss Medical Center and I give huge thanks to their staff and to my clinical advisor for being there every step of the way for me! It was not always easy to coordinate phone conversations with my clinical advisor, but I did so by setting a very strict schedule for myself. My clinical advisor was so patient and kind in general, but especially with my busy schedule and with kids often screaming in the background while I was on the phone with her. This company cannot be beat for weight loss and their amazing customer service!

Shirley E.
Concord NC

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]