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1000 Calorie HCG Diet

1000 Calorie HCG Diet Protocol ‎

The 1000 calorie HCG diet is an entirely different program from the traditional HCG Diet. You will likely find this protocol advertised using HCG drops, some form of detox product, along with food supplements such as shakes, capsules, or other items.When Dr. Simeons created the HCG Diet, he did so using 500 calories as that provided the optimum rapid weight loss safely. Today, our protocol at Weight Loss Medical Center allows you to go up to 700 calories during Phase 2 – the weight loss period. While we still hold that 500 calories are optimum, we do know that it is difficult for some people to eat only a piece of fruit at breakfast. Having 200 additional calories to add an egg in the morning helps provide increased energy and ward off feelings of hunger.The 1000 calorie HCG diet menu consists of foods not typically allowed during the fat-burning Phase of the HCG Diet. By allowing these foods, you negate the very premise of the traditional HCG protocol, which helps you eliminate unhealthy food cravings. Since you only follow the very restrictive phase for six weeks, this is a short time that allows people optimum results. It is easy to remind yourself that you are only a few weeks away from increasing your calories and food options.The HCG 1000 calorie diet typically uses HCG drops rather than injections. Those drops do not contain real HCG. They will not have the same effect on the brain as HCG injections, which inhibit the feeling of hunger in the brain.
The 1000 calorie protocol is not part of the original HCG Diet that has been proven to work for rapid and long-lasting weight loss.

Can You Eat 1000 Calories on the HCG Diet? ‎

You should not take HCG with 1000 calorie diet plan because there is no purpose for HCG when you consume that much food. HCG does not facilitate weight loss. It helps the brain think the body is not in starvation. When you consume 1000 calories a day, the body does not sense starvation so it will not hold onto stored fat. With a very low-calorie diet, the body will first burn structural fat before releasing stored visceral fat. The HCG reverses that effect. There is no reason to use HCG on 1000 calorie diet because you will not be in starvation mode.The 1000 calorie HCG diet does not help retrain the brain into craving healthy foods. It also does not provide the same stabilization protocol as you find with the real HCG Diet, as you will learn in the next section.
There is no reason to use HCG when consuming 1000 calories per day.

When Can You Start the 1000 Calorie HCG Diet? ‎

When following the traditional protocol of the HCG weight loss program, you will maintain a caloric intake between 500 and 700 calories for no longer than six weeks. After that, you will cease your daily HCG injections. As you begin Phase 3 for body weight stabilization, you will enter the 1000 calorie HCG diet protocol. At this time, you will increase your daily consumption first to 1000 and then to 1200 calories per day.The amount of time you follow the 1000 calorie HCG diet plan depends on whether you have reached your target weight goal. If so, after approximately four weeks, you will move into Phase 4 – the maintenance period where you can eat whatever you want – in any quantity. The purpose of Phase 3 is to help you continue to make the right decisions so that when you enter Phase 4, you will be ready to maintain your lower weight for the rest of your life. If you have not yet reached your target, after a few weeks in Phase 3, you can repeat Phase 2 HCG weight loss again.
1000 calories are allowed during Phase 3 of the HCG Diet.

What Can You Eat on the 1000 Calorie HCG Diet?

When you reach the HCG 1000 calorie diet plan of Phase 3, you can once again enjoy many of the foods you said goodbye to during the six weeks of Phase 2. Remember, six weeks goes by fast, and before you know it, you will be back to eating many of your favorite foods.

What can you eat with 1000 calorie diet?

During Phase 3, when you begin the 1000 calorie HCG diet protocol, you can enjoy the following foods:
  • Fruits – peaches, plums, melons, kiwi, apricots
  • Dairy – butter, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream
  • Fats – extra virgin olive and coconut oils, avocado, nut, seeds
  • Protein – turkey, bacon, dark meat chicken, salmon, tuna
You will still refrain from consuming carbohydrates, starchy vegetables, and sugar during this time. It is not until you reach Phase 4 maintenance that you can once again eat these foods. By then, you will likely want to avoid sugar as your prior cravings for it will be gone.
When you reach Phase 3 of the HCG Diet, you can increase to 1000 calories and enjoy many other foods.

Can You Still Lose Weight When Eating 1000 Calories on the HCG Diet?

Although you are no longer using HCG injections, and are now eating more foods, you may still find yourself losing weight. Remember, your body’s metabolism is now functioning better. On the HCG 1000 calorie a day diet, you are allowing your body to stabilize at the new, lower weight. However, it is still possible to keep losing weight, especially if you increase your caloric expenditure by walking or swimming more than you did before.At Weight Loss Medical Center, we are here to help you achieve the body you desire. While we do not agree with the 1000 calorie HCG diet that some people use with HCG drops, we can help you rid your body of excess fat quickly and safely with the real HCG Diet. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you lose weight and keep it off.