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HCG Diet Dangers

Dangers of HCG Diet

With all the rampant discussion about the merits of the doctor prescribed HCG diet, there is little reason that you wouldn’t start hearing people ask about potential HCG diet dangers. Well for starters, as a potential client of this HCG clinic, whether you are in Baton Rouge LA, San Francisco CA or Miami FL, you should know that human chorionic gonadotropin has been around for a long time now and doctors have been prescribing it for just as long, with some doctors realizing the connection between this hormone and weight loss reaching back as far as the 1950’s. Parenthetical evidence alone should suggest that if doctors have been prescribing something for as long as they have been using prescription quality HCG, then any serious risks and dangers would have been long ago discovered and exposed. We have heard the news stories and the horror stories about some of the weight loss drugs which caused serious damage to the human body. Many people have considered surgery as an effective means of losing large amounts of weight, but any course of action that severe carries even more risky side effects. Here at Weight Loss Medical Center, we take your concerns about potential dangers of the HCG diet seriously, and we hope to put your mind at ease on the topic. Foremost, this is a natural hormone which has seven decades of use in the United States proving it is safe and effective. Next, this is not a drug which is foreign to the body causing a reaction … no, it is a hormone which occurs naturally in the body and creates only a positive experience with the metabolism. We encourage you to continue reading down this page for more information. Since we know you’ll probably still have questions, please give us a call at 954-587-4441 and speak with one of our medical advisors for all the details.

What are the Dangers of the HCG Diet?

So what are the dangers of the HCG Diet? First and foremost it should be understood by anyone hoping to achieve quick, effective and permanent weight loss with the power of doctor prescribed HCG injections and this remarkable diet, that this is ultimately a low calorie program. As such, the predominant concern, as with any calorie restricted nutrition program, is that you get enough vitamins, minerals and other critical elements that your body needs to run effectively.  Not specific to the HCG Diet program, the fact remains that on any low calorie weight loss regimen, you’ll want to ensure that you get at the very least the things that you truly need for critical bodily function. We address that specifically by adding bonus B-12 injections to our program of injections, and we encourage mild exercise and proper eating as well as vitamin supplementation in cases where it seems advantageous. Any potential side effect from HCG diet dangers can almost exclusively be attached to something that someone on the diet is doing wrong, or in not following the program properly. For example, one client in Columbus OH discovered that he wasn’t losing the weight that he had been losing initially on HCG Diet Phase 2 where he lost about a pound daily. His side effect was feeling sluggish, unnaturally tired and low on energy. It turned out that he was not taking in his full allotment of 700 calories per day, and that in addition he wasn’t drinking enough water. With this addressed, he was properly hydrated and in the sweet spot calorie wise to reenergize his weight loss. He went on to lose 36 pounds.

Men and the HCG Diet Program

This concept is especially important when considering the HCG diet dangers for men, where guys are so gung-ho about losing the weight and shedding the inches that they sometimes employ a “more is more” approach.  We should clear that misconception up right away. When you are taking our doctor prescribed injections, you have a whole team of medical support: your clinic which is us here at Weight Loss Medical Center will evaluate and guide your weight loss from start to finish. If we tell you that you need to eat 700 calories in the form of garden fresh veggies and lean proteins, then that’s what we want you to do. You don’t want to be like the guy from Honolulu HI who took it upon himself to cut his calorie count in half and started exercising like he was in Basic Training, only to discover that his scale wouldn’t budge. This is a medical weight loss program, created by this HCG clinic and guided by an HCG doctor who knows just how sensitive the human body is when it comes to losing serious weight. Hormone balance is of key importance, and strenuous exercise will create hormone excesses of adrenalin and cortisol which makes the body think it is in a highly stressed environment. It is nearly impossible to lose weight when your body is under extreme stress. If you want the weight loss results promised by this weight loss program – without the HCG diet dangers – then you will do well to follow the program closely and as prescribed. We are offering the same diet popularized by Dr. Albert Simeons. In 1954, Dr. Simeons wrote his seminal work on the connection between human chorionic gonadotropin, “Pounds and Inches” which explained how doctor prescribed HCG injections could speed weight loss and do it safely and effectively.  We will provide you with a copy of this book with your complete diet kit. Dr. Simeons research indicated a strong connection between the presence of HCG and the loss of adipose tissue without interference with lean muscle mass.  This early diet used low dose injections as a means of stimulating fat loss and proved effective in his research subjects of both sexes. Dr. Simeons HCG diet dangers were the same as those posed by any other low calorie weight loss system in that specific care had to be paid to the composition of the low calorie diet. To accomplish thi,s he advocated a mix of lean high protein with low fat and low carbohydrate whole foods. This was a revolutionary concept at the time, decades ahead of the work of Dr. Atkins or Dr. Agatson’s South Beach Diet.  To help his patients lose critical weight and reduce the dangers of carrying so much excess adipose tissue, Dr. Simeons used HCG injections. So too can you follow in the footsteps of this winning, medically assisted  weight loss program whether you are in Philadelphia PA, Charleston SC, El Paso TX, Mendocino CA or Portland OR.  One of the real dangers from HCG Diet is actually to be found in not trying it.  You hear so much about the epidemic of obesity in this country today, and the dangers are very real: high cholesterol, heart disease, major organ failures, even premature death. These are not dangers that those clients of ours following the Weight Loss Medical Center diet program and using doctor prescribed HCG injections are willing to accept. They are not taking obesity lying down, and they are laying down the law with their waistlines.

Aren’t you read for that kind of commitment to health and well-being? Aren’t you prepared to lose those excess pounds today, with the help and assistance of a safe, effective and legal HCG clinic like Weight Loss Medical Center? We hope so. So why not give us a call today toll free: 954-587-4441 and let’s see what we can make your future look like when it isn’t overweight.