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HCG Diet Centers in Illinois

I quickly found out that eating less and exercising more was not necessarily the magical way to lose weight. It was however; in my experience, a way to drive me crazy and get me very discouraged about ever being able to lose weight successfully. I am a 40 year old housewife with 2 young children who I take care of on a full time basis. Due to the fact that I am overweight, it has become increasingly more difficult to keep up with my kids who are very active. They are always running around, pulling on me to play with them and wanting to play outside. I was always having to pick up after them, dress them, bath them, feed them – motherly duties that are common to any mother. What was common and second nature to other mothers, was very difficult for me because I was overweight. Those simple tasks were not simple at all for me. In addition to those things, other common things, such as running next to my little ones on their bicycles, was just not an option for me. My back and knees ached and I could not move very quickly at all. I had to hire a nanny to help take care of my kids and to give them the attention I just could not. One day I was watching the nanny playing with my children outside. They were having a great time laughing and smiling and I burst into tears. “That should be me,” I thought. “I should not have to hire someone to spend time with my kids.” I had an epiphany and that is when I began to look for HCG Diet Centers in Illinois.

I had heard that this diet program was incredible and very different from any other weight loss program in helping people to successfully lose a lot of weight very quickly. I called the number on the website and spoke with an amazing clinical advisor who was super kind, helpful and professional. I told her about the pain that I was experiencing in my knees and back (and in most of my joints as well) and she agreed that the pain most likely had to do with my being heavier than I should be. She told me that from that everything I shared with her, I seemed like a great candidate for the HCG Diet Program, but that I still would have to share my medical history in order for a licensed weight loss doctor to clear me before writing me a prescription. That was not an issue for me. I just hoped that I would be cleared by the physician and said to be in good enough physical health to be able to reap the benefits of losing weight with Weight Loss Medical Center. I was already very attached to my clinical advisor, if you can believe that. I really did not have many people to talk to about how I felt about being so heavy and about the fact that I actually had to hire someone to take care of my kids because I couldn’t do it myself because I was overweight. To me, that was shameful. How did I get into this position at only 40 years old?

Being a stay at home mom, even though I had a nanny, I was happy that I would not have to ask the question, How to Find HCG Diet Centers in Illinois. I could stay home and lose weight without leaving the house. All my supplies were about to be shipped to my door, according to my clinical advisor because my medical history was cleared and I was ready to start losing weight. Another great aspect of the diet program was that it called for keeping the body relatively at rest. In other words, exercising was discouraged during the 6 week HCG Diet protocol. I was to concentrate on the 4 phases of the diet program that were laid out for me, and to follow the instructions during each phase explicitly. My clinical advisor told me that it was very important for me not to cheat on diet and to truly respect and believe in the process. She said that was the way that I would lose weight successfully and keep it off. During the 6 week time frame, I learned terrific eating habits and I was prepared by my clinical advisor with how to maintain my lower weight when the program was over. That way, when my HCG Weight Loss experience was completed, I would not be left uneducated about how to continue with my great new healthy lifestyle.

When the program was over, I thanked my nanny for all her help and sent her on her way. My kids had their mother back and I now I take advantage of every single moment that I have to be physically active with the kids outdoors playing, laughing and smiling the way it should have been all along. I thank Weight Loss Medical Center, the amazing clinical advisor who never left my side throughout my weight loss journey and the amazing HCG Weight Loss Doctor who wrote the prescription for the rest of my life.

June A.
Joliet IL

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]