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HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Charlotte NC

I had always cared a great deal about what I looked like, I ate well and I exercised on a daily basis. Going to the gym was on my daily routine, but everything changed a couple of years after I got married. I guess you could say that I became very complacent and comfortable within my marriage and stop caring for myself and my body the way that I used to do. I just got caught up in my daily life, friends and I worked really hard. I must have gained about 10 to 15 extra pounds within the first two years of my marriage and did not even realize it. One day my husband made a comment about my weight and I felt extremely terrible after he mentioned it. I think that one of my outfits was very tight on me and he made mention of that fact. It hit me hard and that is when I realized that I had stopped caring so much about my physical appearance and realized that it was time to start caring again. It was not entirely for him, but for me especially. I always wanted to look and feel good about myself and now was no time to stop just because I was very happily married and super busy. One should always make time for their health and take care of themselves, I thought. I was no exception! I saw an advertisement that spoke about HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Charlotte NC and I wanted to investigate it further. Everything that the ad said about this kind of weight loss program sounded really great for very busy people who were always on the go. That was me. My job was being an Event Planner and I was always running around, I was always very stressed out, and in return I did not watch what I ate appropriately and had no time to work out anymore. Well, I was going to have to make a change my daily schedule because I wanted to lose the extra small amount of weight that I had put on. There was no reason for me to have those extra pounds on my belly, where they decided to go.

One night after work, I got home and got onto the computer. I navigated to this website and started reading. I was immediately impressed. Not only did the website have such a positive feel to it, but everything I read about the diet program and the clinical advisers at the company was so uplifting. This HCG Diet sounded like it would be a hand in a glove type of fit for me. I had never tried any kind of diet program before, as I did not need to, but I definitely knew friends and even acquaintances who struggled on a daily basis with many different weight loss programs and were never successful in losing weight on them. What they would tell me is that they would lose some weight while on those other diet programs, but as soon as the diet program was over, they would gain all their weight back. When they had tried diet pills, these artificial medications made him feel edgy, anxious and nervous. When they stopped taking the diet pills, the weight came right back onto their bodies. So, I was very happy that I never had to try any of those other weight loss programs and I was very excited to begin this HCG Weight Loss program that I was told was very safe and very effective. This information came from some colleagues whom I trusted and had asked about it.

One day I had a day off of work and I got online to read more about this diet program. I spent only a few minutes filling out the Contact Form on the website and then waited for a clinical advisor to contact me. While I waited, I continued reading about the diet plan and the amazingly incredible testimonials from all kinds of different people who lost weight successfully and felt really great about themselves after transforming their bodies. Some people only wanted to lose a little bit of weight, like I did, and they were successful in losing and keeping it off too. I loved reading about how the HCG Benefits of decreased appetite and the idea of the medical mixture “resetting” the body’s metabolism led to rapid weight loss. Learning about the origin of this diet program, which was discovered about 50 years ago by a British endocrinologist named Dr. A.T.W. Simeons was amazing. This doctor did research with pregnant women and found that while they were pregnant they produced a high amount of the hormone they already produced, and this helped them to keep their weight gain stabilized. Their unborn babies would feed from the metabolized excess stored fat rather than their muscle tissue in their bodies. When these women were not pregnant anymore, the hormone level decreased back to normal. The doctor figured that if people who were not pregnant got a little extra bit of the HCG hormone in an injectable shot, they too could reap the benefits of the decreased appetite and the metabolizing of excess stored fat within their bodies. Hence, they would lose weight. The injection would be from a very small and thin needle that would go into the fatty tissue right below the skin. It was said to be relatively pain free because the fatty tissue had minimal nerve endings to cause pain. I thought that this was a brilliant discovery.

I felt very comfortable that there was nothing in the HCG Shot that I would be injecting into my body that was not natural. I was not interested in self administering any chemicals into my body and this medical mixture contained all natural and authentic products. This included Vitamin B 12 and a vitamin complex that the staff at Weight Loss Medical Center made sure was completely genuine and authentic. All the weight loss products and supplies were made in the United States and the staff at the company oversaw the manufacturing of everything they sold. The diet program was also completely medically supervised by experts and fully licensed HCG Weight Loss Doctors. This definitely helped me to feel even more at ease to go onto this diet program. My husband was also very much on board with me going on this diet plan and said that he would be a big support for me on a daily basis.

In addition, the staff at the company prided themselves on the excellent customer service that they provided for each and every single individual client that went on to their weight loss program. My clinical advisor said that I could call her any time I needed help or had any questions or concerns about the diet plan protocol. She even said that she would help me with the first of my HCG Injections over the phone and I felt great about that too. She said I could even call her for help or moral support with my second injection too! Where else could you get that kind of attention and caring when on a weight loss plan, I asked myself.

In only 6 weeks, I was able to lose the small amount of weight that I had wanted to lose for a while. I believe that I am a great example that a person did not have to be someone who needed to lose a great amount of weight in order to be on this kind of diet plan. I only wanted to lose 10 to 15 pounds and I accomplished my goal with no problems or issues at all. The HCG Diet Program is for everyone! It is for those who want to lose 10 pounds or those who want to lose 100 pounds. I am thrilled with everything that Weight Loss Medical Center had to offer me and I am now on a regular eating and exercising regimen that keeps me feeling great both inside and out!

Trisha T.
Charlotte NC

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]