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HCG Diet Foods for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating

Do you want to enjoy the earth’s bounty of delicious, nutrient-rich foods that will nourish your body as well as your soul? If so, our weight loss plan is just what you’re after. HCG Diet Foods are amazing because they are exactly the healthy foods our bodies need. Our eating program will help you lose a pound a day until you reach your desired weight. It will also completely transform your eating habits. When you have completed our program, you’ll actually want to eat the foods that are good for you, while being completely turned off to the toxic foods you once ate. We will show you exactly what foods to eat on the HCG diet, and you will be amazed by how great these foods taste and nourish. Study after study has shown that foods overloaded with chemicals, processed foods, and a diet that is high in starch are leading causes of being overweight and becoming ill. It is amazing that the originator of the HCG diet—an endocrinologist named ATW Simeons—recognized this more than 50 years ago and devised a program that eliminated just these foods! With our program, the toxic effects of the Standard American Diet—also known as the SAD diet—are quickly eliminated from your body. In a few short weeks, you will be feeling as great as you look. Fat stores the body’s toxins, and when you burn your excess fat, you are able to release these toxins from your body once and for all. You feel great. Many HCG dieters report never experiencing rebound weight gain when the diet ends, leading many to say it’s a miracle program. Of course it’s not, but why is it so effective? First of all, the injections help “reset” the body’s metabolism. Second of all—and just as important—your tastes for food change forever! For many, HCG Diet Foods become an enjoyable way of life. This is exactly what you want to have happen. Any dieter can force himself or herself to eat right for a day, a week, or even a month. However, once willpower flags and temptations set in, once you no longer want to eat on the program, the diet ends and you go back to your old, unhealthy ways of eating. Many HCG dieters report this just doesn’t happen with this program. That, in fact, the reverse is true. Once you get bitten by the bug to eat right, your desire to consume healthy foods builds exponentially. After you complete our program, you’ll find yourself turning to the HCG diet food list not because you must, but because you want to. If you are ready to get started losing weight and eating right with wholesome foods that are good for you and that you are going to come to crave, give us a call. Also, please read on as we tell you everything you ever wanted to know about HCG Diet Foods right here on this page.

So, What Are the HCG Diet Foods Allowed?

One of the first things people want to know when embarking on a diet is what foods they will be eating. So if you want to know about the HCG Diet Foods Allowed, you are not alone. We are going to tell you all about the kinds of foods you will be consuming during the various phases of our program. Before we do, however, let’s talk a little about what makes our food choices so special. There are thousands of different diets out there, and many of them call for eating some pretty strange things. If you are wondering about foods on the HCG diet and trying to lose weight is something you’ve be attempting for awhile, you probably know all about diets that require you limit your eating to primarily one kind food. You may have heard of the grapefruit diet, the cookie diet, the eggs only diet—even the burrito diet! Some diets have you replace regular meals with a chalky liquid shake. Still other diets ask you to buy ready made frozen meals. Needless to say, your eating on any of these different diets is less than enjoyable. Who wants to eat the same food over and over again to the point of nausea? Who wants to drink their meals? Who wants to shell out big bucks for tiny portions of highly processed microwavable food? Compare this kind of eating to the HCG Diet Foods Allowed, and you will see a world of difference. When you are eating the HCG way, you choose your meals from an easy menu of options that includes primarily lean proteins, fresh fruit and vegetables. Just take a look at some of the advantages of eating on our program:

  1. Your taste buds never get bored because there are lots of choices within these categories. You can mix and match to your heart’s content.
  2. Lots of people around the world are doing the program so there are abundant online resources, in addition to our great pages, where you will be able to connect with others and learn about great recipes made from the HCG diet list of foods. If you need inspiration, it’s only a mouse click away.
  3. If you are particular about your foods, or if you have special dietary restrictions, they are super easy to accommodate on this program because you are preparing your own food. Gluten free? Enjoy choosing organic? Picky eater? Vegetarian? No worries! You do all of your shopping yourself so you buy, and eat, what you like.
  4. You will find HCG diet foods you can eat everywhere—including your favorite restaurants. No need to beg off when friends invite you to dinner. No need to give up the luxury of not having to cook. Most eateries nowadays are very accommodating to special requests. Just tell them what protein and veggie choice you like, and ask them to cook it simply, without fat, and you’re done. The portion that arrives will be larger than your allowed amount. No problem there. Half it or quarter it and take the rest home.
  5. When you shop for and prepare your own foods to eat on HCG diet you learn, hands on, the proper way to shop and cook. You are not dependent on expensive prepackaged cookies, nutritional shakes, or microwave meals in cardboard boxes. When you are done with your injections, you can add more foods back into your diet and in larger portions. However, your tastes for the unhealthy and unnatural things you once ate will have vanished. Our program prepares you to eat properly for the rest of your life.

HCG Diet Foods Recipes: It’s All About the Mix and Match

There are three very distinct phases of the HCG program: the loading phase, the very low calorie diet phase, and the stabilization phase. Thereafter, we like to say you enter the forever phase, where you continue on with your healthy eating habits, incorporating them into a lasting way of life. HCG Diet Foods Recipes will depend on which phase of the program you are in at any given time. During the loading phase, you will be taking injections and eating foods that have a very high fat content. This might seem counter intuitive, but this short period of gorging has a purpose. The idea is to have fat well supplied in your bloodstream while the HCG injections are starting to take effect. This way, as you move into the Very Low Calorie Diet phase, you will not experience hunger. Some people try to skip this step, but we advise against this because your body needs to be properly prepared as you move into the 700 calorie per day diet. There are endless options for high fat foods for HCG diet eating. Hamburgers, a thoroughly marbled steak, or a Philly cheese steak loaded with fried onions are just a few suggestions. Since you will be quickly moving to a restricted diet, there is also an emotional benefit to the loading phase. You will have a final opportunity eat anything you care to before buckling down and getting serious for the VLCD. Once this part of the diet begins, foods you can eat on the HCG diet become really important. To be really successful on the program, you have to stick to the food options menu. The lean proteins on the list include chicken breast; lean cuts of steak with all of the fat trimmed off; veal; fresh white fish such as tilapia, halibut, cod and flounder; and shellfish including crab and lobster. The fruits allowed on the program include apples, grapefruits, oranges and strawberries. These happen to be great sources of vitamin C as well as satisfying the desire for something sweet. There are plenty of vegetable choices, too. Like asparagus, cucumbers, onions, red radishes and tomatoes—just to mention a few! With this list of choices, everyone, regardless of their individual tastes, can find something to enjoy. HCG Diet Food Recipes are all about mixing and matching from the approved food list. The creative possibilities are literally endless. Water and spices can be taken in any amount, which makes soups a natural choice. Add your protein to the desired amount of water—we recommend fresh, spring water—and spice it up. Use traditional seasonings from around the world as your inspiration. For example, you might to try a lemongrass infused Thai-style soup, or something with a Caribbean flair. Today this kind of cooking has been made simple with spice blends that can be readily purchased in the market. Just sprinkle in the desired amount to your own taste and you are good to go!

42 Days of HCG Diet Allowed Foods = Eating Well for Life

Did you ever notice how when you eat salty foods, you want more and more of them? Salted popcorn and peanuts are two examples of this. If you get in the habit of having juice before bed, you crave it right at that moment and eventually even wake up to have a sugary gulp in the middle of the night. Sodas, especially diet sodas, are also addictive. Some of us are chocolate eaters. Others crave carbs. What does all of this have to do with HCG diet allowable foods? No matter where your eating attentions tend to gravitate, it’s important to remember that much of what we eat is a matter of what we have allowed ourselves to become accustomed to. Many of these foods are not good for us, but we eat them almost reflexively, without giving it much thought. When we are apathetic and mindlessly grab whatever foods our bodies tell us we want, in a very short time we have created a situation of unhealthful eating habits. This is where the allowed foods on HCG diet come in. During the fixed period of time where you are taking vitamin B-12 plus HCG shots, you are going to be eating from a very specific and limited program. There is no junk on the menu, very low carbs, and processed foods are out. As a consequence, when you choose to do the program correctly, you will be breaking all of your bad eating habits overnight. If you are intimidated by making such a radical shift all at once—don’t be! No matter what foods you ate before moving to the approved foods for HCG diet, the transition to healthy foods will be swift and painless. There are three main reasons why. The first reason is that the shots are keeping your appetite at bay. They work so well that some of our dieters report they have to practically force themselves to eat the full 700 allowed calories. Most people just feel comfortable, they are hungry for meals but not overly so. The second reason why transitioning to the list of HCG diet foods is so easy is because when you have an appetite, everything tastes good. Even if you are not usually a fan of vegetables, fruits and lean proteins—say, for example, you love pastas and dairy—your taste buds are going to be well poised to try eating differently. There is an old expression: appetite is the best sauce. This certainly applies here. The third and final reason why you are going to have an easy time accepting HCG diet approved foods is because you are going to be highly motivated to do the program. You are investing your time, your attention, and even a little money on our complete diet kit. Just making this kind of an investment is something worth staying motivated for. Ready to begin the program? If so, just give us a call or fill out the online form and let us get in touch with you. Either way, in a few short days you will be eating the HCG way and losing as much as a pound a day. Our knowledgeable team of clinical advisors are at the ready to answer any questions you might have beyond the scope of these web pages.

Questions About Acceptable Foods on Hcg Diet

Brandy in Chicago IL asks: I want to lose weight, I really do! However I have tried so many diets without success because when I get hungry I find it virtually impossible to restrain myself. Sure I make lots of promises that I am going to stick to whatever program I am trying my best to follow. Mind you, these promises are always made after eating a gut-busting meal when I cannot even think of putting another bite full into my mouth. So here is what I am wanting to know: If I stick to the HCG diet foods to eat but don’t do shots or restrict calories, won’t I lose weight just the same? Because I think I could eat from your list as long as I could eat as much as I want to.

Brandy, first let us affirm how universal your experience is when it comes to promising to eat better and then ending up breaking those promises in the face of a stubborn appetite. This is why having something to control your appetite while you are losing fat is so beneficial. With our program, you lose the fat first. Then, once all the fat is gone from your body, you can do just as you say and eat from the list of foods for HCG diet in the amounts you care to without weight gain. You can even eat off the list without weight gain, although we don’t recommend returning to a high carb and high fat diet. If in your mind you must at least try eating from the list without doing shots to see what happens—by all means, go for it. The foods to eat while on HCG diet are widely available. If you call us, we will even email you copy of our menu. Maybe you will lose some weight. To get the benefit of losing a pound a week, however, you do have to adhere strictly to our protocol.

Nan in Los Angeles CA asks: I am not much of a cook and have subsisted for a number of years eating out at restaurants and buying a lot of frozen meals and premade stuff. This has taken its toll, not only on my waistline but also on my wallet. The restaurants in Los Angeles CA sure are tempting, though! Anyway this mix and match type of diet really appeals to me but I’ve taken a look at what foods can you eat on the HCG diet and I am worried about my cooking abilities. Do you have any words of wisdom to share on this topic?

Sure, Nan. Our recommendation is not to sweat it. Cooking and eating on the program is really easy. While there are endless combinations to create from the food list, the list itself is limited so there isn’t much to think about. The recipes you choose to make can be as simple as you like. In fact, because you are not going through the steps of dredging in flour or frying in oil, it is hard to make any foods allowed HCG diet complicated to prepare. Also keep in mind the Very Low Calorie part of the diet is time limited. You aren’t doing it forever, just several weeks, give or take depending on how much weight you have to lose. You will be done cooking for the VLCD in a short period of time, long before you exhaust recipe options.

Deena in Miami FL asks: I don’t have a food allergy to gluten and I also do not have celiac disease but I have read a lot about something called gluten intolerance and think I definitely fall into this category. As a consequence, I have completely cut gluten from my diet. What foods can I eat on the HCG diet that are gluten free? Strangely enough, despite this change to gluten-free, I have lost no weight as a result and my weight has even gone up. This is why I am turning to your program. I still believe that being gluten free helps my digestive tract, etc.

Thanks for your question/comment from Miami FL. Please don’t stress. There are plenty of foods you can eat on HCG diet that are gluten-free. While one breadstick or piece of Melba toast is allowed each day that you are on the Very Low Calorie Diet—just skip it. We promise you won’t miss the breadstick. If you want to substitute it for a bit more protein or a veggie, that’s okay as well. Just make sure that you are not exceeding the 700-calorie a day limit. Turning to your comment about not losing weight when eating gluten-free, we do have something to say on this. Many people who give up gluten choose to substitute it with premade gluten free bread products. These are high in starch that comes from processed rice and corn. Although we don’t have a spy camera in your kitchen, we suspect this might be the reason why you have continued to gain weight even while giving up traditional bread products. You will certainly lose weight with our complete program and dining from the list of foods you can eat on HCG diet.

Mark from Fort Lauderdale FL asks: I am getting psyched to begin your program and I think I understand eating when it comes to the loading phase and phase 2. What I am wondering about is what foods can you eat on HCG diet during the third part of the program, because I am finding this to be confusing. Any advice about this would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Hey, Mark, glad you wrote. First of all, when you sign up to get started on our program, we are going to tell you absolutely everything you need to know to be successful, so there is no need for you to feel like you have to do a lot of research beforehand. We will tell you what to eat, when to eat it, and everything you need to know about doing the tiny once a day injections. Just give us a call. Here is some more phase 3 HCG diet foods information, since you seem like you are itching to know. During phase 3, the stabilization phase, you begin to add more foods back into your diet. At this point, you are no longer doing injections and there is no need to adhere to the 700 calorie per day rule. This is not the time to go hog wild and eat everything in site. Don’t worry, because you won’t want to. Now is the time to eat the right amount of calories for you, based on your level of fitness, age, and height. While there are no very specific HCG diet phase 3 foods, we have found that some of our most successful dieters continue eating in much the same way as they did during the VLCD phase. This means a high protein, fruit and veggie intensive diet with modest carbs. Hope this helps and best of luck with your program HCG Fort Lauderdale program.

Anna from St. Louis MO asks: I have tried a lot of diets over the years so before investing in another one—and I am talking mostly about the investment of my time and energy—I am really doing my homework. I have definitely decided to do the program and just love your web site. It is so comprehensive. Please tell me a little more about all the phases of eating, including the HCG diet maintenance phase foods? Thanks.

Sure. Here is a quick synopsis of what you need to know about eating the HCG way. In the beginning of the program, you load fats. Now is the time to enjoy those foods you like that you know are going to be off the menu for a little while. HCG diet phase 1 foods are super simple: just eat what you care to and try to load fats. Quickly you progress to phase number two. At this point in time you are going to be giving yourself a once a day shot of prescription HCG and vitamin B-12. This is going to help control your appetite so you can stick to a reduced-calorie eating program. While in the first days of the program you intentionally consumed fats, at this moment you are going to be avoiding them at all costs. You will also be eating from the approved list of HCG diet phase 2 foods. We think it’s easiest to prep your own meals at this point, because you can be assured of eating properly, but there are probably plenty of eateries right by you in St. Louis MO that can fix a meal to your instructions if you like. During the third phase of the program, known as the stabilization phase, you are simply adding wholesome foods back into your diet. Once you progress to the maintenance phase you can eat anything you care to, so long as you monitor your weight every day and take action to correct any unforeseen weight gain. You may have already heard about the so-called steak day. If you gain more than two pounds during the maintenance phase, a breakfast and lunch fast, followed by a steak dinner, should get you back on track. Hope this helps answer your question about allowable foods on HCG diet.

Susan from Boston MA asks: Your site has provided lots of information about foods allowed on the HCG diet but do you have any advice about what about the best way to cook them and what special kitchen equipment I might need. When I embark on something I like to do it right—the first time!

Hello, Susan, and you don’t need to go out any buy any kind of special equipment or gadgets to prepare your food. The important thing to keep in mind is that while you are doing the HCG diet foods phase 2, you don’t want to inadvertently add fats during the cooking process. Think roasting, toasting, simmering, baking, grilling and broiling. There are some ceramic coated frying pans on the market that don’t require any oil because their surfaces are so slick. If you already have one, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s okay too, but you might consider the small investment. As you progress to the stabilization and maintenance phases of the program, you will find yourself already in the habit of eating from the list of foods allowed on HCG diet. A quality frying pan that does its job without oil is great to have on hand for everyday braising, which can add a lot of flavor without adding calories.

Bella in Salt Lake City UT asks: I am trying to save a little cash right now so I am wondering about HCG diet free foods or any online coupons or discount offers. Also, do I need to arrange to have the food shipped to my house or is it available in markets, etc. What are the best HCG brands, etc. Really appreciate your attention. Thanks.

One of the nicest features of our program is that you do not order prepackaged food. No food products need to be sent to your home, and you do not have any added expenses beyond the normal marketing you do in Salt Lake City UT. Unlike, say, a cookie diet, which requires you to eat something very specific and premade to replace your regular meals, with our program you cook your own foods to your own tastes from the list of foods to eat on HCG diet. So in answer to your question, we do not have any free foods or sample foods, nor do we have coupons and discount offers on food products.

Judy in Milwaukee WI asks: There used to be an old song by Melanie called I don’t eat animals. She sang: I don’t eat animals ‘cause I love ‘em you see, I don’t eat animals and they don’t eat me! Anyway, it’s an old song, so if you are under the age of 50 you might not remember it. You can probably guess where I am going with this. I don’t eat animals. I am a vegetarian. Is there a list of foods to eat on the HCG diet for vegetarians?

Absolutely! We don’t have a great deal of vegetarian dieters. The reason being that this style of eating often leads to a trim figure, but it does happen that vegetarians can find themselves becoming overweight, especially when they eat mainly high carb foods with the addition of a lot of milk fats, and steer clear of HCG diet acceptable foods like vegetables, fruits and lean proteins. For this reason, a list of foods for those who avoid animals has been developed. Basically what to eat on HCG diet if you are vegetarian includes protein choices like tofu, some milk and cheese products, eggs or if you prefer egg substitutes, as well as other options. Protein from any non-animal source can be used so long as it is not a starch. Therefore, foods like pasta, rice and quinoa, which are often a staple of the vegetarian diet, are not allowed. When you order your HCG diet program from us, we will let you know the specific HCG diet plan foods just for vegetarians like yourself.

Megan in Philadelphia PA asks: I have been hearing a lot about the raw food movement here in the US. The idea is that you don’t cook anything. Even milk is taken raw, in other words unpasteurized and non-homogenized. Is your program, along with the foods for HCG diet eating compatible with the raw food movement?

Today in Philadelphia PA and elsewhere across the planet, an increasing number of people are looking for healthier ways to eat and live. Back when ATW Simeons developed the shots-based program that is the hallmark of our diet, many issues that concern us today did not exist. There was less pollution contaminating our food supplies, and most food was naturally organic. The raw foods movement, along with the organic foods movement, is growing because people are concerned about eating in ways that are natural—in keeping with the way nature seems to function. The list of foods on HCG diet is 100% compatible with organic and/or raw food eating. If this is what you believe, go for it! We should point out, however, that there are some real concerns about taking milk products and eggs that are fully raw, as these can harbor bacteria that may lead to food-borne illness. Please do all of your research before consuming such products.

Mitch in Long Island NY asks: I work at an accounting firm on Long Island NY and do not have much time to spend thinking about food. Usually I grab something when I am on the go. What are some of the most common or popular foods on HCG diet? I am getting ready to begin the program and want to stock my fridge with things that are easy to prepare.

When it comes to what foods to eat on HCG diet, there are plenty of choices, but grilled white meat chicken is always a popular option for protein. It can be served on its own or in a salad and travels well in a lunch pack. Baking chicken for use throughout the week is a great idea. The same goes for lean steak. If you have an outdoor grill, you can cook chicken as well as steak, along with asparagus. Steak and asparagus is a classic dish, and one that is great for dinner. You may also want to prepare some fruit salad in small containers. Oranges, apples, grapefruit and strawberries are great to munch on when you feel you need to pop something into your mouth. What foods do you eat on the HCG diet comes down to taste, but it’s not uncommon to awaken your taste buds during the injections window. If you are not a seafood eater, you certainly don’t have to become one. However, you may find that you are open to trying new things during this period of time. Some dieters begin the program not being salad eaters—or hating tomatoes—only to discover they love a simple salad with radishes and cucumbers. Cooking HCG Diet Foods is very straightforward and, while it may take a bit more time than simply going into a restaurant and ordering a meal, it is also rewarding. For most of us, eating before going on the program was almost automatic. On the program, we become highly aware of the foods we are consuming as well as how we are preparing them. This mindfulness often carries through long after the last HCG shot is taken.