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When a friend of mine told me that there was a weight loss program out there available to me that was extremely convenient and easy to do, without taking up any extra time away from my busy work schedule, she told me that she wanted me to visit this website to learn more about it. She said it was called the HCG Weight Loss plan. I was in great need of losing a lot of weight because my health was deteriorating due to the excess pounds that I was carrying around with me every day. Although I did very well know this, perhaps part of me was in denial about it. Can anyone relate? We are overweight. We know we are overweight, but still something inside of us is either afraid of change or just denying that we have health issues because they are scary. We avoid going to the doctor for fear of what he or she might say to us about our health and we avoid all conversations about our weight that our friends and / or family might try to have with us. I had many friends who cared about me so deeply, and on several occasions tried to speak to me about losing weight using the Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss, but again, something inside of me just wanted to laugh it off and not face the true issue; I was slowly killing myself.

After writing all the above in this blog entry for everyone to read, something inside of me still did not believe that people could really care so much about me, and I remained in a hopeless and helpless situation that I just never felt that I could get out of – and — day after day, I never made a move to make any kind of change for my health. I guess that I knew my friends cared, but I don’t think I ever truly knew the degree to which they really loved and cared about me. That one day when my one friend suggested that I look into HCG Weight Loss Clinics Illinois, I nodded my head as she talked, but deep down inside I convinced myself that the idea would never work for me and I felt as though absolutely nothing could help me. I simply said to her, “I know. Maybe. One day.” When I said this to her, she actually got angry with me. Two of my friends even told me that they would be there with me to help support me through HCG Diet from start to finish if I would be willing to partake in one, but I still wasn’t strong enough to make a move. I tried walking a little outside my home for exercise, but that was more to get out into the fresh air because I knew that it wasn’t going to make any real difference in the overall amount of weight that I had to lose.

Well, I lived this way for far too long. My denial had to be over or else I might not be on this planet for much longer. I was finally realizing the kind of friends I had surrounding me and felt as though the amount of time and energy they put into begging me to lose weight, I would be selfish to not listen and do what I could to get myself healthy. They didn’t care about anything but my health. Finally, I realized that it was time to truly do something major about my health and I knew that the decision was a good one because it came from me — when I was ready. I guess it was finally time to find out How to Get HCG Injections Prescribed by a Doctor so that I could start my major life transformation. I hadn’t much choice but to be ready. My clock was ticking and just seeing the look of fear and sadness and my friend’s faces at the thought of losing me was enough for me to finally make a move. I wanted to get more information about HCG Clinics Illinois and I found this amazing website.

As I started to read, as I love to do so much, I got caught up in page after page of terrific information telling me everything about this weight loss program from its discovery approximately 50 years ago by a British endocrinologist named Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. He discovered that pregnant women would produce a very large amount of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG. This is a naturally occurring hormone in both male and female bodies. The doctor discovered that it just so happened that when women were pregnant, they would produce a lot more of the hormone than normal. This gave the baby a way of surviving off of the excess stored fat in the mother’s body versus her muscle tissue. When the woman was not pregnant any longer, the HCG production would greatly decrease, and the woman’s appetite would increase and she would gain weight. Dr. Simeons discovered that adding a small amount (via a small and thin needle injection) of the medical mixture of Vitamins B-12 and MIC Vitamin Complex in the HCG Shot and simply self administering the shot painlessly into the fatty tissue right below the skin was what was going to the trick to help me lose weight safely, quickly and effectively. The injection would send the medicine into my bloodstream where it would work to send signals to the hypothalamus in the brain (the hunger control center) telling it to decrease my appetite, while at the same time, it would metabolize my excess fat stores in my body. This combined with a healthy, low-calorie diet of only 700 calories per day, would create incredibly rapid weight loss in a healthy and safe way.

A great part of the HCG Diet Program was that I did not have to alter my life or my work schedule at all. There was no strenuous exercise suggested for this 6 week diet plan and I was happy about that because with my crazy work hours, I would not be able to exercise at all.

Even after reading all of this information right from the website, I still was not convinced that I would ever be able to eat and drink a limited 700 calorie diet. My friends reiterated to me; however, that that was the reason I was taking the HCG Injections. The medical mixture’s job was to make sure that my hunger and cravings were extremely decreased, and my friend told me that during the first few days while my body was adjusting to the shots, I might not even be hungry at all and have to force myself to eat to get the energy that I needed to get through my days. However, she said that most people felt great during the entire 6 weeks of the diet program. What made them feel extra wonderful, was when they actually saw the weight falling off of their bodies from the very first day — and their clothing eventually not fitting anymore.

I’m not sure when I will be able to begin my work with an HCG Weight Loss Doctor and a clinical advisor, who by the way, my friend said would be by my side every step of the way via telephone any time I needed to ask her questions or simply just to get her support. I’m thinking about doing this diet plan. I’ll be back with another blog entry, eventually because I know this is something I need to do, if not for myself at this point, at least for those around me who love me very much.

Marissa H.
Evanston IL

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]