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There I was, my high school’s star quarterback football player and homecoming king, weighing over 250 pounds only 5 years out of high school. I was in my early 20’s acting like a fool with some buddies of mine doing wheelies in the parking lot of our local mall at some ridiculous hour in the morning. Having had some alcohol to drink as well, I got into a terrible accident with one of my friends who was driving another car. He came out of the accident without a scratch; however, I was not so lucky. I was indeed very lucky to be alive, but I sustained massive injuries and was laid up in bed for over 6 months of time. In that time, I was not able to exercise or hardly even move at all for that matter. One thing that did not change; however, and that was my appetite. Most times when people are ill or hurt, they often lose weight. That was not the case for me. I gained a lot of weight and was not only ashamed of my very irresponsible behavior that caused the accident in the first place, but I was also ashamed of how much weight I had put on my body. I was no longer that high school star, but instead, someone who did not even want to be seen by anyone in public. My doctors all told me that I would make a fine recovery and would be able to do most of the activities that I did before the accident, so that was good news, but the recovery period was long and difficult. Finally, in about 6 months from the accident, my recovery period was pretty much over and I was trying to get up and about again. I was definitely ready to lose weight and get back to being my normal self again. I have to find a very healthy and effective way of losing weight though, and did not want to go onto just any weight loss program. I was not lazy and I did not need anything super easy either, as I was willing to do anything to lose weight, so when I found HCG Weight Loss Clinics in San Diego CA, it was just an extra added bonus that this weight loss program was so easy and convenient to do and would not take much effort at all on my part at all to begin the diet program or to lose weight while on the diet program.

One thing that I was not thrilled about (which I later happily found out I would not have to do), was having to go to a local weight loss clinic for everyone to be able to see how overweight I was. It was embarrassing to me enough how I had gained the weight in the first place by being a reckless, young fool. After all, my accident was in all the newspapers at the time it happened, so everyone knew. However, the dust had finally settled and I wanted to leave it that way. Coming out into the public to an HCG Weight Loss Clinic, would only bring up the gossip again and people would once again be talking about what had happened 6 months ago. I wanted so badly to leave all that behind me and to move on. Too many people knew what I had done and that I had risked my life, as well as the lives of some very good buddies of mine too and they were not very pleased with me. It was that much better that I kept a low profile while trying to lose weight and that is what this weight loss program offered to me. It was incredible!

After reading a bit through the website, I picked up the phone and called the company. The phone number was very conveniently right on the top of page I was reading. I spoke with a clinical advisor over the phone right away and she was really nice, understanding and professional. She told me that I would never have to leave my house to lose weight on this diet program except to buy foods at the local grocery store. I would never have to go to the doctor’s office for a physical examination, nor would I have to go to any local weight loss clinics the way that I thought I would when I was first looking for Local HCG Weight Loss Clinics in San Diego CA.

I was going to be able to speak with my clinical advisor over the phone and discuss all my concerns about the diet program and ask her any questions that I had for the entire 6 weeks. She promised that she would be available to me at any time during normal business hours to help me with my diet plan program protocol to help me be very successful in losing weight and getting back to pretty much what was my normal life before the accident. She said that she would even help me with my self administering of the HCG Injections over the phone if I needed her to, and she would discreetly and privately have my weight loss products shipped directly to my house from a Weight Loss Medical Center pharmacy. The convenience and privacy of this weight loss program could not be beat.

I was used to the best my whole life, and this was no exception. I was putting my body, which always meant a lot to me and was always in good shape, into the hands of this weight loss company and I wanted to make sure it was the best one for me. To help me make a decision, the company had their very own HCG Weight Loss Doctors to aid. I needed to fill out my medical history from a form right there online (I did not need to go to the doctor’s office to give my medical information) and I was told that it would be very closely reviewed and analyzed by one of the diet doctors in order to clear me as being appropriate for this kind of weight loss program as well as this weight loss program being appropriate for someone like me. The company was not just out to sell HCG weight loss products to make a profit, but they were very interested in the health and well being of each and every individual client that came to them with their own unique stories of how they gained weight. Each individual also had different weight loss goals as well, but we all did have one thing in common. We somehow gained a lot of weight and we all wanted to lose that unwanted weight.

I soon found out that the HCG Diet was a perfect match for me. I was cleared medically by one of the fully licensed weight loss doctors and I was ready to take off “running” to lose a lot of weight. Very shortly after getting cleared medically, my clinical advisor shipped my weight loss kit directly to my home. I was not even going to tell any of my friends what I was doing. I wanted to surprise the friends who had seen me as being overweight, and for the people who had never seen me as being overweight, they never needed to know that I was on an HCG Diet Protocol program to lose weight in the first place. There was already enough talk around town about me and my situation. No need to add any more of that talk.

I have a lot riding on losing this weight and on getting back into the community. As the high school star quarterback football player and a pretty big man on campus there, people still looked up to me, especially the young high school kids that were currently walking the halls of my high school to see my many trophies in the trophy case in the lobby of the school. One thing that I did know, was that when I lost all the weight I had gained after my accident, I was going to go back to my high school and talk to the high schoolers about drinking and recklessly driving. I was thankful to be alive and I wanted to pay it forward by helping kids understand the horrors that come from being stupid, to put it bluntly. I was putting all my faith in being able to lose a lot of weight on this HCG Weight Loss plan and I was committing to it 100 percent.

A very quick 6 weeks passed by and I was definitely back to my old weight again. I had a lot of work to do as far as getting myself back into shape by working out at the gym, and getting back my muscles after the 6 weeks was up, but for then I was happy with all the weight that I had lost and I was very thrilled with this Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss!

What an amazing and revolutionary way to lose weight quickly and easily in the privacy of your own home. I would recommend this diet plan program to anyone wanting to lose weight for whatever your reasons are. I will never be as reckless as I had been in the past and I could not wait to get to my high school and possibly to many other high schools too, to tell my story of how I survived almost losing my life. I already had the time and date set for my high school and was working on getting other times and dates to visit other high schools in my area. I also had plans to go out of my area and travel around to tell my story. Thank you so much to Weight Loss Medical Center for helping me regain my confidence in the football hero that I was in my school and being able to lose weight quickly with HCG Shots that were extremely easy, convenient, safe and effective!

John H.
San Diego CA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]