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HCG Weight Loss Doctors in New Jersey

For years I was an overweight woman who everyone would always say had “such a pretty face.” People would always also tell me that I would be stunning if I lost weight. I never understood why being a larger sized woman was not considered as being attractive and I resented that idea. For a while, I never wanted to lose weight because I honestly did not see anything wrong with being a plus sized woman! Why were only skinny women being seen as attractive and not overweight women? The whole idea of how the media stereotyped women (and men too for that matter) was infuriating to me. I wanted to remain overweight because I was happy that way and I also did not feel as though I needed to please society by being thin. However, everything changed for me the day I was sitting in my doctor’s office for my yearly physical routine and he told me about a health condition that was very serious that I had purely due to the fact that I was overweight. The doctor told me that if I did not lose weight, that I many not live to see my next birthday. That was some serious news! So, I promised myself that I would commit to losing a lot of weight off my body and I also convinced myself and others that my losing weight had nothing to do with what I looked like, but how much longer I would be here on this Earth to live the life that I loved so much! That news gave me a whole new perspective on life and on being overweight, but still, I stuck to my believe that society and their standards had nothing to do with the reason I would lose weight, but that I needed to in order to regain my health and be around on this planet for a really long time. I loved life too much to sacrifice my health and that was when I looked to Find HCG Weight Loss Doctors in NJ. Again, I want to reiterate that I was going to lose weight for my health and not because of vanity. I wanted to write this blog entry specifically for those women who are overweight and feel uncomfortable about what they look like only due to the fact that society has put standards upon them. This absolutely goes for men too. There is no problem in being overweight; however, if it begins to affect your health, then it is a problem.

The reason I wanted to look for HCG Weight Loss Doctors in New Jersey is because when people were telling me that I would be so much prettier if I lost weight, they often told me about this kind of diet program that they said was easy, convenient, safe and effective for losing weight in a very short period of time. I always quickly dismissed their words, but now I was listening very intently! I loved the idea mostly about the program being safe and effective, but convenience was great too. I was told that it would not impede on my daily routine much at all. I would need to be fully committed to 6 weeks of being on the diet plan of only 700 calories per day as well as the self administering of the HCG Injections, but that the commitment was really not that difficult to do at all and that the diet program really would not change my life routine.

My very first step was to fill out the Contact Form on this website in order to be contacted by an expert clinical advisor from the company. I would be able to speak with a professional and ask any and all questions and concerns that I had about this diet plan program and I was very excited to do that. After filling out the Contact Form, it did not take long before I was speaking one on one with a clinical advisor. She understood entirely why I wanted to lose weight and we discussed what my weight loss goals were. She then explained that this was a medically supervised weight loss program and that I would need to receive an HCG Prescription from one of the company’s fully licensed weight loss doctors. All I would need to do is fill out my medical history form, which I could find online too. After filling out the form, it would be reviewed and analyzed by one of the diet doctors, and if cleared I would be well on my way to better health, she explained!

The good news was that my medically history was cleared rather quickly to go onto this weight loss program and my clinical advisor was already getting together my HCG weight loss kit to have it shipped to me via Federal Express. As you can see, this diet program was extremely convenient and I never even had to leave my house to visit any doctor’s offices and wait in their cold waiting rooms full of people who would be staring at me and possibly even coughing all over me spreading their germs. I am not one for doctor’s offices at all. In addition to not having to visit a doctor, I also would not have to visit any HCG Diet Centers in order to begin this diet plan or continue on it. I think that idea made me even happier than not having to visit the doctor’s office. As I adamantly said above, I definitely did not want to be surrounded by people who thought that being overweight or that simply being a larger person was something that was ugly and negative. In my mind, it was not, but again, I had to lose weight for health reasons.

As soon as I got my weight loss kit shipped to my house, I called my clinical advisor so that she could help me with the first of my HCG Shots. She was so kind and patient as she helped me self administer my very first injection. It was not painful at all to me and I was very relieved as to how easy it was. She said I could call her the next day for my second shot, but I was able to do that on my own. That is a great testament as to how easy the injections were to administer! Everything that I read about the diet program and everything that the clinical advisor told me about the diet program was true. I did not feel as hungry as I did before I began the injections and I was able to easily stick to a 700 calorie per day diet without feeling cranky or irritable. I literally was able to watch the weight falling off my body every single day that I was on this HCG Weight Loss program! That is no joke! The scale did not lie and neither did my mirror. It was actually really exciting!

After the full 6 week diet program was over, I really looked entirely different. The new look that I was sporting was going to take a lot of getting used to, as I never was this thin in my whole life. I even needed to buy a whole new wardrobe! Not only was I excited to visit my doctor and get a very good health report, I was also digging the new look, believe it or not. Perhaps I had fooled myself into believing that I could never lose weight and that is why I thought that being overweight was something that was okay and why I fought so hard against those who advised me to lose weight so that I could feel better about myself. I never admitted that I felt badly about myself being overweight, but maybe I did a little bit. Either way, it doesn’t really matter. Weight Loss Medical Center’s HCG Diet Program helped to save my life. Without losing the necessary weight I needed to lose, my body may have given out on me and I may have even lost my life. That was not a consideration anymore, as I got a clean bill of health from my doctor when I went back for my check up.

I learned how to live a very healthy lifestyle by being on this HCG Diet plan. I now know what kinds of foods to eat and how to prepare them in healthy low calorie ways. I will never gain the weight back again because being healthy is the most important thing in the world to me as I love life too much to compromise my health ever again!

Samantha N.
Camden NJ

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]