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My life changed dramatically and for the better about 3 months ago, and it all started simply when my girlfriend came to see my office at work. When she saw my computer station and how it was surrounded by candy wrappers, cookie wrappers and crumbs that covered my keyboard, she was appalled and immediately started to clean my work space. I appreciated the gesture, but it was also a little embarrassing for me. At the same time, I really had not entirely realized that my job of sitting at a computer screen for over 8 hours per day led me to snack all those hours on junk food. That night my girlfriend sat me down at home and she had a talk with me about my eating habits and about my weight. She said that I needed to make a change for health reasons, change my diet and lose a bit of weight. I know she meant the best and had my best interest at heart because I know it all came from her loving me, so I listened. It all made sense and I knew that she was right. I told her that I would agree to go onto a weight loss plan and she told me that she had already researched HCG Clinics in Fresno CA for me.

I was surprised, as I did not know that she had already been planning this out for some time before she made me aware of her concern. I took it as a loving and kind gesture though, and I agreed that I would get myself healthy for myself, but also for her, as I too had a little surprise that I had been working on unbeknownst to her! She was very happy that I was going to go onto the diet plan and she told me that she would be there for me during the entire diet plan and that she would also help me shop for HCG Diet Foods and help me prepare them too. She was excited about the bonding time we would have and I too, hoped that working together on this diet program for me, would bring us even closer together. In the end it did bring us a lot closer and it even led to the surprise that I had been thinking about and planning for a few months prior.

My girlfriend was about to get a proposal of marriage from me. She did not know this at all, but I had been thinking about asking her to marry me and this act of kindness and caring on her part solidified my thoughts of wanting to be with her for the rest of my life to take care of each other. I decided that after the 6 week HCG Diet Program that I would go onto, I would ask her to be my wife! I had a lot to look forward to and a lot of incentive to lose weight quickly on this medically supervised weight loss plan!

We began reading through the website here together and it was fun to learn all about this diet plan with my beautiful future bride! I was most concerned about the injections portion of the diet, but she really tried to help me relieve my anxieties by reiterating what many others had said about the HCG Injections in the many testimonials that were written about the great weight loss success stories from this diet plan. Many others said that the needles used for the self injections were very small and thin and because they were only injected into the skin to reach the fatty tissue below (and not deeply into the muscle tissue), that the shots were relatively pain free. I was actually looking forward to trying out the HCG Shots to see for myself that they were easy to do and did not hurt. I just felt that I had to get that out of the way so that I was not so nervous about that portion of the diet program anymore.

I was not even as worried about the low calorie diet of only 700 calories per day that I would have to adhere to because I knew that I could do that. I had tried to lose weight in the past by starving my body, so I knew that I could eat a very low amount of calories and survive. However, this time when I ate that little it would be very different. I would not only be medically supervised the whole time, but I also would not be starving my body and treating it poorly. Instead, I would be taking the injections of human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG, along with Vitamin B 12 and a vitamin complex so I was going to eat less and lose weight in a very healthy and safe way, unlike what I had done before by stupidly starving my body and robbing it off all the nutrients which it needed desperately. When I starved myself, my body started to take its needed energy from my muscle tissue, which was very unhealthy. I still was able to do it, but it was not any fun, nor did I feel very well. On this HCG Diet, my body would use the 700 calories as energy, but also use the vitamins for energy, while it metabolized the excess stored fat from my body. It would not eat away at my muscle tissue.

This whole diet plan was discovered by a British endocrinologist named Dr. Simeons over 50 years ago when he did research with pregnant women who produced exuberant amounts of the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone. Dr. Simeons put together the facts about how extra amounts of the hormone helped with the metabolizing of stored fat in the body. He then put together this healthy way of losing weight fast, effectively and safely by introducing the idea of adding extra hormone to an unpregnant person so that they can reap the same side effect benefits and lose weight quickly. Dr. Simeons brought the idea back to the United States and it took off like wild fire!

The diet plan was always medically supervised by the company’s fully licensed HCG Weight Loss Doctors and each and every client that wanted to go onto the weight loss program had to undergo a full medical history review and analysis firstly. The diet doctors would scrutinize the medical history from the client from form they filled out online right from the convenience of their own home. There was no need to leave the house and waste time, energy and money driving to a doctor’s office to sit and wait in their cold waiting room for a physical examination. I was so happy to hear that I would not have to do that. Instead, the HCG Weight Loss Doctor who read my medical history quickly deemed me appropriate for this weight loss plan and happily wrote me my prescription to receive my weight loss diet products! These diet products and supplies were then sent to me via Federal Express (I think it was something like 2 day shipping) right to my front door. I felt like my home was like my very own little weight loss clinic of its own! It was cool! I did not need to go to a doctor’s office or any pharmacies to pick up my HCG Prescription for the diet products, but instead, the company sent it right to their own pharmacy and then they sent out my weight loss kit to me! This whole entire process was so incredibly simple and easy and made the experience so far very bearable! Everything was done right from my computer and phone and I never had to leave the house!

I also really loved the idea of having a great amount of privacy while doing this diet plan. I did not want anyone to know my business, especially my colleagues at work and they would never have to know. I could run home to eat my lunches and the self injecting of the shots would be done in the privacy of my own home too, so there was no reason anyone had to know about my experience on this incredible Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss.

The only thing that others at work would notice was that I was not eating all the junk food that I used to eat and also they would probably see the results of my weight loss rather quickly. The HCG Benefits from the medical mixture I was taking once I started the diet plan were so powerful that my weight loss began within the first couple of days of the weight loss plan – and it was very noticeable both on the scale and in the mirror! It was really exciting to see the weight start to fall off of me so quickly and that gave me great incentive to keep up with the diet plan. The HCG Injections were not all that painful at all, just like I had read about on the website and I was doing really well with the support of my girlfriend and of my wonderfully kind, compassionate, understanding and very professional expert clinical advisor. My clinical advisor helped me with the injections at first when I needed her to, she answered all of my questions and concerns about the diet program and she even talked to my girlfriend who had a couple of her own questions about the diet plan. We all worked together for the sake of my health and I was very appreciative for the care and individualized attention I got from my clinical advisor and from the HCG Diet Doctor who first got me going by writing me my prescription.

My life took a drastic change for the better just as I had expected it to, and many things were different after I lost over 30 pounds during the 6 week diet plan. I felt so much better about myself emotionally and physically. I had so much more energy and zest for life too! Not having to carry all that extra weight around really made a huge difference in not only my daily energy level at work, but in my libido at home too! I was more appreciative to my girlfriend for already knowing Where to Find HCG Clinics in Fresno CA before I even knew about the diet plan myself. That just showed me so much about how she cared and loved me and on our anniversary, I got down on one knee and proposed to her in the most romantic setting under the stars! She said yes! I have so much to live for and have Weight Loss Medical Center to thank for truly helping me to change my life, but most of all, I owe my life to my amazing wife to be and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life taking care of her as I know she will be taking care of me!

Stevie N.
Fresno CA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]