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I had often wondered why it was a common theme that most opera singers were usually overweight. I guess I always thought it was a stereotype, but over and over again it seemed to be true. That was me. I was very talented opera singer, but I always got the “character” roles and never the beautiful “leading lady” roles. There did not seem to be much competition for the leading lady roles because of the fact that most opera singers seem to be overweight. So, then opera singers got very lucky and would always get the roles they wanted. One day, when I had the great disappointment of not being cast in a leading lady role that I truly wanted, simply because I was overweight, I finally decided that it was time to look for HCG Diet Doctors Dallas TX to help me finally lose the unwanted weight that had made me miserable for years.

I was prepared to do whatever it took to move forward in my career and not always be the character that was made fun of, laughed at and ridiculed. That really hurt my feelings, but nobody knew this, as I had no choice but to laugh it off the jokes with everyone else. Well, those days were finally going to come to an end. I had found a program and Where to Get HCG Injections right here with Weight Loss Medical Center that ended up being the one and only diet program that would change my life forever. I am here to share my experience with you and hope that you too can be as successful as I was in losing weight for good.

Dallas is a very large city, but oddly enough, a very small theatre community where everyone knew each other and each other’s business. I wanted to go on a diet plan where I could lose a lot of weight, but do it in a private and confidential way at the same time. If I was open about my weight loss, and went to any HCG Clinics Austin TX, everyone in the city would know about it. Believe it or not, people were very used to the roles I would play and might even discourage me from losing weight so they could avoid the competition of me going after their leading roles. They knew my talent, and most likely wanted to preserve their ability to consistently get the roles that I never had a chance to get because I was so heavy. Believe me, I knew my fellow actors here in Dallas TX. I was about to change everything though and give them a run for their money. Watch out because competition is coming, I thought!

The HCG Diet Program was the best thing I could have ever done for my life. The diet program was extremely easy and convenient for my lifestyle. I really did not have to change much of what I was already doing, but I learned new things that I would begin to do for the rest of my life. The weight loss program not only helped me lose a lot of weight by combining a strict diet plan of only taking in only 700 calories per day in conjunction with HCG Injections and Vitamin B-12, but it also help me to learn how to live a totally new kind of lifestyle. The way that I looked at and related to food became completely different from when I first started the diet program to when it was over. While on the diet program, strenuous exercise was discouraged, so I did not have to work out for the duration of the 6 week diet plan. However, my clinical advisor taught to me tricks and tips to adhere to when the program was over and prepared me very well to be able to eat right and exercise once I was on my own. During the time I was on the diet program; however, I was never left alone to fend for myself or to have unanswered questions or concerns about the HCG Shots or anything else. My clinical advisor made herself available to me anytime I needed her. She was always so helpful and never made me feel like I was being a nuisance by calling and asking questions. She was even excited to hear my progress as I watched weight fall off my body day after day, right from the beginning of the diet program. One of the best and most helpful things that the clinical advisor offered me was to be there with me on the phone while I self administered my first injection. I was never a fan of needles, but with her specific instructions of exactly how to give myself a shot in a clean and safe way, I felt comfortable that I wasn’t going to do anything incorrectly. The HCG Benefits were apparent to me immediately during my weight loss journey. My appetite decreased right away after taking my first couple of injections, and I was already on my way to losing weight almost from day one of the diet program. It was an incredible process to watch on a daily basis as I stood on the scale every morning watching the number get lower and lower. Not only that, I immediately began to feel better about myself and had more energy throughout my days. With my clinical advisor’s daily support, I was kept motivated by not only her, but also by the fact that I could see my weight dropping.

By the end of the 6 week diet program, I had lost over 80 pounds! I could not believe it myself! I feel like a brand new person now, with new found confidence in myself and I am ready to tackle the opera world by storm! I feel like I want to give special thanks to my HCG Weight Loss Doctor and my very special clinical advisor. I could not have done this without you. Your belief in me from day one of the diet plan does not go unrecognized. There was not a day that I did not receive the most amazing encouragement and support from my clinical advisor. I never knew a company such as this existed that truly cared about their clients the way that Weight Loss Medical Center does and I recommend this program to anyone trying to lose weight in a safe and effective way!

Tiffany B.
Austin TX

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]