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Doctors Prescribe HCG Illinois

My New Year’s resolution last year was to lose 80 pounds! I know that seems like a lot of weight, but I gave myself a whole year to accomplish this goal. To my disappointment, so far I have not even come close to meeting the goal. It was not like I have not tried though. I have attempted very strict dieting, diet pills, starving myself, laxatives and I even tried HCG drops and sprays. All these methods of weight loss were a complete waste of my time and my hard earned money. The drops and sprays, I later found out were fraudulent imitations of the real and genuine hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin that was discovered over 50 years ago by a genius endocrinologist named Dr. Simeons. All the other ways I tried to lose weight worked for a few days to a week and then I would just gain all the weight back. I think they call that yo-yo dieting and it is extremely unhealthy for the body. I needed to find something very different to do in order to lose weight successfully and to keep it off. I wanted to find something that was healthy for me and very safe for my body. I had already done some very cruel things to my body with these other methods of weight loss, and I did not want to continue that pattern.

That is where Dr. Simeons’ HCG Diet Program came into my life. I read all about this famous doctor from this website. As I read more and more, I began to understand a lot better why the drops and sprays were only imitations and did not help people to lose weight. The drops and sprays people would take needed to be ingested orally. That would mean that the product would be swallowed by mouth and sent directly to the stomach where the gastric acids would very quickly metabolize the minimal amount of hormone that came in the fake products. To the contrary, the HCG Injections that one would take when doing the diet program offered by Weight Loss Medical Center are real and authentic. When injecting the injection into the skin, the hormone enters the fatty tissue below and immediately enters the bloodstream. This is where it reaches the hypothalamus, which is the part of the brain that controls hunger. The person’s hunger is decreased and the extra fat stores in the body are metabolized, causing rapid weight loss. When the HCG Shots are combined with Vitamin B-12, the combination is a powerful one that causes one’s metabolism to increase, again another way to feel good while shedding unwanted pounds off of the body. Going onto this weight loss program seemed like a no brainer for me. Even my friends convinced me to give it a try.

I thought that I would have to look for Doctors Prescribe HCG Illinois; however, when I called the number on this website and spoke to very kind clinical advisor, she told me that I did not need to go to any doctor’s office. So then how did this all work, I wondered? She told me that I would share my medical history through a form right there online. My medical history would then be sent to an expert weight loss physician who would review it and say whether or not I was appropriate for this HCG Weight Loss plan. It was very comforting to know that the diet plan was a professionally and medically supervised program. After all, we were talking about my health and I was determined to treat my body well after all the damage I had done to it with all the other terrible weight loss methods I had tried in the past. Now I was putting my health and my body into very good and competent hands. I was very happy that I did not have to go to any doctors or HCG Diet Centers, but instead I trusted that my clinical advisor would not steer me wrongly. She said she wanted to help me meet my New Year’s goal, but that I also had to be very committed and dedicated to this diet program too. That meant that I would have to follow the explicit instructions of all 4 phases of the diet plan, including self administering the injections properly and safely and staying on a low-calorie healthy diet of only 700 calories per day. We were both very confident in my ability to follow the diet plan protocol, and I was very confident that the HCG Benefits would work for me. She made it very clear to me that although it was imperative to follow the directions of the diet plan specifically, that the instructions were very easy and simple. Since I was concerned that I would be hungry on the program, she made me feel confident that the injections would keep my appetite at an all time low so that I did not feel hungry and I did not have those out of control cravings I always had for unhealthy and greasy foods. In fact, she said that this kind of HCG Diet plan was extremely convenient for all types of people in all different kinds of professions. People who constantly traveled, athletes, those recovering from accidents – anyone willing to commit and really wanting to change their lives could lose weight successfully on this diet plan.

This is the first year I ever fulfilled a New Year’s resolution and it is all thanks to the wonderful HCG Weight Loss Doctors and clinical advisors at Weight Loss Medical Center. Thank you! You have changed my life forever!

Nancy G.
Arlington Heights IL

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]