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HCG Diet Allowed Foods

HCG Diet

If you have struggled going it alone with a weight loss program and wondered if there were a better, more professional, medical alternative to losing serious weight, then it’s little wonder you are now considering the HCG diet and are pondering what the HCG diet allowed foods entails. Here’s the skinny on the HGC diet which brings with it all the power of medical support and research, combined with a track record of success that is enough to make any person who has struggled with weight loss soar with optimism. Bear in mind that we here at Weight Loss Medical Center are dedicated to seeing you actually lose weight this time, and to get you there, we have created a medically supervised, dynamic and powerful weight loss program. This HCG clinic’s program harnesses the added fat-burning energy of HCG injections to a low calorie diet that, combined with the B-12 bonus feature, will help you melt away ugly fat and inches with more success than you have ever known before. The truth of the matter is this time you’re really going to get it done; you’ll lose the weight that has dogged you for far too long now. So whether you are in Boston MA or Oklahoma City OK, Raleigh NC or Dallas TX, this is the time that you can count on genuine weight loss success.

HCG Diet Allowed Foods List

So what can you expect to find when it comes to HCG diet allowed foods list? Are you going to be starving or weak and depressed like you might be on other diets you have tried? The short answer is no. With the added strength of HCG injections and the supplementation of B-12 injections, your metabolism will be supercharged and ready to burn up all that extra fat that you have stored in your body. What is HCG? Well it is something scientists and doctors have known about for over half a century, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. When you might have heard of it in the past, whether you were in Portland OR, NYC NY or Chicago IL you likely heard of it as having something to do with pregnant women. This is in fact true; women do have a greater level of HCG when pregnant and that hormone’s presence allows the mother to ration resources more effectively between her body and that of her growing child. It also explains why pregnant women don’t need to know what the HCG food list covers because it is rare for a pregnant woman to have a weight issue simultaneous with her nine month gestation period. Her body is simply too efficient and has too great a concentration of HCG in her system already to be packing on the pounds. If we were to consider that truth, then we might assume that only women have a natural occurrence of the HCG hormone. This would be untrue: men and women both have a concentration of it throughout life. Men in San Francisco CA and Boise ID have it; women in Miami FL and Nashua NH have it, too. The trick, which we have mastered here at this HCG clinic, is to harness that hormonal power and put it to work for your fat blasting purposes. With the guidance and supervision of our HCG doctors and medical staff, we can do precisely that. You can expect the diet itself to work in phases, which will bring some variety to your eating choices, while at the same time either preparing or alternately stoking your metabolism to pounce on those pounds and get your weight down dramatically. Done properly, the HCG diet is capable of helping a person lose as much as 30 pounds in 30 days! We have seen it happen, and you could see it happen to you, too.  In the HCG Diet Allowed Foods Phase 1, what many of the doctor monitored practitioners of the diet think of as “the happy phase” or the loading phase, you will be intentionally eating fats. Yes, you heard that right: you will be downing fat rich foods and calories in the form of things like ice cream, steaks, fried chicken and fried clams, pot stickers, fatty snack foods, dumplings and pot pies, stew…whatever your hungry heart desires. The HCG diet Phase 1 only lasts for two days, but plan to indulge and increase your typical calorie intake by about 50%. You will be preparing your body for the inevitable food list change of Phase 2, but you will also be started on HCG injections and your B-12 bonus package so it is all in good keeping with your dieting goals.

HCG Diet Phase 2 Foods

The real work happens in the HCG diet allowed foods phase 2, which not surprisingly is the aspect of the plan that most clients are most curious about when they start the program. Yes, what you have heard is true: this is the 700 calorie per day portion of the diet. On it you will be eating portions of leafy fresh vegetables, tons of garden grown veggies like lettuce, spring mix greens, onions, kale, tomatoes, as well as lean proteins like chicken, shrimp and fish. In addition to that, you’ll be taking your HCG injections and B-12 supplements. On a normal 700 calorie diet, whether you were in New Orleans LA or Albuquerque NM, you would be starving on a 700 calorie a day diet. This is definitely not so when you are taking human chorionic gonadotropin injections. The hormone will suppress your hunger, keep your body from descending into starvation mode and keep your metabolism stoked. It won’t be anywhere near as hard as it sounds when you hear 700 calories. Many of our professionals and staff members have done this diet ourselves, and we can tell you that it is not only doable, but it is so very satisfying to watch pounds and inches melt away. You can take that to your bank in Tulsa OK, Billings MT or Nashville TN.

This is the diet that really works, and for you it no more than a simple phone call away. Call Weight Loss Medical Center toll free today at 954-587-4441 and tell your medical adviser here that you have looked over the list of allowed foods on HCG Diet, and you are ready to give it a whirl, to finally get some medical assistance in dropping that weight forever and finding real results. We promise you that you will never regret making that phone call. We can’t wait to hear from you!