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HCG Weight Loss Doctors in Jacksonville FL

I may be just like one of your other typical weight loss stories, but I wanted to write a blog entry about my experience using Weight Loss Medical Center to lose weight after I had my baby because it was such an amazing experience. I am the proud mother of a 5 month old baby boy named Justin. He is the absolute light of my life, but he also caused me to gain a lot of weight! It was well worth it though, but since having him, I have not been able to take the weight off. I had tried many other weight loss programs where I had to stick to appointment times and visit the local diet clinics and it was way to taxing on me and my schedule. With a newborn baby who was very demanding of my attention, I just did not have the time or even the energy to commit to doing anything for myself; including attending weight loss clinics to lose weight. I was hoping that I could find a diet program that could fit into my incredibly hectic schedule – I mean, into his schedule, but there just did not seem to be anything out there where I could get to the weight loss clinics when it was convenient for me – and other things too. Getting the baby into his car seat with all his things was just so difficult and I did not want to disturb his sleeping and eating schedule. Well, I guess if you have an infant of your own, you probably know what I am talking about. You have no life anymore except for taking care of your baby. All your needs seem to go out the window and it is all about the baby. I am not complaining by any means. I am just telling it like it truly is! It was not until I found HCG Weight Loss Doctors in Jacksonville FL when I realized that I actually could go on a diet plan program that fit Justin’s and my schedule and would not get in the way of my caring for my beautiful baby boy. I was amazed, as I never thought there was anything like that out there, but there was! I was super excited to find out more about this incredibly new innovative and revolutionary weight loss program that the other new mothers were telling me about called the HCG Weight Loss program from Weight Loss Medical Center! Several of the mothers sent me to this website and that is where my weight loss journey began. I started to read all through the pages here and I learned so much about this kind of diet plan – and everything I read sounded so great!

With this diet plan program, I could do everything in the privacy and convenience of my own home where I had all Justin’s belongings and things that I needed to change him and feed him and nap him. It was way too difficult to get him into the car to go to doctor’s appointments (unless they were for him), weight loss clinics or pharmacies to pick up weigh loss products, and that is why this HCG Diet Program was perfect for me! I never had to leave my home to do this diet plan, as everything was done over the computer and with my clinical advisor over the phone. To begin the diet plan, all I needed to do was to fill out first the initial Contact Form on the website and then the medical history form to get clearance to go onto this medically supervised weight loss program. The only time I would have to leave my home in regards to this weight loss plan was to buy the HCG Diet Foods, but I would have to go to the grocery store anyway to buy food, so that was not an inconvenience for me. At this point in my life, Justin was my main priority, and although I did want to lose my baby weight, I still wanted to put him first and this diet plan allowed me to do that.

The medical history form was super easy to fill out. The questions were very straight forward and I tried to give the most accurate answers that I could. After I sent the form back in with just the click of my mouse, I then just had to wait to get an answer as to whether or not the company’s HCG Weight Loss Doctors were going to approve me as being a good medically sound candidate to be on the diet plan. I loved the idea that the diet doctors really took the time to review and analyze each and every medical history form that they received. If a prospective weight loss client had medical issues to where being on this weight loss diet would compromise their health, the doctors would not approve them and they would not get an HCG Prescription. That really showed how honorable this company was. They were not out just to make money by selling their weight loss plan with their weight loss products and supplies without the appropriate care for their clients. They were honest and forthright with their diet plan and had all their clients’ health and well being as their number one priority. Their second priority seemed to be to provide excellent customer service by having their clinical advisors consistently available during normal business hours to help clients with questions, concerns or even to help them with their HCG Injections.

I was absolutely thrilled when my medical history came back as cleared and I was able to start the weight loss plan. I waited patiently for my weight loss kit to be shipped to my home by way of Federal Express as it did, and when I got it, I called my clinical advisor immediately for help with the self administering of the first of my HCG Shots! I could not wait to begin and to start my weight loss journey. I was not afraid of the needles at all, but it was really nice to have my clinical advisor on the phone with me while I gave myself the first injection, just to make sure that I did it correctly and safely. I had never had to give myself shots before, so that was the only part of this diet plan that I was a little bit nervous about. And although I was a little afraid of doing the self injecting, I had originally thought that I would have to go to see Local HCG Weight Loss Doctors in Jacksonville FL in order to get my shots given to me, but I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased that I was going to be the one administering the shots to myself. Doing it myself was better than having to get my baby into the car with all his things and go to a weight loss center to get it done on a daily basis! When I finally did it myself though, it was like nothing! Believe me, after you have a baby, there is usually nothing that bothers you anymore in the way of being poked and prodded at. From what I had heard and experienced though, the shots were virtually pain free. The very small and thin needles were to be injected into the skin to the fatty tissue below. That is where the HCG would enter to reach the bloodstream. There are very little nerve endings in the fatty tissue and that is why the shots are not painful. If you have ever gotten a shot in your muscle tissue, such as in your buttocks, you would certainly notice a huge difference!

So, now that I was comfortable giving myself the injections, I wanted to know a little bit more about exactly how they worked. I was just pregnant, as you know, and I had begun to read about the British endocrinologist, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons who discovered this HCG Diet Protocol by his work with other pregnant women! I guess that while I was pregnant, I was producing a great amount of the hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin, the same hormone that I was now injecting into myself while on this diet plan program. I of course had no idea about this hormone at that time when I was pregnant, but supposedly my baby was feeding off of the excess stored fat in my body that was being released because of the extra hormone. It also was working to control my appetite so that I was not eating as much as I might have wanted to while I was feeding my baby from within. It was a really a truly interesting concept and also really cool to know that the injections I was taking of the HCG with the Vitamin B 12 and the vitamin complex were completely natural and safe. I remember feeling really good while pregnant and I also felt really good when taking these shots for the diet plan! I had absolutely no trouble sticking to the 700 calorie daily diet plan that was part of the weight loss protocol and I never felt cranky, irritable or edgy because I was hungry. That was exactly what the point of the injections were; in part to decrease my appetite so that I was not feeling like I wanted to eat all the time. The HCG Benefits were incredible and they ended up helping me to finally after all these months, lose all my extra baby weight!

In only 6 weeks of time I lost just about 30 pounds and I felt great! I felt back to normal once again like I did before I had my son! I had a lot more energy and that made caring for Justin a lot easier too. He was very demanding and I was able to keep up with him and all his needs. While being overweight, sometimes it was difficult for me to deal with his crying and other things as well and I looked forward to his naps because I would nap too at the same time. I got absolutely nothing done in the house or for myself because I was just too exhausted and again, slept when he did, so I had no free time at all. Thanks to this Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss, that all changed! Also, my self esteem rose as I saw my body getting thinner and thinner as the days passed. I not only saw a difference in my body when I looked in the mirror, but I also saw a difference every single day on the scale. It was actually an exciting time when I was about to get onto the scale every day to weigh myself. I looked forward to it because I knew that I would be really happy with the number I was going to see! It was a like a game in a way!

I was able to live my normal daily life schedule while on the diet plan protocol, but what changed was that I actually had extra time to do things for myself. I no longer needed the naps that I took while my son napped! The weight loss program fit right into my schedule, taking up a very minimal part of my day. This was an amazing experience and I urge other pregnant women not to struggle with the hassles of having to take their babies with them to HCG Diet Centers, when they do not have to. This weight loss program here gives you everything you will need to lose weight quickly and safely and you do not have to leave your house or your baby to do it!

Rosita N.
Jacksonville FL

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]