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What Is the HCG Diet and How Does It Work?

What Is HCG Diet

You may already know someone who magically seemed to shed substantial body fat in seemingly no time at all on the HCG Diet. Not only did that individual lose his or her unwanted pounds, but he or she has also kept that weight from coming back. Now you are asking the question – what is the HCG Diet?

It is natural to want to learn about something that works for others. People have discussed the HCG Diet on the Dr. Oz show, in magazine articles, and you may have even heard about it at your doctor’s office, at work, or even at a Mommy and Me class where women share their post-baby dieting tips. Now you have a burning desire to know what is the HCG Diet and how does it work. More importantly, you wonder if the HCG weight loss program will work for you.

The HCG Diet will work for any man or woman who makes the commitment to stick with the program until the end, following each of the four phases as directed. Once medically cleared to begin HCG weight loss by our doctor, you will have all the tools you need to lose those excess pounds quickly and permanently.

Will you have to make significant changes in your lifestyle to accomplish this dramatic weight loss? Absolutely! Here is what you have to know – your current way of eating has gotten you to where you are today. Sure, sometimes other circumstances have contributed to your weight gain, such as stress, illness, divorce, death, injury, and even hormonal imbalance, but food – not only what you eat or when you eat it, but also how it is prepared – can affect your weight.

On the HCG Diet, you will reduce your caloric intake without feeling hungry. You will be taught how to prepare delicious, healthy meals quickly and easily. Your cravings for the wrong foods will disappear, and your body will begin to crave only those things that are good for you. If this sounds exciting, and you are ready to learn how to say goodbye to a pound a day of body fat, continue reading the next section.

HCG Diet Phases

The HCG Diet is measured in phases. Each one, no matter how long or short the duration, is just as important as all of the others. To succeed on the HCG weight loss program, you must adhere to all four phases as directed in the program guide. What is an HCG Diet program guide? It is the precise protocol you will follow that outlines each phase of the program.

Here is the breakdown of the four phases of the HCG Diet:

  • Phase 1

Phase 1 is the shortest part of the HCG Diet. It begins on the first day of your HCG and vitamin B12 injections. For two days, you will consume as much as you can of all of your favorite foods. This is when we want you to engage in gluttony. You must eat a MINIMUM of 2,000 calories each day – focusing on high-fat content foods such as:

  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Burgers
  • Ribs
  • Fried chicken
  • Pastries
  • Cheese
  • Potatoes
  • Ice cream
  • Sauces and gravies

Do not eat a lot of candy – sugar with high-fat content does not fulfill the purpose. During these two days, you are preparing your body to burn fat, and we have to saturate your bloodstream with ready to use fat before the weight loss begins. Skipping this phase will reduce your results. Use this time to go to your favorite buffet.

  • Phase 2

On the third day of your injections, the dieting begins. You will now drop down to consuming only 800 calories a day. Make certain that you have a food scale handy because going over 800 calories will interfere with your results. For the balance of the six weeks of HCG injections, you will eliminate all sugar, grains, dairy (except for 1 tablespoon of skim milk for coffee), fats, and carbohydrates from your diet. You will eat from a provided list of lean protein, vegetables, and fruits. If you are wondering how you will survive 6 weeks without pasta, have no fear – Shirataki Miracle Noodles will allow you to enjoy pasta during your weight loss program.

You will enjoy 3 meals a day and may have a piece of fruit twice a day as a snack, if necessary. Thanks to the HCG and vitamin B12 injections, you will not feel hungry. Your body will burn that stored fat at a rate of about one pound a day.

  • Phase 3

Phase 3 begins at the end of your HCG injections. Your body will first stabilize for a day or two without the HCG at the lower caloric intake before we slowly increase you up to 1,000 calories, and then again to 1,200 calories each day. During this stabilization period, you will also be provided with additional food choices, including the addition of healthy fats. While on the HCG Diet Phase 3 you will still avoid sugar and carbohydrates. Those come back in Phase 4. Although this is not a “fat burning” part of the protocol, many people do continue to lose weight on Phase 3 because they are eating healthy now.

If you have reached your desired weight, you will move on to Phase 4, if not, you can repeat Phases 1 and 2 again.

  • Phase 4

Phase 4 is the maintenance phase that you will be on for the rest of your life. Nothing is restricted anymore – eat whatever you want. Just remember – if you go back to eating how you did before, you might ruin your results. Do not be surprised by how your taste buds and cravings have changed. Many people never go back to eating sugar or sugar-laden desserts. You have learned how to make healthy choices for mealtime, and your body responds by feeling and looking better than it has in years.

HCG Diet Success You Can Achieve

It is time to learn about the success that you can achieve with the HCG weight loss program. What is an HCG diet day going to look like?

For breakfast, you might have a cup of coffee with half a tablespoon of skim milk, a scrambled egg, a piece of melba toast, and a handful of strawberries.

At lunch, you might prepare a large green salad topped with a scoop of baby shrimp and drizzled with one of our delicious salad dressings, along with some herbal tea sweetened with Stevia, and perhaps an apple for dessert. Alternatively, you may want to enjoy some leftovers from a previous dinner.

If hungry during the day, always keep apples handy as a snack.

For dinner, you might feel adventurous and desire Mediterranean Chicken, Thai Cucumber Beef Salad, or Veal Picatta. We provide you with an abundance of delicious recipes that your entire family will enjoy. They may not be dieting with you, but they will love eating the new foods you will be making. The children will especially love our crunchy chicken fingers.

If you are ready to start losing up to a pound or more each day, please contact Weight Loss Medical Center to get started on the HCG Diet.