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I was once an incredible athlete who won tons of medals and trophies for my superior performances in track and field events, but after a horrible car accident that I got into, my whole life changed for the worse. It is really interesting the way life works. One can be in the best place in their life and get it all taken away from them in a heart beat! That is why we really need to appreciate every single moment of our lives and not take anything for granted. Well, I certainly can admit that I was one of those people who took life for granted and even had an air of arrogance about me. I was a big shot who thought that I was invincible and that nothing bad could ever take away what I had worked so hard to obtain. I had numerous medals in my trophy case at home and had every intention of continuing to fill that case until that awful night that took away my ability to do any track activities ever again. I certainly ate a lot of humble pie and every other kind of pie that you can imagine too! As a matter of fact, in all seriousness, I ate myself to become 45 pounds heavier than I was before the accident. I was not in shape anymore, I had no self esteem and I basically felt that everything in my life that I had worked so hard for was gone and now what did I have to live for anymore? My answer was always nothing. Now, I had said earlier that life is so interesting with the way things can change in a heart beat, well, when I found HCG Diet Doctors New Jersey, my life changed again! I did not know it at the time, but I was about to lose all my excess fat on this weight loss plan and I was also about to start living again too. After watching me suffer in self pity and over eating for way too long, a best friend of mine finally insisted that I lose weight and get out of my terrible funk. He led me to this website and read through it with me, with me “kicking and screaming” the whole time with a terrible attitude. He did not give up on my though and I am so thankful for that as I look back on what a great friend he was for what he did for me. I did not make things easy on him because the thought of going onto a diet plan at that time and my life changing at all was preposterous and highly unlikely to me, but it all came true and my life did change again – for the better. After losing weight on with HCG Doctors New Jersey, I found a new meaning to my life and I found new purpose too. I knew that I would not be able to compete in track events, but I found my direction in another way.

After I finally gave in to my friend’s badgering me about this diet plan, I conceded to filling out the Contact Form on this page of the website. It was quick and easy to do and I only had to give general information including my name, age, gender, height, weight, e-mail address, phone number, city and state. The questions did not get too personal too soon and that made me feel comfortable when I was not even sure that I was going to go on this diet program or not yet. Within a very short amount of time, I got a phone call from one of the clinical advisers of the company. She was a very kind and patient woman who was also very professional. I knew that she could sense my apprehension about doing this HCG Weight Loss program and she took that all into consideration when answering my questions and when giving great attention to my concerns. She even led me to many different testimonials that were on the website that were written by other athletes who had gotten into accidents and lost their ability to compete in their sport of choice any longer. These former athletes had very similar stories to my own and had gained a lot of weight when they could no longer compete physically. However, while on this medically supervised (by fully licensed diet doctors) HCG Diet weight loss plan, they lost all the weight they had gained when in their own self pity parties. They were able to keep their pride and dignity too, by losing the weight in a very private and confidential way that did not degrade them or make them feel less than the true athletes that they always were and always would be in their hearts. She was trying to make me feel as though I was not alone in my suffering, and that I was not the only person whose dreams came to an end because of an accident. She said that I would have to come up with other dreams that were different, but just as wonderful and meaningful. She had a way about her that made me listen to her words instead of just pushing or brushing her words off as I was so used to doing with everyone else who tried to help me through this most difficult time in my life. She seemed to understand my situation in a way that no one else did, most likely because she dealt with many clients who she helped through similar issues like I had.

After discussing my personal situation, we started to talk about the HCG Diet Program and how it could be helpful to me personally on an individual basis. My clinical advisor said that I had all the elements needed to be very successful on this weight loss program because I already had determination, motivation and the desire to be the best. This is why she loved working with athletes, she told me. To be on this weight loss program, one had to have the determination to follow the specific instructions of the diet plan protocol and never cheat on any aspect of the self administering the injections or on staying on the strict diet plan. I was only allowed to eat 700 calories per day and could not do any cheating. She said that she was not worried about someone like me cheating on anything. She knew that I never took the easy way out, worked really hard towards my goals and knew this was proven to be true by all the trophies that would always sit in my trophy case to remind me that I always would live with the determination to be the best. We then began discussing the HCG Injections and I had no issues with the small tiny needles that I would self inject to help decrease my appetite and metabolize the excess stored fat within my body to lose weight quickly. I did not do anything halfway and promised myself and my clinical advisor that nothing would keep me from losing all the unwanted weight I had gained while feeling sorry for myself for months and months prior.

The HCG Benefits were incredible and by the end of this weight loss program, I lost all the weight I had gained previously. I felt so much better about myself and my clinical advisor truly was my cheerleader and my mentor throughout the entire 6 week diet plan. I could not have done this without my best friend leading me to this website and my clinical advisor staying with me on my weight loss journey, which not only led me to getting a new body, but led me to a total life transformation as my entire attitude towards life changed. I would not be able to run track or do any of the other activities for track and field anymore, but I found a new passion in life which was working with children and teaching them how to eat well and stay healthy for life. I also was able to teach them what I had learned on this HCG diet plan; that anything is possible, to never give up on your dreams and to always believe in yourself. Thank you to Weight Loss Medical Center, for showing me that my life was far from over – but just beginning a new.

Rodney H.
Edison NJ

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]