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HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Southern California

Summer was fast approaching and like every year, I wanted to work with children at this great summer camp that I have worked at for the past 9 years. Every summer, I look forward to being the swimming coach for all ages. It is so seem to loosen up and become comfortable with the water. I guess it is my special talent. incredible to watch the little ones especially, get into the water for the first time, or learn to swim for the first time. They are usually scared at first, but as soon as they work with me for only a half an hour or so, they

Last summer was different though because over the previous year, I had gained a lot of unwanted weight. The thought of being in a bathing suit all day long was not something that I was comfortable with anymore. Not only that, I feared that I wouldn’t have the strength and energy to keep up with the kids. It is extremely important to be fully aware when working with children in water. Accidental drownings happen every day, and I wasn’t going to have that happen on my watch. So, I decided that since this was my passion and meant so much to me, I was going to lose the weight to be my best for the kids. I heard about this innovative and extremely effective way to lose weight, and so I did some more research about it. When I looked online for HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Southern California, I found myself here at your website.

I was dedicated to losing the weight before summer arrived, which didn’t give me much time. I needed a program that worked quickly and effectively, and I found it! I filled out the Contact Form on the page I was reading and soon after, a really knowledgeable clinical advisor contacted me from your local clinic! I was so excited. Nothing was going to stop me from doing my best to lose the weight because I knew that my destiny was to have the stamina and energy to teach kids to swim. So, I learned all about what I needed to do, how to self administer the HCG Injections and how they worked.

I knew that I was going to have to eat a special diet, and I was a little worried about that, but I quickly came to find out that the diet really isn’t all that restrictive. Of course, I couldn’t eat fatty or fried foods anymore and no more junk food, but I was okay with that. Basically, I just stopped eating food that came in a box or in through my car window. I also had to limit my diet to 700 calories per day. Other than that, I was able to eat every day normal foods that I normally would eat, including fresh fruits and fresh veggies and lean meats. These are foods that I could easily purchase from my local grocery store. Simple! Because the HCG Benefits were decreased appetite, I trusted in the weight loss protocol and it worked!

I took my injections as directed, and I wasn’t even that hungry. I know I may be making this weight loss program to sound super easy, but it really and truly is! If you have to try it yourself to believe it – do it! I lost more than I thought I would. Truly 30 pounds in 30 days shed off of me quickly and relatively effortlessly. I didn’t have to exercise while on the program! Your clinical advisors were there for me every step of the way and they were so kind, courteous, understanding and knowledgeable. I may be one of your more motivated clients, but I think that anyone who is cleared medically by your HCG Weight Loss Doctors should be able to do this diet plan with no problem.

The key is having the belief in yourself that if you want something badly enough, you can go out and get it. I wasn’t going to allow anything to come in the way of working with my kids that summer and watching their faces shine when they learned how to swim. It was an amazing summer, and I had no problem with my energy level or even being in my bathing suit all day every day. HCG Weight Loss Clinics are a thing of the past now when you can just do everything online right here with the best weight loss program with which I have ever come into contact. Thank you for allowing me to have a spectacular summer. I’m keeping the weight off now, so I don’t ever have to worry about working at a pool again!

Frank M.
San Diego CA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]