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HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Chicago IL

Growing up as a child, I always loved to play with my Barbie dolls. I would dress them up in some of the most beautiful outfits and pretend they were always going to parties and gatherings. I had all the Barbie accessories, dollhouses, cars and jewelry and from the minute I got home from school, I would be playing with the dolls. My imagination would run wild, and to me, there was nothing more perfect and beautiful than Barbie. Through my play, she had the life I always dreamed of, and I guess you could say my wish was always to become Barbie one day. As I grew out of the Barbie playing phase, I realized that that kind of body was just not realistic for me. I always wanted to be her and to be just like she was, but the sad realization was that my body was nothing like hers, I did not have any friends, I never went to parties and I never really even left my house aside from going to school. I guess you could say I was a pretty lonely kid growing up. Not only did I not have Barbie’s body, I was always a chubby kid who grew into being a chubby adult. My self esteem was never that good and instead of playing with friends after school, I would always go home to jump into my fantasy world and live vicariously through playing with my Barbie dolls. As an adult now, I don’t want to live wishing that I was something that I’m not anymore. One day, only about 6 months ago, I decided that I was going to Find HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Chicago IL, and although I knew that I could never lose enough weight to actually look like Barbie, I was going to try to come as close as I could just so that I could feel good about myself for once. I believed it was finally time to make a change. My childhood wasn’t easy, but my adult life could be.

When I came across this website, I found every page extremely interesting. I was really excited to learn about the really innovative and different kind of weight loss program that I had had been hearing about called the HCG Diet. It was discovered over 50 years ago by a British endocrinologist named Dr. Simeons. I did always love to learn and so I wanted to learn about the origin of this incredible weight loss program. The more I read, the more fascinated I became. It was amazing how Dr. Simeons discovered that pregnant women would produce an exceedingly greater amount of the hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG. This hormone in greater amounts decreased appetite and metabolized excess stored fat within the body. Through his studies, the doctor figured that if regular people, men or women, who were not pregnant had that little extra amount of the hormone injected into their bodies, that it would have the same effect. In other words, if a person took HCG Injections, adding more of the hormone to their body, they would have a decreased appetite and their body would reset itself to metabolize any excess fat stores very rapidly, hence, helping them to lose weight. This was brilliant.

Many people who diet, choose to use chemically based diet pills which can be very unhealthy and make them feel jittery, edgy and anxious. After all, they are ingesting something artificial, which contains many synthetic chemicals. The HCG Shot is made of purely natural ingredients and the production is overseen right here in the United States. This is just another reason to feel safe about the quality of the product that will help a person to lose weight. A person would not be adding human manufactured chemicals into their bodies as they do when they take diet pills, but instead, they would safely take a naturally occurring hormone into their bodies with added Vitamin B-12. The added Vitamin B-12 helped to keep the dieter from getting headaches or feeling nauseated or tired. I also read on the website that the HCG combined with the Vitamin B-12 injections worked together to have great metabolism boosting properties and that they were both very safe to take. With all this new knowledge that I gained, there was no doubt that I wanted to go onto this weight loss program as soon as I possibly could.

Instead of filling out the contact form on the website I called the phone number and spoke to a clinical advisor who was happy to help me begin the diet program immediately. She told me that I did not need to go to any HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Chicago IL, but I that I could get everything I needed to lose weight quickly from her. That included my injections (the product and supplies to self administer the product) all the instructions on how to safely give myself the injections in a sterile way and the knowledge that I could call her anytime I wanted to with any questions or concerns I had about the injections or the diet protocol itself. She said she would be sending me a list to help as a guideline for which healthy low-calorie foods to purchase at the grocery store. Another great thing was that I would not have to leave the house to get a doctor’s prescription or to get my medical history cleared so that I could be professionally deemed appropriate for this HCG Diet. Expert medical weight loss doctors were right there on staff to supervise the diet program and to give prescriptions for the injections to those is medical histories they cleared. This made me feel as so much more confident that this diet program was credible and real.

I had terrifically high hopes to lose a lot of weight on this diet plan and I cannot say that I was surprised when I actually did! Do I look like Barbie? Well, maybe not, but I am certainly not that little girl anymore who stayed at home for most of her life fantasizing about someone else’s life. Having lost so much weight, my confidence level has sky rocketed. I love to go out, meet new people and I love the new person I have become thanks to Dr. Simeons’ discovery of the HCG Benefits and diet program as a whole.

Elise T.
Chicago IL

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]