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Side Effects of HCG Diet

Side Effects of HCG

If you have been watching the health shows and reading the health and weight loss blogs, then you have no doubt already heard of the popular HCG Diet and are now wondering of course about the side effects of HCG Diet. Is this really a diet program that can bring you dramatic weight loss without hunger or discomfort, and if so, doesn’t it have all kinds of side effects on your health? The short answer is yes – you can lose dramatic amounts of excess fat stores with the help of doctor prescribed HCG injections using the HCG Diet. What’s even better is that the weight you lose will be in the form of stored fat, not lean muscle tissue and that weight once shed doesn’t have to come back – ever. What’s better still is that doctors have known about the connection between human chorionic gonadotropin and HCG injections since the early 1950’s and have never reported any significant negative side effects of HCG diet in the populations of overweight subjects who have used it to achieve dramatic weight loss. That’s close to half a century of overweight people who have used doctor prescribed HCG injections to lose weight safely, effectively and legally. Here at Weight Loss Medical Center, we are an HCG clinic that carries on that proud tradition of losing weight with the help of a medical doctor and staff of caring, supportive weight loss guides who can take you to the land of the thin and healthy using a unique combination of HCG and B-12 injections that supercharge your metabolism and bring you real, fast and effective weight loss results.

Side Effects of HCG Diet Injections

While there is no support to any claim of side effects of HCG diet injections, there is a lot to know about the HCG Diet itself and what makes it so powerful. First, to dispel any myth, human chorionic gonadotropin is not exclusively a hormone that is found in pregnant women. It is true that HCG does flood the body of a pregnant woman and creates a system by which the mother and the fetus share the wealth of calories that the mother’s body has stored. In this way early researchers and theorists hypothesized that this hormone might have a unique relationship with the body’s fat stores…and the loss of them. But it should be noted that men also have a lifelong store of HCG in their bodies. While not as plentiful as in a pregnant woman, a man nevertheless has natural resources of human chorionic gonadotropin. Therefore all the guys out there who were about to ask: What are the negative side effects of HCG diet can quiet their overactive imaginations. No guys, you will not induce a pregnancy in yourself by going on doctor prescribed HCG injections nor will you find yourself growing breasts, see your hips widen or your voice soften or any other signal that you are becoming female. In truth, HCG is used for men in testosterone hormone replacement therapy programs in much larger doses because it stimulates the testes to produce more of that vital hormone. It does, however, have some powerful fat blasting and hunger suppressing qualities, and it is those that we are most interested in. Do you want to lose weight in a doctor assisted setting, with loads of support from your medical staff and weight loss team, not to mention with the powerful medicine of HCG injections and supplementary B-12 shots to supercharge your metabolism? Well then you can’t go wrong with what Weight Loss Medical Center is offering to you. Instead of asking: What are some side effects of HCG Diet, after talking with us and working toward your weight loss goals the only thing you’ll be asking is what were the side effects of staying fat for so long? People from Phoenix AZ, Las Vegas NV, Salt Lake City UT and Pittsburgh PA all wonder what the story is behind the HCG diet before signing on for dramatic weight loss and frankly we don’t blame them. So let’s take a trip through the process of losing weight, real serious pounds, with the help of an HCG doctor and an HCG clinic like Weight Loss Medical Center. You should first of all understand that the diet we are talking about has been around since the 1950’s when Dr. Albert Simeons published his manuscript “Pounds and Inches” that detailed his work with overweight men and women using doctor prescribed HCG shots. Wondering what are the side effects of HCG Diet on his patients, Dr. Simeons was pleased to discover that his subjects all lost weight on a low calorie diet without hunger when supported with low level HCG injections. This worked equally well on men and women and left little doubt that a connection between dramatic weight loss and human chorionic gonadotropin had been established. His experiences also suggested that side effects of HCG diet shots were negligible when compared to the significant and rapid weight reduction that all of his patients were experiencing. We carry on the traditions of Dr. Simeons here at Weight Loss Medical Center where overweight clients from Portland ME, Burlington VT, Dallas TX, Shreveport LA, Des Moines IA and all across the USA have turned to us when they were ready to get rid of the pounds, get rid of the headaches and find their way to medically supervised, doctor prescribed, dramatic weight loss. If you too are ready to make that kind of commitment to yourself, to change things for the better then consider giving us a call today. Our helpful staff of medical advisers is always happy to answer your weight loss questions and the call is free … 954-587-4441.

Phases of the HCG Diet

Ultimately while HCG injections are the cornerstone of this diet, it is also a three phase low calorie program of eating and as such affords a lot of opportunity to explore a healthier way of life. One of the side effects of HCG diet in Phase 1 is that you will be full! That’s right: the first two days of the HCG diet consist of the consumption of full fats. That means juicy steaks, succulent BBQ ribs, full flavored fried chicken and lots of the things that you have been craving all along. This lasts for merely two days, but it is gearing your body up for the challenges of HCG Diet Phase 2 and it is a time to feel sated and pleased.  We call this section of the diet ‘loading” and we hope that you will enjoy it as a sort of pre-reward for the rigors of Phase 2.  The HCG Diet Phase 2 is the much talked about portion of the weight loss program and this is where the side effects of not following HCG Diet might include not losing the weight that you need to lose. This is the portion of the program where the wheels meet the road; this is indeed the part you have heard about: 700 calories a day. How am I supposed to live on 700 calories a day you ask? Well the first thing you need to know is that with doctor prescribed HCG injections, your body will be filled with all the bonus fat blasting power of human chorionic gonadotropin. In addition to prescribed B-12 shots, we can let you know up front that the HCG diet is not a starvation diet. Despite the restriction of calorie intake, you will no doubt not suffer the pangs of hunger and feelings of deprivation that you have known on past low calorie dieting efforts. In addition, we have never heard of any long term side effects of HCG Diet because while the diet is low calorie, it is not unhealthy. You’ll be eating garden fresh vegetables like summer squash, zucchini, string beans, lettuce, spinach, kale, beets, onions…the list goes on and on and it is all extremely healthy. In addition to that you’ll feast on low fat proteins like chicken breasts, fish and shrimp. These are all delicious and good for you. What’s more important however is when combined with your HCG injections and B-12 shots, your metabolism will be all fired up and those pounds will just fall off of your frame. Now doesn’t that sound exciting?

Call us here at Weight Loss Medical Center today and let’s discuss it. Our number is 954-587-4441, and our staff of knowledgeable and friendly clinical advisers can answer any question you still have about the HCG diet.