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HCG Doctors Charlotte NC

My entire life, ever since childhood, I was a food lover. I always loved to cook in the kitchen with my mother and sample and taste everything we made. I was never a thin child, but rather an overweight one, but I did not know any differently and my parents never made an issue about it. After all, they were overweight themselves. I was never taught good eating habits or how to prepare foods in a way that was not overly caloric or fattening. We always wanted great taste with our meals, and that meant cooking with fattening items such as oils, butter and heavy creams, etc. When I became an adult, got married and had my own children, I seemed to repeat the same pattern. I still loved to cook and my children loved to cook with me. We were definitely an overweight family. After listening one day on television to the president’s wife speak about childhood obesity in the United States, I began to realize that I was doing my children and injustice by allowing them to remain overweight children who ate too much and did too little exercise. That is what I decided to look into losing weight for myself so that I could set a much better example for my children for the present time and for their futures. I thought about how I could lose weight quickly and effectively in a safe manner and decided to ask around to see if anyone knew of a weight loss program that was proven effective and safe, rather than just taking my chances with a weight loss program from a television commercial or from an ad in a magazine. A friend of mine told me about this HCG Diet Program here and everything she said about it seemed really easy, simple and convenient to do.

I immediately took myself to the company’s website and read in much more detail everything there was to know about this kind of diet plan protocol. I then committed myself by saying out loud to my husband that I was going to lose weight using this specific diet plan. He was very supportive of this idea and said that he would try it too if I was successful. I had not read or heard about any other kind of weight loss programs that could even match the safety and convenience of this highly effective way to lose weight, so I was sold!

My next step was to make a phone call to the company and to speak with an expert clinical advisor about my specific weight loss needs and to ask him or her how I could find the best HCG Diet Doctors Charlotte NC. After all, Charlotte North Carolina had a huge population of approximately 710,000 people and there must be some of the best weight loss clinics here in my local area. I don’t know where I missed it on the website because when I went back to read, I saw it all over the place, but my clinical advisor reminded me that I did not have to actually go to a local weight loss clinic in my area and be embarrassed by having to be weighed in on a scale in front of many other people in a public forum. I would be able to lose weight with this company right from the privacy of my own home and without any distractions. I would not have to deal with any outside influences pointing, staring or making fun of my large size. That was all very good to me and a definite positive for this weight loss program. So the bottom line was that although I lived in North Carolina, I could actually live anywhere in the country and did not necessarily have to look for HCG Doctors Charlotte NC.

My clinical advisor told me that after my medical history was cleared by one of the fully licensed physicians at the company and I was considered to be a great and viable candidate to lose weight quickly and effectively on this weight loss diet, I was going to be shipped all my weight loss products and supplies directly to my home from a Weight Loss Medical Center pharmacy. This way I knew each and every injectable sold to me was the real and authentic human chorionic gonadotropin hormone along with Vitamin B-12 and a vitamin complex. This meant that what I would be self injecting into my body was completely safe and effective. All products and supplies from this company were produced and manufactured right here in the United States of America and not from overseas. That made me feel even more comfortable knowing that the staff and HCG Weight Loss Doctors oversaw the production of all the weight loss program products and supplies that they sold to their clients to make sure that each and every individual person who lost weight with the company was in safe hands and that their health would not be compromised in any way. They did not sell anything less than the best to their clients.

My clinical advisor told me that she was very happy that I found Weight Loss Medical Center, as many of the other weight loss programs who claimed to sell real and authentic genuine HCG products were in fact not selling the real thing. Often these weight loss companies would offer drops and sprays which were ingested orally and would be sent directly to the stomach where they would be quickly metabolized by the stomach acids. This meant that they would never reach the bloodstream where the product needed to go in order to be effective. No wonder people were not successful in losing weight using these drops and sprays! The method in which they were taken into the body was ineffective to begin with! In addition to this, I learned that these drops and sprays do not contain the correct amount of hormone needed to decrease appetite and metabolize excess stored fat within the body if it even reached the bloodstream to begin with. So, drops and sprays often lead to failed attempts at weight loss and in return very discouraged, frustrated and upset people who wanted to lose weight but were initially set up for failure without their knowledge.

I do not know how much more clearly to say this, but the Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss program offered from Weight Loss Medical Center is the only weight loss program that I would never recommend to anybody trying to lose weight. I often do enjoy advocating for people who are very vulnerable because they are very desperate to lose weight quickly. These kinds of people well listen to almost anyone who tries to sell them a diet program with the promise of fast weight loss. Drops, sprays and diet pills just will never match the efficacy of the genuine products sold by this company that were administered by relatively painless HCG Injections to reach the bloodstream directly.

My story has an extremely happy ending. I lost over 50 pounds on the diet plan so far and not only did I lose a lot of weight, but I also gained a lot of self esteem and knowledge about how to eat properly and how to prepare foods in a less fattening and a less caloric way. I still love to cook and I love my children to cook with me. It is great quality time that we spend together and I love the fact that they are passionate about ood like I am. However, now I am able to teach them how to eat properly and how to prepare low calorie, healthy meals and low-calorie, healthy snacks as well. Not only did I lose weight on the HCG Weight Loss program, but my children are now losing weight and exercising more as they are following in my footsteps to better health and happiness.

Wanda S.
Charolotte NC

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]