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HCG Diet Clinics in Illinois

I have had virtually no self-confidence my entire life. I am 21 years old now and ever since I was a child, I had been overweight, had difficulty making friends and could hardly even stand the reflection of myself in the mirror. I never participated in any extracurricular activities at school, never went to any parties or school pep rallies and never even entertained the idea of dating. I stayed to myself most of the time, ate lunch alone and went home immediately after school ended. I go to community college now and live with my wonderful mother. Only a month ago she came into my room and sat down with me, saying she wanted to have a talk. She told me a friend had mentioned that there were many HCG Diet Clinics in Illinois and that she wanted to look into them with me. I had no idea what was in store for me, but I was actually very happy that my mother took concern in me and not only my physical health but my mental health as well. She said she was tired of seeing me so down and not living my life. She always told me how beautiful I was and how worthy I was, but I never believed a word of it. My insecurities truly ran that deep. The more I got down in the dumps, the more I ate and the more weight I gained. It was like a never ending vicious cycle. So, I did not know what to expect in going to an HCG Weight Loss Clinic, but with my mother by my side I was willing to tackle it head on.

We came to this website and quickly found the phone number to call to speak to someone about the diet program. In no time at all we were talking to a clinical advisor who explained the entire HCG Weight Loss program to us both. My mother said that if I agreed to go on the diet plan, that she would be there the entire journey with me. The clinical advisor said that I would be able to be in constant contact with her as well. With this kind of support, I was encouraged greatly that I would be successful in losing weight on this diet plan. However, after years of having extremely low self esteem, and not even wanting to leave the house, I of course still questioned myself as to whether I could really lose weight and have a different kind of life or not. I didn’t know how to live any other way and any change of life for me would take major adjusting. That was scary for me. “Where Can I Find HCG Diet Clinics in Illinois?” I asked the clinical advisor. You cannot imagine my relief when she said that I could do everything online and over the phone and that I would not have to leave my house. I didn’t understand how that would work though. Didn’t I have to be seen by a doctor? The clinical advisor told me that would be filling out my medical history online and that it would be reviewed by a licensed physician who was an expert in weight loss. After the doctor cleared me as healthy enough to go on the weight loss plan, I got my HCG Prescription. That was a great feat and my mother was really excited for me, but I still had a lot of fear and insecurity as to whether or not I could be successful on this diet plan. I did not want to disappoint my mother or myself.

Could I really completely commit to sticking to a diet plan when I loved to eat so much? Was I afraid of failing on the diet plan? Was I afraid of succeeding on the diet plan? After all, losing a lot of weight would definitely change my life in many ways. Could I really give myself HCG Injections? Was I really ready for this? After discussing all these questions with the clinical advisor, I got all my answers. Being afraid of the unknown was not healthy. She was so understanding and she really helped me through my decision to go ahead and begin the diet program that would transform my body and my mind. After a little more pushing from my mother, we signed up together for a 6 week journey that I did not know at the time would be the beginning of an incredible, exciting, exhilarating and wonderful new life for me. I was never alone, the clinical advisor showed me exactly how to self administer the HCG Shots, and in no time I was doing it on my own. Time flew by, the weight fell off my body and every day it got easier for me to look in the mirror at my reflection. I started gaining more and more self confidence every day too. After the 6 weeks was up, we had a celebration, just my mother and me. We celebrated a new Rhonda and toasted to a new life. The whole HCG Diet Program protocol taught me how to live an entirely different lifestyle. I learned how to eat differently, think differently and I started a terrific exercise regimen. Some days I still look in the mirror and I do not even recognize myself. If you feel down about yourself because of your weight, please look into this HCG program. I learned that change does not have to be scary. The diet plan is natural, safe, effective and has the power to completely turn a person’s world around. Take my word for it as I am living proof.

Rhonda G.
Naperville IL

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]