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HCG Jersey City NJ

My 10 year high school reunion was coming up shortly and I was terrified at the thought of having to face my old high school friends and to have them see me as being overweight. Having never been overweight in high school, but actually an athlete who ran track and played on the girl’s softball team, volleyball team and swim team, I was extremely embarrassed that I had gained about 25 pounds over the last few years. Going to a high school reunion always makes people nervous because they usually want to impress each other with how far they have come in life since high school and how young they still looked. Being overweight had made me look a lot older too and I did not plan on even attending this high school reunion unless I lost all the weight that I had gained in the past few years since my college graduation. I was determined and committed to working hard to losing weight after all these years, and my high school reunion was my incentive to do so! I had seen and heard a lot of talk about the incredible HCG Weight Loss program in many different places from many different people and it seemed so different than any other weight loss program that I had seen on ads on TV or on the radio. This diet plan somehow seemed more genuine and real than the others and it seemed very highly effective for those who were on the diet plan. I had read and heard that when people lost weight on this diet plan, they did not gain it back. That was the key for me. All I ever heard about were stories about people losing weight on diet plans or by taking diet pills, but they always gained the weight back and continued on a vicious cycle of yo yo dieting. Yo yo dieting was not something that I wanted to do or experience and I wanted to give this revolutionary diet plan a chance at helping me get back to the person I was in high school – at least as far as what I looked like.

I wanted to know Where to Get HCG in Jersey City NJ where I lived and I was directed to this website by someone I just happened to be talking to about losing weight. This person told me about this diet plan and said that I could learn a lot about the diet plan protocol and everything involved with it by reading all the great information on the website. Then, I could also talk personally one on one with a clinical advisor from the company. This person told me that one of the best things about this weight loss program from Weight Loss Medical Center was that it gave each and every client very personalized and individualized attention. Everyone has different weight loss goals and different issues as to why they had gained weight in the first place and the clinical advisors that were experts with this HCG Diet Program, were very attentive and interested in learning everything pertinent to the client’s lives who they helped lose weight on this diet plan. The customer service from this company could not be beat. Other diet plan programs are usually out just to sell their diet products and supplies to make money. Most times, they do not give any individualized attention to their clients and send them off on their own to lose weight. This usually led to failure in keeping the weight off, if any weight was even lost in the first place. That was very sad and deceiving to me and I was very happy to find a very genuine and authentic weight loss program where customer service and customer attention to detail came first.

When I called the company, I spoke to an expert clinical advisor who proved everything this other person told me about the company to be true. She was extremely professional and attentive to my needs. She answered all my questions that I had about the diet plan program and the HCG Injections as well. I learned how the injections worked to help people lose weight quickly and how they were very different from other weight loss programs that sold diet pills, sprays, drops and powders to help people lose weight.

The injections on this diet plan consisted of the hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin, which did not make people feel jittery, anxious or edgy such as things like diet pills did. This hormone is a naturally produced hormone within the human body, and getting just a little extra of the hormone into the bloodstream via injection had the side effect of a great decrease in appetite so that the person taking the injections was not hungry and therefor able to take in a 700 calorie per day diet. The HCG Shots were also paired with Vitamin B 12 and a vitamin complex to help give a boost in energy and to give brain food so that the dieter felt energized and most times made the dieter feel even better than they felt before going onto the diet plan! Another great side effect of the injection was that it helped to metabolize excess stored fat within the body which produced very quick weight loss. The difference between these injections and the other diet pills, sprays, drops and powders were that the injections stayed within the body for an extended period of time after the very last injection was self administered. Diet pills, for example, have very short term effects on the body and besides often having terrible side effects of nervousness, anxiety and jittery feelings, they also leave the body very rapidly and once the person stops taking the diet pills, they immediately regain their appetite and overeat again. In these cases, any weight that was lost, quickly comes right back on. This is not the case with the HCG Diet!

I was very ready to begin this diet plan and could not wait until I received my weight loss products and supplies to my house via Federal Express. I did not have to go to any pharmacies, doctor’s offices or weight loss clinics in order to get medically cleared to go onto this weight loss program or to pick up my weight loss supplies. This diet program was extremely convenient for my lifestyle and my privacy. The best decision I ever made for myself was when I went out looking for HCG Jersey City NJ. Jersey City might have been where I lived, but I would have been able to get onto this weight loss program from anywhere in the United States.

My clinical advisor made herself available to me any time over the phone from anywhere I happened to be. She was so kind and patient when she helped me with my first injection, as I was a bit nervous about it. She gave me great moral support and everything she said about the shot being relatively pain free was true. The fatty tissue within the body did not have as many nerve endings as muscle tissue has, and therefore I did not feel the pain I thought that I would when self administering the shots. Most of all, the HCG Benefits could not be beat by any other weight loss method! I did not experience any negative side effects, but only the positive side effect of losing weight. I lost enough weight within the 6 week diet plan protocol period to feel very comfortable in going to my 10 year high school reunion! No one had any idea that I was ever overweight and told me how great I looked today! Nothing could have ever made me feel better or happier about my decision to go on this weight loss program and I want to give all the thanks in the world to Weight Loss Medical Center for helping to change my life.

Alex Y.
Jersey City NJ

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]