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Write A HCG Diet Blog for Weight Loss Success

What will you write in your personal HCG diet blog? People from coast to coast, in place such as Tacoma WA and Atlantic City NJ, are keeping journals of their experiences on the HCG weight loss program in order to write their own blogs. Why wouldn’t you want to keep a record of the fabulous foods you are eating, the energized way you are feeling, and most of all … the weight you are losing! We encourage you to share your story, your journey, and your experiences with everyone you know. If you think they won’t notice, think again. With weight loss of up to 30 pounds in 30 days, believe us when we say people will notice. You won’t have to worry about telling anyone that you are on a diet because everyone you know will be asking you how you are managing to lose so much weight in such a short period of time. Chances are you will be thrilled to share all the ease and simplicity of the HCG diet with them as you enjoy you thinner body. Of course, you have to leave your mirror in order for everyone to see how fabulous you look, and that might seem daunting some mornings. After all, when you look at your reflection and see a much thinner person looking back at you, it certainly is hard to pull yourself away. When you begin your very own HCG blog, you will want to include your thoughts, feelings, and any tricks that you might have discovered along the way. Sharing your experiences with others, and learning from them, can only help you to be as successful as you want.

Share Your HCG Diet Weight Loss Blog with Others

When you scroll through this website, you will see quite a number of HCG diet weight loss blog pages, with words from people just like you. They may live in Tampa FL, Jacksonville FL, or anywhere else in these 50 states, but like you they have longed to rid their bodies of unwanted fat. Their words may echo your own experiences, or they may be following a different path as they, too, lose their weight. One thing that you do all have in common is your desire to get thin. That is not the only thing that is similar. After all, you have all decided that embarking upon the world-renowned HCG diet is the way to accomplish your goal. That is why sharing tricks, recipes, ideas, and experiences can be a marvelous thing. You will find a wealth of recipes and information all over the internet. Most of all, it is knowing that you are not alone in this journey that will help you to succeed. The fact that there are so many people in every state waking up the same way as you, stepping on the scale and seeing a lower number appear, that can make the difference. That is why it is so beneficial to keep a journal, a diary, or some type of recording of your weight loss and your experiences. On those days when you are not quite as successful … perhaps you only lost an ounce or two, your journal will remind you of how far you have come. Besides, the next day may bring a pound and a half of weight loss. Creating your own blog gives you something to focus on besides food; you can enjoy sharing all the positive details about your day and your life.

HCG Diet Information Blog Provides Some Delicious Recipes

Of course, not everything you find to read online will be personal stories. We want to make sure that you are also aware of the HCG diet information blog, providing page after page of helpful hints and ideas right here on our website. For example, our Foods on HCG Diet page provides you with 4 delicious seasoning blends that you can use when preparing your meals. You will find recipes for Greek, Italian, Mexican, and Creole spice blends that are big on flavor without any added fat. Imagine dining on Greek chicken, Italian style meatballs, lettuce wrapped fajitas, and Creole fish for dinner. That is why we recommend you look through the many HCG diet recipe blog pages right here on our website. We have provided you with a treasure trove of information, and you never know what useful piece of knowledge will benefit you along the way. Please do not feel you need to spend the next six hours reading page after page of information about the HCG weight loss program. Just read a page or two at a time. Some will grab your attention more than others, so take your time on those pages, and zip through the ones that don’t necessarily apply to you or hold your interest. We have tried to cover every issue on our pages, making sure there is something for everyone. It is our belief that you can never have enough information when you are embarking upon something new, and even continuing with something you have been doing for a while. Whether you are coming to us to lose twenty pounds, or are in the middle of your 200 pound weight loss journey, we promise to continually update our website with new information that you can use. That is why we added the page with those spice blends. Our clients have asked us for HCG diet blog recipes, and we do our best to provide what they need. When someone in Savannah GA wants to know how to turn her favorite southern fried chicken recipe into a healthier version, they learn to use crushed up melba toast crumbs for breading, baking the chicken on nonstick foil in the oven. Anything is possible with a little bit of knowledge.

HCG Diet Blog Phase 2 Shares the Joy of Eating Healthy Foods

One of the questions we receive over and over again is what to eat during phase 2 of the HCG diet. Since this is the weight loss period of the program, it is vital to understand how to eat during this time. We provide information regarding the HCG diet blog phase 2 throughout our website. It is during this time that you will eliminate all fat, sugar, most carbs, and dairy from your diet. You will have an abundance of fruit, vegetables, and lean meat, poultry, fish, and shellfish to choose from each day. In the mood for lobster, just pass on the butter, squeeze on some lemon juice, and enjoy every succulent bite. One of the comments we hear from Boston MA to Key West FL is that shellfish tastes so much better without all the sauces that people are used to eating. You will probably be amazed at how incredible fresh foods actually taste. Most people have grown up covering their foods with fattening sauces and gravies, and half the time they have no idea how these foods truly taste. This is your opportunity to rediscover the delicious taste of natural foods. Keep a record of the different recipes you prepare, and which ones you enjoy the most during phase 2 of the HCG diet.

HCG Diet Blog 2013 Reflects Beneficial Changes to the Diet Protocol

We have made numerous changes to the HCG weight loss program over the last few years, and the changes have made a difference in how our clients share news about their weight loss with their families and friends. Creating your own HCG diet blog 2013 is a fabulous way to let everyone know how you are choosing the additional 200 calories you get to eat each day. When our doctors changed our weight loss protocol to reflect the current 700 calorie intake, as opposed to the 500 calorie intake, our clients across the country were thrilled. We realize that breakfast is an extremely important meal, and that is one of the improvements our doctors have made from the original version of the HCG diet. Additionally, Vitamin B12 has long been used to aid in weight loss, and we have added that to the package you receive when you purchase your doctor prescribed HCG injections from us. You will also find our vitamin complex, which provides immune boosting properties for your body. These vitamins are included in the price of your entire weight loss program, so there are never any additional costs or extras you need to be concerned about purchasing. We realize other companies can nickel and dime you like crazy, offering food supplements and additional vitamins for a fee. Our price policy is just one of the many reasons that HCG diet bloggers in Lincoln NE and Salt Lake City UT keep telling everyone they know to contact us for their weight loss needs.

HCG Diet Blog Before and After Allows You to Share Your Experiences with Others

For those of you who have come here for the first time, and are seriously considering starting the HCG weight loss program, make sure you take a few before pictures of how you look today. You will want these for your own HCG diet blog before and after posting, to show everyone you know how fantastic you look. Many of our clients take to Facebook to show off their journey during the six weeks of HCG injections. This is a terrific way to get instant encouragement and feedback from family and friends in places such as Baltimore MD and Providence RI. You can instantly upload photos and chronicle your journey to a trimmer you. Imagine discovering that your old college roommate is currently losing weight the same way as you. The wonderful thing about the internet is that it brings people together in ways never before imagined. We have heard from a client in San Francisco CA who has started her own HCG diet blog forum for her and her friends that all decided to begin this program together. Just like some friends in Richmond VA who have started their own local network to share their experiences and recipes, as well. Go ahead, grab a journal, and start keeping your own record of your personal weight loss experience. After all, this should be the last time you ever have to worry about losing weight during your lifetime. The healthy new way of eating that you will learn can last you a lifetime. We are here to offer you encouragement and support to accomplish your goals.