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I had a big dilemma, so I thought before I got the real scoop about losing weight and traveling. I had been wanting to lose a bit of weight for some time, but I kept putting it off because my work was extremely demanding and had me traveling 5 of the 7 days out of a week. I was only home in Los Angeles CA on the weekends and then back out on the road during the week. I could not imagine how I could ever stick to a weight loss plan when I was never home; however, at the same time, I really wanted to lose weight because I was definitely feeling the effects of being overweight on my mind and on my body. I was really tired all the time and felt pain in my back. It was hard to stand for long periods of time and getting into the airplane seats on the plane was not easy. I barely fit into them and that made not only me uncomfortable for an entire airplane ride, but also the person who had to sit next to me was embarrassed for me and uncomfortable as well. One day on one of my plane trips, I was sitting next a really nice gentleman and somehow we got into the conversation about losing weight. He was very respectful and polite and he even told me his personal story of weight loss. He was once overweight himself, but you would never have been able to tell. He had lost weight using the HCG Diet Protocol from this company, he told me! I was really excited about his story of weight loss as he told me about the diet program and what he did to lose 30 pounds in 30 days and how easy it was to do. I was extremely intrigued and told him that I wanted very badly to lose weight, but I also told him about my very hectic schedule and that I would never be able to stick to a diet plan while always traveling. That is when he told me that I could absolutely lose weight on this diet plan while traveling. He did it! I asked him how could I Find HCG Diet Clinics in Los Angeles CA and he told me that I just needed to either fill out the Contact Form on the website or call the phone number on the site, whichever made me more comfortable, he told me to do. And he gave me the URL of the website written down on a piece of paper.

My neighbor on the plane then started to tell me about how this diet plan was great for busy people who traveled and that I should only use this company to help me lose weight, as many of the others would only be setting me up to be unsuccessful, but not this diet plan. There were many HCG Diet Providers who only sold weight loss products, but they did not help people with their weight loss journeys throughout the diet plan protocol. Plus, on top of that, many of the diet products they sold and claimed to be real and authentic, were really not. They were often imitation products that the companies purchased oversees very cheaply and then sold them to clients for a much higher price to make a profit. There were so many scams out there, he told me, and he wanted to help me so that I did not fall into the scams like he did. I thought that was so nice of him. I will never forget what he told me, “There are many diet programs out there and many different HCG Diet Locations. I know I don’t know you well, as we just met, but I would never recommend that you use any other weight loss plans other than the one right here. The only way I would ever suggest that someone loses weight is with Weight Loss Medical Center.” I will never forget those words because they are the very words that changed my life!

When I got off the plane and to my hotel room, I opened up my laptop and came here to this website. I wanted to read all about this HCG Diet and when I started to read about it, I learned so much from the plethora of information that was provided on the website! One of the best things I read was something that I never thought possible. This was a great weight loss plan for those who traveled. I even got to read many testimonials from the company’s past clients who had very demanding jobs, just like I had and those who traveled all the time for work, just like I did. They told their stories of how this HCG Weight Loss plan helped them to lose 100’s of pounds collectively in a matter of 6 weeks. They spoke about how incredibly convenient the diet plan was to do and how they did not have to stop traveling, cancel meetings or do anything out of the ordinary to diet. They said that they were given a guideline list of foods that they could eat (provided by the company), so that they could pick the right choices of foods if they had to eat out in restaurants or even fast food restaurants. They also were taught how to pack their lunches (proportioned out) in the mornings to carry their meals with them in small coolers to work with them. They also talked about how they did the self administering of the HCG Injections right from their hotel rooms. It was a very simple and easy process to do and even my new friend from the airplane told me the same thing. He was a huge traveler as I was and so he really helped to ease a lot of the apprehension that I had about going onto any diet plan, but he really sold me on this one!

Since this was a medically supervised weight loss program, all clients had the convenience and option of being able to speak with an expert clinical advisor from the company any time during normal business hours when they had questions, concerns or even if they needed help with their HCG Shots. I was about to find all this out for myself first hand as I had already filled out the Contact Form on the website and I was just waiting for a clinical advisor to contact me. In the meantime, I was doing my work from my hotel room.

In addition to everything else that made this weight loss plan so convenient, there was more. You could also start this diet program right here online by first talking to a clinical advisor and then filling out a medical history form that was right online as well. I did not need to take time off work to have a medical exam at a doctor’s office and that was a good thing because there was no way I had time to do that! I also did not have to even visit any local HCG Weight Loss Clinics in my area or anywhere else for that matter. I had the phone and my clinical advisor was always there for me for questions and support.

When I received a call back from a clinical advisor, she was amazing and immediately understood where I was coming from and told me that I could definitely do this weight loss diet while on the road. After I filled out my medical history form, it did not take long before it was reviewed and analyzed by one of the HCG Weight Loss Doctors from the company and I was cleared to go on the diet plan protocol! That was exciting for me, but also made me nervous at the same time. Now that I was cleared to be a client of this weight loss company and I was ready to go on the diet, I was nervous about whether or not I could actually do it. I was about to try it though!

My weight loss supplies were delivered in a very discreet manner to the address of the hotel where I was staying for a week. The package came via Federal Express and all I had to do was sign for it at the front desk of the hotel. No one knew what it was, so I had all the privacy I wanted.

As soon as I started with the HCG injections and keeping to my low calorie diet plan, I saw the weight coming off my body as I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I could not believe it. I felt really great and was able to stay on the diet plan with no problem. It did not interfere with my work schedule or my meetings at all! I did not feel hungry during the days and none of my co-workers or business associates even knew that I was on a diet plan. The HCG Benefits were amazing and kept my appetite low and my cravings were non-existent!

All in all I lost all the weight that I wanted to lose. I still keep in touch with kind gentleman who sat next to me on the airplane the day I found out about this weight loss plan. I called him up recently and thanked him again and told him about my success story. I also told him to look out for this blog entry and to please read it when it was posted. I hope he does! I owe my weight loss to him and the amazing staff at Weight Loss Medical Center who supported me 100 percent throughout my entire weight loss journey. This is the best HCG Diet Program out there and like my gentleman friend, I would never recommend any other diet plan program other than this one to anyone who truly wanted to lose weight and keep it off successfully!

Rosie S.
Los Angeles CA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]