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HCG Injections in Illinois

Acting is my ultimate passion in life and I would do just about anything to be cast in a dream role in a film. Well, six months ago I got that dream role. The character description for the role called for me to gain about 30 pounds, and without even thinking about it twice, I ate and ate to gain that weight. That role is mine and I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way of booking it. Most people might think I was crazy to actually go out of my way to try to gain so much weight, as they are trying to lose weight, but those who know an actor who is truly passionate about their craft, know that we will do whatever we have to do to make our characters authentic and to win great roles that give us the possibility of advancing our careers. Anyway, once the filming commenced, it became imperative for me to lose the weight I had gained and get back to looking like my headshot again. So I decided to go onto a weight loss program where I knew I could lose weight quickly. Plus, with all the amazing events coming up as we premiered our film in many cities across the country in the film festival circuit, I wanted to look my best walking the red carpet, posing for pictures and meeting all kinds of different industry professionals, not to mention fans. I wanted to find Where to Get HCG Injections in Illinois because I heard that the program was easy to do, very convenient and very effective; however most importantly, I need to lose the weight fast before going out on the road. I really wanted to believe in this diet plan, but it kind of seemed too good to be true. I was hearing that people lose 30 pounds in 30 days, but I still wondered how that kind of weight loss would be possible. I never thought there would be enough time after shooting the film and before touring the film festival circuit to get on an HCG Weight Loss program that I could commit to doing (with all that was going on around me) and actually lose enough weight to get back to my normal self. My thinking changed though, after I filled out the Contact Form on the website. Why? Because very shortly after, I received a phone call from a clinical advisor from the company. We were already planning my diet program. The clinical advisor gave me kind of a road map, if you will, about the different 4 phases of the program and what I needed to do exactly to follow them in order to be successful in losing weight on the HCG Diet. She told me how convenient the diet program was and that I could actually do it while traveling. She said all I would need was a telephone to be able to contact her if I needed to ask any questions or if I had the concerns. We decided that I would begin the weight loss program at home, and then I could continue and finish with the last couple weeks (of the entire 6 week program) while I was traveling with the film’s cast and crew. As soon as I was trained in how to self administer HCG Injections, she said, I could do it from anywhere and any hotel room in the country, while still keeping the process private. She told me that I needed to fill out my medical history online first, just to make sure that I was physically healthy enough to do this diet program. She assured me that this was a process that everyone going on this diet plan had to do. I would not need to visit any doctor’s offices or HCG Diet Centers to get a checkup or to get my medical history reviewed. I could do it right online and get it evaluated by an expert, licensed weight loss physician. That was really cool to me, as it made my life very simple. I think that is one of the major points of this entire diet – to make it extremely easy and convenient for busy people to lose weight in a very quick way. I was mistaken by thinking that I had to stay in Aurora IL in order to find HCG Injections in Illinois. I was happy that I could jumpstart my weight loss journey at home, so that I could become comfortable with not only the self injections, but also the low calorie diet that I would be eating. It was great to know that I would be able to continue the diet plan on the road when I didn’t have much time, would be eating in restaurants and having so much going on around me including interviews, screenings, red carpet events and parties to celebrate the amazing film that I was honored to be asked to star in. after about a month of the diet program protocol, I had almost lost all the weight I gained. I was looking just like my regular self again. Of course I was going to finish the last couple of weeks of the HCG Diet, but it was amazing to be able to lose most of the weight so quickly before I even went out onto the road. I only had a little more weight to lose while we were touring, but nothing that anyone would notice. I thank this weight loss program for giving me the opportunity to be medically supervised while losing about 30 pounds. I’m not saying that gaining so much weight for an acting role is a healthy thing to do, but sometimes it is a necessary evil in order to make your dreams come true. Mine have come true and just knowing that the HCG diet plan protocol is available and very safe to do, if I had to gain weight again for another role in the future, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Shawn H.
Aurora OH

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]