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HCG Diet in Illinois

One of my favorite things to do is act on stage. There is nothing like the feeling of the hot lights surrounding and having the audience cheer and laugh as you become a character that is very different from yourself. It is such a beautiful way to escape life in a very healthy way, even if just for a short period of time. Unfortunately, the reason I wanted to escape my life was because of my lack of confidence and my low self esteem. Why did I feel this way? Because I was overweight and hated my body. The problem I was having with acting was that I would always be stereotyped and type cast to play roles that made fun of or emphasized the fact that I was very overweight. When laughed at, I would just have to go along with the jokes and laugh too. However, it was never funny to me and it hurt me very badly deep down inside. I may not have been crying on the outside, but I certainly was on the inside. I would never be the girl who would get the beautiful leading lady roles. I wanted for once to be able to get a lead role that accentuated my true talent and inner beauty, rather than making fun of my weight. I decided it was time to shed the pounds and change the way I would be cast in stage plays for good. I was cast in roles, so I knew I had talent. I just never got the roles that I wanted. That was when I looked into the HCG Diet in Illinois where I live. There is so much theatre in Illinois and I want to take advantage of that. Unless I lost weight though, I would just keep getting the same rolls over and over again. I decided it was time for a change.

I called the number on the website to speak with a clinical advisor about this new weight loss venture I was about to take on. I wanted to learn more about the HCG Diet Program before I started it and I had some pretty serious questions to ask. I was not all that comfortable with injecting something into my body and needed to know exactly why it was necessary to inject the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone with Vitamin B-12 into my body. Why couldn’t I just eat less calories and lose weight that way? Maybe exercise a little bit too? The clinical advisor was very understanding as to my apprehensions, and explained to me how the HCG and Vitamin B-12 mixture worked in conjunction with the low 700 calorie diet plan. When I heard the diet was only 700 calories, which I did not know, I was very surprised. How could I survive on that little amount of calories? Wouldn’t I starve? The clinical advisor explained that if a person only ate 700 calories a day on a regular basis, they would be doing a lot of harm to their body. Essentially, their body would end up burning needed muscle tissue, emaciating the body in a very unhealthy way. When taking the HCG Injections, the body would be trained to burn excess fat stores in the body, not the muscle. That was the healthy way to lose weight. In addition, it would not be considered a crash diet, the way it would if you only ate 700 calories a day without taking the HCG mixture, but a safe and effective low calorie diet which would produce quick weight loss that would be lasting. The 6 week diet would make it possible for me to lose over 30 pounds. That was exactly what I needed in order to be healthier, feel good about myself and lastly, to finally be considered for lead female roles on stage.

I appreciated the fact that the clinical advisor took so much time to explain in detail this diet program to me. It was now time for me to find Doctors Prescribe HCG Diet in Illinois, so I asked her for her help in doing this. She told me that she definitely could help me. She asked that I please fill out the medical history form right there online on the website and she showed me where to find the form. How convenient that was! I filled it out with all my health related history and shortly after, a licensed clinical physician determined that my current physical health condition made me a great candidate for the HCG Diet. I was ready to begin.

Once I began the program, it was proved to me that everything the clinical advisor told me and everything I read on the website, including the incredible testimonials were correct! I immediately saw a difference in my body as the weight quickly came off. I was not even hungry, which made the program extremely easy to do. I did not have to go to any local HCG Diet Clinics either, which made me very happy and saved me the embarrassment of everyone having to know my private business. I have an audition this afternoon and I can’t wait to surprise all the people who had auditioned me in the past! They may not even recognize me. Now my talent can shine through and I can get the lead roles that I deserve! Wish me “Break a leg!”

Marlee K.
Rockford IL

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]