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HCG Weight Loss Clinic in Cincinnati OH

With the amount of traveling I do for work on a weekly basis, there was no way I could imagine ever being able to get on a weight loss program and successfully lose any kind of substantial weight that I needed to lose. My doctors had shown concern for my health because I was so overweight and so stressed from work. One doctor explained to me how dangerous stress was to the mind and body and also how I was risking developing severe physical problems due to being so overweight. The problem was that I did not see how I could resolve my stress or weight issue because my workload was so demanding. Being CEO of a company meant great responsibility with no excuses. I just did not know how to lower my stress level, which subsequently was the reason for my overeating. What this meant, was that my only option was to find a genuine and well supervised weight loss program that would actually really work for me. I needed a program that gave individualized attention to each client step by step because with all my other responsibilities, I knew that I would put my weight loss on the back burner if someone was not following, monitoring and encouraging my daily progress. When I heard about the HCG Weight Loss program from some colleagues of mine, it truly seemed to be too good to be true. My colleagues traveled as much as I did, but still said they were able to commit to the program because it was so simple and easy. The most important thing was that it was extremely convenient for those who needed to travel on a consistent basis. I began to look for HCG Weight Loss Clinic in Cincinnati OH, when a colleague told me that this diet program was specifically created in such a way that clients who decided to do the weight loss program did not have to take the time to physically go to any diet clinics. I have a very high powered job and would not feel comfortable being on public display while I lost weight. So, not only was I relieved that I would not have to enter a public forum, like any Local HCG Diet Clinics Cincinnati OH to lose weight, I was excited to see how this diet program worked specifically for my needs. I never knew what city I would be in because that’s how demanding my work was. I could be in one city one day and I then could be flying out to another city the very next day. I called the number on the website, and the clinical advisor, who was so professional and understanding told me that many people who traveled for either work or pleasure, were still able to get amazing results in shedding a lot of weight in only a 6 week period of time on this diet plan. The convenience of this program seemed just perfect for my needs. I could talk to a clinical advisor at any time over the phone for many city and could have my HCG Injections and other supplies delivered to any address that I gave. So, whether I was in Cincinnati OH or across the country in Los Angeles CA, I still had access to personalized help over the phone. The clinical advisor was very direct in letting me know that I would have to follow the strict diet plan protocol in order to be successful in losing weight and keeping it off. She told me that I must be very sure I was ready to commit to the diet program before beginning it. I assured her I was and that the HCG Weight Loss program seemed perfect for me. If I could be so disciplined and successful at work, there should be no reason why I couldn’t be the same when it came to the most important thing in my life; my health. I filled out the medical history form online, which was already proving this program was convenient, and I was approved by one of the HCG Weight Loss Doctors. I was then given a prescription

for the products and when I told her my schedule, she assured me that they would be discreetly shipped to my door before I left for my next trip. The clinical advisor also assured me that she would help me with my first self injections until I got the hang of doing them independently. I loved the privacy of the program, the fact that I could do it from my hotel room, the individualized attention I got from the staff, the food guidelines they sent to me so that I could comfortably eat out in restaurants while on the road, knowing that I was not eating more than the allotted amount of calories permitted while on the HCG Weight Loss diet. Six weeks later, I was proud to see an incredible change in my body. I then committed to starting an exercise routine, along with eating very well because I was dedicated to keeping the weight I lost off of my body forever. There was no reason I needed to be overweight anymore. I now have a great foundation of knowledge on how to live a very healthy and happy lifestyle despite all the traveling I do and how demanding my workload is. I learned a very important lesson: that health comes first because without good health, all other areas of our lives will suffer.

Phil P.
Cincinnati OH

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]