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HCG in Miami Florida

HCG in Miami FL

Rice and beans, plantains, these are the good things in life. I grew up eating these in abundance. My mom learned how to make these from her mom, my abuela. Of course, I learned how to prepare these traditional dishes at my mother’s side. Before I went off to college, it was my job to prepare a traditional Cuban meal for my extended family, using all the recipes I had learned over the years. I had to do my family proud. Of course, I succeeded. Now my family was confident that I would not starve living on my own. The first year at school, I lived in a dorm. The second year, I moved off campus with some friends. We prepared meals in our apartment, and my number one contribution was – you guessed it – rice and beans with plantains. We ate these a lot. You know how you could tell … our clothes no longer fit. That’s when my roommates banned me from the kitchen, and we all turned to HCG in Miami FL doctors for help. When you are a student in college and you gain weight, you want to lose it fast.

If you ask people on a college campus, “What is the best way to lose weight quickly and safely?” they will all tell you the same thing. HCG weight loss can help you lose up to one or more pounds each and every day. For most people, being able to lose 30 pounds in one month can be totally life changing. After packing on pounds from my cooking, my roommates and I had to make some serious changes in our lives. When you contact the HCG in Miami FL clinics for help losing weight, you get knowledgeable and professional doctors and clinical advisors to help you accomplish your goals. Before the doctor even considers writing a prescription for the HCG injections, you first have to fill out a medical history questionnaire for review and approval. The doctor makes sure that there are no medical conditions that are averse to starting the program.

The HCG in Miami FL Complete Diet Kit

We all liked the fact that there was no office visit required. The medical form was filled out online, and then we spoke with our advisors by phone. Since the HCG diet program kit was sent directly to our apartment, we gave ourselves our shots each day. For a bunch of busy college students, that was a big plus. I was allowed back in the kitchen, since we were carefully planning all of our meals. The HCG in Miami FL advisor that we spoke to provided us with some easy recipes for the diet. We were having a lot of fun trying to create unique and healthy meals. One of my roommates is a computer addict. She was the self-appointed HCG recipe hunter. Surprisingly, she found tons of great recipe ideas online, and we tried many of them out. She also posted some of the ones that we came up with for others to try.

Halfway through our HCG in Miami FL diet program, we discovered some other students on campus who were also in the middle of their weight loss programs. We started taking turns each Saturday, hosting our own unique HCG diet parties. We would save our fruit allowances for the day to have as snacks at our get-togethers. The party hosts would create a special themed meal for dinner. Losing weight in an atmosphere like this is a blast. We compared weight loss, and get this, we even traded clothes. As each person outgrew their old wardrobe, they brought in items for others to choose. At the end of our HCG weight loss, we all had a fun day at the mall together. Here we were, a fabulous looking group of college girls setting out for a day of shopping. We took all the money that we saved by eating less, and spent it on stunning clothes for our shapely new bodies.

The HCG in Miami FL diet clinics can really make a change in your life. The program is easy to follow, and the results are amazing. I look forward to making my rice and beans again, however, I have researched ways to make them healthier. When I master the recipe, I will attempt to make it for my family. Hopefully, they will embrace a healthier eating style, too. I may not be able to convince them to go on the HCG diet, but maybe I can get them to eat healthier.