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My amazing wedding day was coming up in just a short three months and I wanted to lose a lot of weight before walking down that aisle in front of all my friends and family and into the arms of the man of my dreams. I had tried so many other kinds of diet programs and weight loss programs in local clinics here in Charlotte NC and absolutely nothing had worked for me. I had even tried many different kinds of diet pills from the pharmacy and ones that I even bought from those great TV commercials that make it seem like their diet pills can make you lose a lot of weight in a very short period of time. The people who were supposed to be the ones who lost a lot of weight were actually actors in the commercials, I learned. They were not really people who genuinely lost weight from using the company’s diet pills. They were already thin people with great bodies who got into pants or jeans that were many many sizes too big for them, just for the sake of the commercial, but these were not really their old pants. I found that to be extremely deceitful and learned that most people do not lose a lot of weight from taking diet pills in general. Before I learned this information; however, I did try using the pills and it was a very unpleasant experience for me. They made me feel very anxious and shaky. My appetite was decreased while taking the diet pills, but as soon as I stopped taking them, my appetite came right back and I was eating like I normally did – way too much. I am not proud to say that I even tried to use laxatives to help me lose weight, as I really was that desperate to become a lot thinner before my wedding day approached! This was not a good or healthy idea for me or for anyone for that matter and I knew that, but I was really just that desperate! My best friend and Maid of Honor notice what I was doing and was concerned for my health. She told me about HCG Charlotte NC and shared this website with me. She told me to stop with all the unsuccessful and unhealthy things that I was doing to attempt to lose weight and to try losing weight with Weight Loss Medical Center instead! She wanted me to read all testimonials on the pages on the website too, to see how successful this program really was for those who had completed it. When I read the testimonials, I became really inspired by all the different stories of people from all walks of life, who lived in all parts of the country and who all wanted to lose weight for many different reasons. Their success stories were terrific and gave me so much motivation to want to begin this kind of weight loss program and to learn How to Get HCG in Charlotte NC.

After finding out that I could actually be living in any part of the country and still work with Weight Loss Medical Center’s weight loss program to lose weight quickly, safely and effectively, I was really happy and excited. I learned that everything I would need to do to begin this weight loss plan, were things that I could do over the phone and over the computer right from the convenience of my own home. I decided to fill out the Contact Form on the page that I was reading and to continue reading about the HCG Diet as I waited for a phone call back from a clinical advisor from the company. I was nervous, but also excited. Every time the phone rang, I jumped to grab it, thinking that it might be a clinical advisor ready to begin me on my weight loss journey. Finally, when she called me, we had an amazing conversation and gained instant rapport right from the beginning. The clinical advisor was super knowledgeable, understanding and kind to me and understood that as an upcoming bride to be, I wanted to look the best that I could and feel the best that I could as I walked down the aisle to my new future with my new husband. She told me that she wanted to help me become the person that I had always wanted to be and to start the life that I had always wanted to have, being much healthier physically and mentally. That all sounded very great to me!

The HCG Diet Program seemed like the most perfect fit for me and I had wished that I had found it way before attempting to lose weight on all the other diet plans from different companies and failing miserably at all of them. Right after my first conversation with the clinical advisor, I was able to begin sharing my medical history right there online on a form that she directed me to fill out from the website. I would first have to be cleared medically by one of the company’s expert HCG Weight Loss Doctors before we could move forward starting me on this weight loss plan. Because this weight loss program was a medically supervised plan, the company wanted to make sure that their physicians were comfortable that each and every client that went on to the diet program was a good candidate for the diet protocol. This made me feel great knowing that my physical health was in very good hands with an expert weight loss physician who was fully licensed to practice this type of medicine.

I was extremely happy that I did not have any medical conditions that kept me from going onto the weight loss program. My clinical advisor called me to let me know that I had received my HCG Prescription from the diet doctor who reviewed and analyzed my medical history when I submitted it online, and that I was to look out in the mail for a shipment of my weight loss products that would be coming any day. I was told that my weight loss products and supplies were shipped to me via Federal Express and that I should get them in no time at all. I asked my clinical advisor if I could call her when I got my package so that she could help me with my HCG Injections. She told me that she would be very happy to help me self administer not only the first injection, but also the second and third ones too if I wanted her to. She also gave me a promise that she would be there every step of the way during the entire 6 week weight loss plan protocol for moral support and to answer any questions that I might have while on the diet plan. She gave me a great sense of security and confidence that I was not alone and that I could successfully lose weight for the first time in my life and keep the weight off my body at the same time.

To this day, months after I completed the HCG Weight Loss Program, I have been able to keep all the weight that I had lost off of my body. I have learned a whole new way of relating to food, what low calorie and low fat foods to purchase at my local grocery store and even how to prepare the foods so that they remained low in calories, but still delicious at the same time. My wedding day was the best day of my life and I felt like a complete princess walking down the aisle in a dress that I never thought that I would ever be able to fit into. Thanks to this HCG diet plan, I have become a new person on the inside and on the outside. I have a new found confidence about me and both myself and my new husband are very proud of me and happy for me. We are so excited to enjoy our newlywed stage of marriage and we are even thinking about having children soon too!

Brenda H.
Charlotte NC

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]