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HCG Diet Good or Bad – Understanding the Facts

HCG Diet

There is a lot to know about the HCG Diet. Proponents and opponents can be found across the internet. Cautions about blood clots, gallstones, and even cancer and diabetes can scare people away from losing weight with HCG before they even complete their research. Those individuals who stick with it and really get a good understanding of how the HCG diet works see it in a different – and positive – light.

Is the HCG diet good or bad depends on what you are looking at when doing this research. First of all – there is only one real HCG diet, and that is utilizing doctor prescribed HCG injections. All else is a fake and should not be used.

What about doctors who prescribe HCG drops as part of their protocol for rapid weight loss? Stay as far away from these doctors as you can. There is no such thing as real HCG drops. These are merely homeopathic products that contain no HCG. They will not accomplish the changes that HCG injections will, and people who do manage to lose weight while using these drops tend to put that weight right back on again.

HCG Diet – the Good

When we look at the HCG diet – good or bad, it is vital to separate the facts from the myths. This is what will help people make an educated decision.

Here are the good aspects of the HCG diet:

  • HCG injections help to signal the brain that the body is not hungry, even though it is only consuming 700 calories a day. This allows the additional calories needed to be pulled from stored fat and not muscle. When a person is on a very low-calorie diet, the body tends to go into starvation mode and will hang onto every last ounce of fat that it can. That is why people often complain about losing muscle and not fat mass. The HCG injections turn that around so that muscle is preserved and fat is lost.
  • The HCG diet is prescribed and supervised a doctor. This ensures that only those people who can safely utilize this form of weight loss receive it. It also provides individuals with a place to turn if they notice anything out of the ordinary occurring.
  • The HCG diet retrains how the brain and body see and react to food. This is what provides long-term weight loss.

HCG Diet – the Bad

There are always two sides to every story, and when looking into the HCG diet – good or bad, it is crucial to understand what the risks actually are. The limited research studies that have been done have not produced any viable long-term data regarding cancer, blood clots, or any other health scares.

What our doctors at Weight Loss Medical Center did find through years of our own research is that 500 calories are not enough food for a person to consume and lose weight in a healthy way. We have increased the caloric intake each day to 700 calories. This did not have an adverse effect on the amount of weight a person lost, and it did reduce the risk of headaches, weakness, and dizziness that can often accompany a very low-calorie diet.

The other way we have improved well-being and HCG diet success is by adding vitamin B 12 injections that boost the immune system and aid in weight loss. This also helps minimize any adverse side effects from occurring.

Make the Right Choice about the HCG Diet

Each person has to make their own choice as to whether the HCG diet is the right decision in his or her life. A person who has less than 10 pounds to lose can usually do so by increasing exercise and cutting out high fat and high sugar foods. Long time yo-yo dieters who have not had the success they want often need the boost of a doctor-supervised program to provide the weight loss desired.

Determining is the HCG diet good or bad for your needs is a personal decision. Our professional experts here at Weight Loss Medical Center can answer your questions and provide you with further insight and clarity to help you come to a conclusion that will work for you.

HCG weight loss does work, and it is effective at keeping the weight off if you follow the guidelines provided. Weight Loss Medical Center offers you the support you need to make that a reality.