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HCG Illinois

I don’t think I have ever been so embarrassed as the night I went on a first date with a woman I had been trying to take out for a very long time. I had been overweight for many years, very self-conscious about my body and myself, and it took so much nerve to actually finally, after so much time, ask her out on a date. I was very proud of myself when I did and extremely ecstatic when she actually said yes!

My experience with the HCG Diet Program began that very same night. This is how it happened: In wanting to impress this woman so much, as I was getting ready for the date, I decided to try to fit into an older pair of slacks that were a way too small for me. I squeezed into them and got them to fit. This somehow made me feel a little better about myself and gave me a little more much needed confidence to actually go through with the date. The nightmare occurred when I stood up from the dinner table half way through the date and my top button on my pants popped right off. It was humiliating!

The woman tried to make it like she did not notice, but I knew she did. I excused myself and visited the restroom. Not knowing how to deal with this situation and needing some encouragement, I called my best friend from my cell in the bathroom. He relaxed me a little bit and that is when I told him I was going to commit to losing weight. He was thrilled because he had been trying to get me to go to an HCG Diet Doctor for a long time. I just never thought I had the time to commit to a diet and the thought of self administering injections is not appealing at that point. My whole thought process changed after this extremely awful experience and I was definitely ready to make a change, no matter what it took (as long as it was safe). I finished the evening on my date, but she cut the night short as I expected. As soon as I got home I looked online for Where to find HCG Clinics in Illinois. I found this website and began to read everything there was to know about losing weight in this very different kind of way. It really sounded great to me, and one of the reasons it was so appealing to me was because, to be honest, I knew that I did not have to exercise while on the diet program. My knees were in extreme pain and I knew this was probably caused by my being overweight. This kept me from being physically active overall.

Anyway, I filled out the Contact Form on the page and went to sleep for the evening. I really wanted to end the day and start over fresh the next day. Soon, I got a call from the clinical advisor and was able to ask her Where to buy HCG in Illinois, among many other questions. She was amazing and as I told her my story, we actually had a nice little giggle over it. She seemed to have a way of making a terrible situation into something that was not so bad after all. I was very thankful to her for that. She really understood what it was like to be overweight and how it could take its toll on self esteem and even on how difficult it was to date. “You are not alone,” she said to me, and I will never forget those words. I went on the program for 6 weeks straight, without ever waivering from the explicit instructions for each phase of the HCG Diet plan. Yes, it was very necessary to pay close attention to the instructions that were given to me by my clinical advisor, as she said it was imperative to follow the diet plan protocol exactly if I wanted to be successful on the diet plan. However, the steps were easy and really did not inconvenience my life. I was able to diet in the privacy of my own home and did not need to suffer the embarrassment of visiting diet clinics, doctor’s offices, or pharmacies to pick up supplies and products. The HCG Injections were delivered right to my home via Federal Express in a very discreet way. This plan was terrific and the customer service was outstanding. Never before have I had the honor to work with such caring, kind, compassionate and professional experts on weight loss.

The HCG Shots saved my life. The pants I wore out on the horrible date that I barely fit into then, are huge on me today. I was so happy that the clinical advisor was able to make me laugh about that experience when I first told her about it because when I look back, I still laugh today. I have never seen that woman again, but I have no problem asking ladies out on dates anymore. I have a whole new wardrobe that I bought at a regular clothing store (as opposed to the big and tall shops) and thanks to the HCG Diet, I feel like a brand new man. I have learned a whole new way of relating to food, I feel better physically, my knees no longer hurt and I am able to eat well and exercise every day. I will never gain back the weight I lost or be the person that I was before. Most of my insecurities are out the window, and that window is closed. No reentry!

Matt G.
Evanston IL

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]