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HCG Weight Loss Clinic in Aurora IL

When my husband and I and some of our friends reminisce about some of the trips we took together over the years, we have some great laughs together. It’s a great time remembering good memories of when we were younger and it helps keep us bonded. There is one story; however, that gets told often, but really does hurt my feelings. It was one of the most embarrassing times of my life, but I never really told anyone outside our circle of friends about it. For some reason, I felt like blogging about my experience. I thought that perhaps it could help others to change their lives the way that I did because of this awful past experience that I endured. Now, it may have been an awful experience at that time, but it was the catalyst that got me to find the best HCG Weight Loss Clinic in Aurora IL.

My husband and I and two other couples were visiting The amazingly incredible Grand Canyon. We were all in line ready to go on a mule ride down into the Grand Canyon and we were excited as can be. When we finally made it to the front of the line, I was told that they had a 200 pound weight limit in order to ride one of the mules. Even though the mules could easily carry more weight than that, they had to make a limit somewhere. I was over 200 pounds and to make matters worse they had a scale, almost like the height measures in the amusement parks to make sure children were tall enough to ride on the rides. I will never forget the humiliation I suffered in being denied the opportunity to go riding with my friends down into the spectacular Grand Canyon. My husband stayed back with me and the others went. I felt terribly about making my husband miss this great opportunity simply because I was overweight and could not go. He and I had a long talk about how badly I wanted to lose weight and he said he would support me 100 percent on going on an HCG Diet Program when we got home.

When we returned to Aurora IL, we researched the diet plan that Weight Loss Medical Center had to offer. The pages of the website went on and on with all kinds of amazingly great information about the origin of the diet plan, the brilliant Dr. Simeons who had discovered it over 50 years ago and all about the HCG Benefits and how they worked to help people lose weight quickly. We learned about the 4 phases of the diet plan and understood how important it was going to be for me to follow the directions and instructions of each phase of the weight loss program if I wanted to be successful losing weight. I loved the idea that unlike all the other diet plans I tried, this HCG Diet had proven results that lasted. In other words, we read about a lot of people who lost weight and most importantly had been able to keep it off. That’s what I wanted and that’s what I needed. I was so thankful for having such a supportive husband and he made the first phone call with me to speak with a clinical advisor about how to begin. My husband was even willing to go to every doctor’s appointment and every appointment at a Local HCG Weight Loss Clinic in Aurora IL with me too. We were both very pleased to learn that the entire diet program could be done in the privacy of our own home via telephone and online with the professional guidance of the wonderful staff at Weight Loss Medical Center. We were thrilled to learn that we wouldn’t have to leave the house and make this a public affair. The clinical advisor was very impressed as to how much knowledge we both already had about the diet program. She agreed that an educated consumer was the best kind!

My husband stuck by me for the full 6weeks of the diet program, helped me with my HCG Injections and shopped with me for very low calorie healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats. Although he did not need to go on a diet himself, he ate the same foods with me too. This was an incredible bonding experience for us and it made me fall in love with him more every day, as I also loved myself more every day as I saw the weight falling off my body. My husband did not have a strong stomach for shots, and was leery about helping me with the injections, but once he saw how small and thin the needle was and that I was only inserting it into my skin for the HCG and Vitamin B-12 mixture to go into the fatty tissue below, he really saw that it was not a big deal at all. He actually wanted to give me a shot himself. After the first shot he wasn’t squeamish at all and this helped him get over his fear of needles! He was also happy to see that the HCG Shot was virtually pain free for me. The weight loss program was a dream come true for me and I was able to get to a very healthy weight very quickly. It has been 10 years and I’m still at the same weight I was when I finished the weight loss program all those years ago. Our anniversary is coming up and we have planned a trip to – The Grand Canyon!

Christine C.
Aurora IL

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]