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HCG for Sale

HCG for Sale

Websites offering HCG for sale seem to pop up everywhere, but under no circumstances does that make them legitimate. Here are two important facts that everyone needs to know before deciding to begin the HCG diet:

  • HCG injections and HCG drops are not to be mistaken for the same thing

Only HCG injections are the real HCG that is used in the HCG diet protocol. HCG drops are merely some homeopathic product that does not fulfill the same purpose as HCG shots

  • HCG injections must be prescribed by a doctor

Purchasing real HCG shots without a prescription is illegal and dangerous. A doctor must first determine if a person qualifies health-wise for the HCG diet before he or she can receive these injections. The HCG diet must be supervised to avoid any adverse effects.

The next section will discuss how to get HCG for sale online in a manner that can be considered safe and legal.

Can I Buy HCG for Sale Online?

The ability that we have these days to click a button and purchase almost anything we want without leaving our homes has truly simplified life for many people. It has also contributed to the sedentary lifestyle that may be increasing the obesity epidemic. Getting HCG for sale with a click of the mouse is not a wise move for the following reasons:

  1. Buying HCG injections without a prescription is against the law, and could result in prosecution
  2. HCG ordered online without a doctor’s authorization will most likely come from overseas – this can mean counterfeit or contaminated products could be on their way to you
  3. The risk to one’s health can be serious if there are reasons why the HCG diet should not be used, or if toxic injections are received

The safe way to buy HCG for sale online is to contact a national clinic such as Weight Loss Medical Center. Although you will not be able to click the word buy on our website, you will also not have to leave your home to get your HCG diet started. Keep reading to learn how to continue with this purchase.

Where to Buy Real HCG for Sale

When you turn to Weight Loss Medical Center to buy real HCG for sale, you are contacting an actual medical clinic that specializes in the HCG diet. Our experienced doctors conduct a careful review of each person’s medical history before determining if HCG weight loss is going to be a safe and effective way to trim down and improve one’s overall health.

Each individual will have a complimentary assessment consultation with a weight loss clinical advisor to determine how many pounds lost would be the ideal goal of this diet. A medical history questionnaire is available right here on this website, and once it is completed, it will be reviewed by our doctor. That is the safe way of getting HCG for sale online.

If authorized for use, the HCG diet kit will be shipped directly to the client from a licensed US pharmacy. All necessary supplies, recipes, shopping guides, instructions, and meal plans are provided. Once the HCG kit is received, quick weight loss can begin. Our continued supervision and support are always provided.

Contact Weight Loss Medical Center for answers to any questions you might have, or to start the process of receiving your HCG diet kit for rapid weight loss.